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Chapter Two - Where is my Godson?

In London, on the quiet street of Grimmauld Place, the Advance Guard gathered on the neighbourhood green. While the Guard checked on each others' injuries, Tonks, Kingsley, Lupin, and Moody looked around, watching for signs of Death Eaters following them.

After several calm and quiet minutes, the Guard walked across the street and up to the houses numbered eleven and thirteen. As they walked closer, the houses started to magically move over and another house appeared between them. This house, number twelve, was headquarters for the secret society, the Order of the Phoenix.

Tonks was still amazed how the Muggles could never tell their houses moved over when another one squeezed in between them.

The Guard entered the eerie, dark house and greeted Molly Weasley as she came up the stairs from the kitchen. Molly's face turned from pale to green when she saw that Harry was not with them.

"Where is he?" she asked, her voice quavering.

Tonks and Lupin dropped their gazes to the floor, while Moody sighed. Molly let out a faint squeak and her eyes filled with tears that threatened to fall at any moment.

Everyone silently made their way further into the house, down the stairs into the kitchen. Most of the Guard had cuts and bruises on many parts of their bodies, but at least they were all present; all but one.

Molly followed the procession down into the kitchen, where her husband, Arthur, their two youngest children, Ron and Ginny, and Harry's godfather, Sirius Black, waited patiently. Ron and Ginny's faces immediately turned pale like their mother's when they saw that Harry didn't accompany the returning Guard. Harry was supposed to be spending the remainder of the holidays at Grimmauld Place with them, and they had been looking forward to it. They had been rather lonely that summer, as Hermione had gone on holiday with her parents, and they missed her; the past couple of years, she had spent more time with them over the summers than even Harry. In fact, they had been getting a little worried about her, as they hadn't heard from her since she had left. It was unlike Hermione not to keep in touch with her friends.

Looking around the room and hoping for answers, Sirius Black turned to Moody. "Where is my godson, Alastor?"

Moody's silence was enough to enforce the grim turn of events resulting from that night. Sirius turned away from Moody and watched the other witches and wizards tending to their injuries.


"We started out as planned," Lupin said in a calming voice. "Then, suddenly, we were surrounded. Somehow, they knew where Harry lived, and were waiting for us."

"While we were fighting, they weren't trying to kill us; they were firing Stunners and mild hexes. It felt more like a distraction, not an attack on us," said Tonks.

Arthur noticed the glances that Lupin, Tonks, and Moody were passing between each other. "What is it, Moody?" he questioned.

"After I diverted one of the two remaining Death Eaters, I heard a woman screaming. I looked back, and she was sitting behind the other one. Somehow Harry, who was under a Disillusionment Charm, had removed it and was arguing with them," said Moody, not wanting to share the painful, agonizing screams he heard shouting back and forth. He refused to share anymore information about the screams he heard.

"The last time I saw Harry, he was falling through the sky. That's when a nearby Death Eater caught him, and Disapparated them away," said Tonks. "The rest of the Death Eaters did the same soon after."

"But not before I could see who was sitting behind the Death Eater," Moody said sadly. He had also recognised the unmasked Death Eater she had been clinging to, but he decided to use discretion and wait until the children were not around to divulge the information.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to look at the experienced Auror.

"Who was it?" Ron demanded. His voice could be heard throughout the long kitchen. He feared hearing the answer, even though he already knew what it would be. He knew that there was only one person in the world that would stop Harry arguing with a Death Eater.

"It was Hermione," Moody replied, looking from Ron to Sirius.

"That can't be right; she's on holiday with her parents," Ginny said.

"You're wrong; they don't have Harry and Hermione!" Ron yelled, shaking his head forcefully as he slammed his fists on the table, not even feeling the pain.

Ron abruptly stood up from the table and started pacing around the room. Everyone watched him, understanding well his current state of distress, knowing how they would feel upon hearing that both of their best friends had been kidnapped.

He haphazardly grabbed dishes from the table and started throwing them across the room, taking satisfaction as they shattered against the wall. No one dared to stop him, though Sirius handed over some of his more hated heirlooms. A few minutes and a lot of broken dishes later, he stopped pacing and looked at his parents, red in the face from his tantrum. "We have to do something!" he screamed.


Day after day, Order members would go out and hunt around for any trace or clue of Harry and Hermione's location. They searched both Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley. The Ministry even raided suspected Death Eater's homes. The Order was disappointed when the raids of homes of the kidnapper, Lucius Malfoy, and his known henchmen, the McNairs, Crabbes, and Goyles came up empty.

