Title: Harry Potter and the Missing Memories

Pairing: Hermione Granger/Harry Potter

Rated: M/NC17

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Authors Note: This story is going to take place during their fifth year. I want to stay true to the events of the Potter series when I can. I want to see how different the story would be with my plot changing things around.

I will begin this story as Harry is being relocated from the Dursleys' to The Order Headquarters.

I hope you enjoy reading this just as I did when writing it.

Summary: During the summer before year 5, as the Order relocates Harry from the Dursleys to Order Headquarters, Harry is kidnapped, but he's not alone. When Harry and Hermione return, they slowly uncover the 'forgotten' events following their capture.

What events took place? Why can't they remember? Why are they compelled to find the answers?

Chapter One - An Unexpected Encounter

Harry's eyes watered in the chill as they soared upward. He could see nothing below now but the tiny pinpricks of light from car headlights and streetlamps. He felt the whoosh of the wind in his ears as he sped through the air. He had not felt this alive, or this happy, in months.

"Bearing south," shouted Mad-Eye. "Town ahead!"

They soared right so they did not pass directly over the glittering spider web of lights below.

However, before they could reach the cloud to take cover, they were surrounded by Death Eaters. The guard that circled around Harry, consisting of Shacklebolt, Diggle, Vance, Podmore, and Jones, charged after most of the Death Eaters, drawing them away from Tonks, Moody, Lupin, and Harry.

Five Death Eaters stayed on their tails, though, and the two opposing groups headed southeast.

"Potter, don't stop for anything; keep heading to where we told you!" roared Moody. Harry nodded his head in agreement, though they couldn't see him, having been put under a Disillusionment Charm.

Tonks fired hex after hex at two of the Death Eaters, but then another Death Eater hit her with a Stunner, causing her to fall off her broom. Lupin dived after her, and caught her just before she hit the ground.

Harry's eyes followed his trunk as it tumbled to the ground, along with Hedwig's cage and Tonks' broom. Even though it crashed, it didn't shatter to pieces, and Harry found himself hoping that someone would be able to fix and return it after they had escaped from the Death Eaters.

Soon, Moody was the only Auror left between Harry and the last two Death Eaters. As they came closer, Moody sent hex after hex and curse after curse at them, ordering Harry to not fire any spells that would announce his location.

Harry had the hardest time not fighting back. He knew everyone could die for helping him, and was not sure he could live with the guilt that would come if they did. He was looking around for the right moment when he could fire a hex without being discovered. He was about to shoot, but out of the corner of his eye, he noticed someone shivering and crying behind one of the Death Eaters.

'Why would a Death Eater NOT wear their mask or cloak?' That person definitely wasn't a Death Eater. Looking closer, the person, who was covered in jagged cuts, bruises, and what looked like dry blood, seemed very familiar. Harry slowed down and took a second glance at the person, who almost looked like his best female friend. She was crying, hanging onto the Death Eater for dear life, and shaking her head, yelling.

No! It was his best friend!

"Hermione?" he shouted out, completely forgetting about not bringing attention to himself. "Hermione!"

"No, Harry! No, Harry! NO!" Hermione screamed. Although she couldn't see Harry, she knew that he was nearby.

"Where are you, Potter? Show yourself!" the Death Eater demanded.

Harry started breathing faster, gripping the broom handle tightly as he looked past Hermione's battered face to notice who the Death Eater sitting in front of her was, though his hood had come off as the fight started; his white-blonde hair and silver eyes giving away his identity. The Death Eater was Lucius Malfoy.

"I'm sitting right in front of you, under the Disillusionment Charm," Harry hollered back, throwing away his own safety in his worry for Hermione.

"Do you know how to remove the charm?" Malfoy yelled over Hermione's screams.

"Oh, Harry! NO! Go back! Get out of here, save yourself!" she pleaded with him.

"Shut up, Mudblood," the angry Death Eater commanded.

"No!" he yelled back at them.

"Come here, Potter, and I will remove the Charm," Malfoy said, knowing Harry would do the very thing everyone else feared: put himself in harm's way to save his friend.

"Harry, it's a trap! I'm not worth it. Get out of here," she sobbed, tears running down her cheeks and her hair blowing in her face.

"Yes! You are Hermione!" he shouted back.

"How do you know I'm really Hermione and not a double?" she shouted through her tears.

"Hermione, please don't lie to me. Only the real Hermione would deny being herself while sitting on a broom behind a Malfoy!" Harry shouted back at her.

"You have to get out of here! Save yourself, Harry," Hermione pleaded once more.

"Malfoy! Give Hermione to me NOW!" Harry yelled, turning to the Death Eater on the broom.

"Sorry, Potter; if you want to save your little friend, you'll have to come with us," he taunted.

Before Harry could reach out for his best friend, the other Death Eater noticed Harry and Stunned him.

"Harry!" Hermione screamed as she watched him fall through the sky and disappear into the blackness of the night.