The Order looked everywhere in Hogsmeade, and Professor Dumbledore insisted that they search each and every nook and cranny of Hogwarts. Fred and George offered to help the Headmaster, after they informed him of a map that showed every area of Hogwarts. Ron found the map in Harry's trunk, which had been taken from the scene of the attack, along with Hedwig's bent cage and Tonks' broom, which had been split in half from the force of landing on the large trunk. Neither Harry nor Hermione showed up on it, but they still searched everywhere just to be sure.

During that time, Mrs. Weasley had her children and Sirius cleaning up the house, which had been unused for many years and had fallen into disrepair, to try and keep their minds off of the current situation. It did not work in the least bit.

Sirius was beside himself, feeling like a failure for not being able to physically go out and find Harry during the day. At night, after a full day of cleaning, he would assume his Animagus form, not caring about the possibility of Voldemort knowing about it by now from Wormtail, and go out searching everywhere he thought the pair might be. After several days without sleep, Sirius finally passed out from pure exhaustion, but not before he was cornered by Ron.

Ron paced around his bedroom when he wasn't doing chores for his mother. He resented the fact that his parents wouldn't let him leave Grimmauld Place to help find his friends. The adults, while annoyed by his pestering, didn't show it, as they knew he was just concerned and afraid for his friends. He had learned a lot from listening in on their conversations, though, and was trying to come up with new ideas to help the Order on their search.

After a few days, Ron had finally had enough. He waited until his parents went to bed before finding Sirius and demanded to go out looking with him. Before Sirius could object, Ron reminded him that he had been by Harry' side since the first train ride and he wasn't going ditch him again, not after last year.

Ron refused to back down as Sirius searched his eyes, looking for any trace of doubt to his loyalty. Even though Harry forgave him, to this day Ron felt like he still let Harry down, and he vowed he was never going to do that again.

Sirius relented and allowed Ron to go out, but not without a warning and the stipulations that it was only for one night and that he use Harry's Invisibility Cloak. "I'm not going to be hexed by your mother; if she ever finds out, you went without me," Sirius warned Ron.

Ginny merely kept her head down and continued with her chores and assisted her mother in any way she was permitted. She found that the menial tasks kept her mind from fretting about where her friends were. It was easier to attempt to not worry about Harry, telling herself that he was used to being in danger and would be fine, but it didn't really make things any easier for her.

Because the Order had thought Hermione was with her parents on holiday, they assumed everything was fine, but apparently they were wrong. They never imagined this could happen, which made them question if her parents even knew she was missing.

The Order discovered clues about their location after visiting the Grangers' home the day after the kidnapping. Lupin and Kingsley had looked around downstairs while Tonks searched the bedrooms upstairs. The house gave the impression that Hermione's parents had still gone on their holiday, but had neglected to take her with them, and now she had vanished.

She had discovered that all of Hermione's Hogwarts clothing was still in her wardrobe, her empty trunk against the wall. There was a suitcase half-packed on her bed. It was almost as though she had been interrupted while packing.

Lupin and Kingsley discovered some astonishing evidence in the bottom of a rubbish bin: a note written from Hermione, along with an unused plane ticket.

Dear Mum and Dad,

I'm staying with Ron and the Weasleys. We will be somewhere safe, where you will not be able to contact me, even via owl. I will see you again at the Christmas Holidays, and will send an owl once I get back to Hogwarts.

Love, Hermione

After discovering the note, they knew that they needed to hand over the evidence to Dumbledore as soon as possible. Something must have gone on for them to believe the note, and leave on their holiday without speaking to their daughter or paying any notice to the fact that all of her luggage was still in her room.

After gathering for a meeting, the Order decided to wait to inform them of the danger their daughter was in; instead, they wanted to give them time to return before telling them the full story. They wanted to find her first, before warning her parents; they wanted to find out what was going on.


The hunt for Harry and Hermione had been going on for six fruitless days.

On the morning before Harry was due at the Ministry of Magic for his hearing, there was an uproar of commotion in Diagon Alley.

Lupin got there soon after he learned that a person had been found in front of Flourish and Blotts. When he saw the unresponsive body lying on its stomach on the sun-warmed cobblestones, he froze in horror.

The body had short, black, messy hair, and there was a broken pair of glasses beside its head.

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