A/N: This is my new story that will take up my time, Yajuu no Kindachi is on hold because inspiration for that one, went on a trip until November-December, by then I WILL have at least 2 chapters of it done…maybe up to the chunnin exams, don't expect it

A/N: This is my new story that will take up my time, Yajuu no Kindachi is on hold because inspiration for that one, went on a trip until November-December, by then I WILL have at least 2 chapters of it done…maybe up to the chunnin exams, don't expect it though. This one if I ever put it on Hiatus, it will be after the lemon chapter which takes place, in the month before the third exam. I'm a lazy writer, though so updates depending on how I feel will be really slow or SUPER fast.

A/N Update: The grammatical errors and spelling errors and information errors I fixed up, some of the words in sentences were changed to suit how I wanted it to sound.


Naruto/Temari - SmartNaruto/ RealasticStrongNaruto

Gaara/Sakura - SmarterStrongerFangirllessSakura

Sasuke/His Right Hand/Orochimaru/Kabuto - Sasuke-bashing

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, If I did, first thing I would is find out if Sakura's hair is really pink (the correct, perverted way ), and I would make it an ecchi series, with Naruto in a harem of Temari and Tenten.

"Human speech"

'Human thoughts'


"Bijuu/Summon Speaking/YELLING"

'Bijuu/Summon thoughts'


Welcome to Konohagakure no Sato, the Village Hidden in the Leaves or Hidden Leaf Village. This is where Uzumaki Naruto lives and this is his story on how he became a legend throughout the Elemental Nations, this is the story of the 'Konoha no Kamikaze'.

-a hundred thousand wings, soaring through the sky-

"Naruto you're late again!" Iruka groaned, waiting for the impeding doom that is known as…


….the most degrading form of the female gender…fan girls.

-a hundred thousand wings, soaring through the sky-

Now you may be wondering, how the fuck did Naruto get fan girls, he's shown to be a really caring person, by being the big brother figure he is to Uzumaki Sakura, his official little sister. Add the fact that, he's 15 years-old, more mature looking, in the top five skilled of the class and dresses well in a plain black short sleeve shirt and long black pants with black fingerless gloves that end at the middle of the forearm and a orange sash wrapped around his waist, you have a REALLY desirable guy. But that's not important. Now back to the story.

-a hundred thousand wings, soaring through the sky-

"Sorry Iruka-sensei, I was working to hard on a little pet project of mine at home" Naruto said rubbing the back of his head, smiling his patented fox-grin.

"Sigh…sit down Naruto" Iruka sighed dejectedly, Naruto just complied and sat down next his best friend Shino.

"Hey Shino when's you family going on another bug hunt?" Naruto whispered.

"I don't know" Shino answered in a monotonous voice, "Be quiet Iruka's about to announce something of significant importance"

"Right" Naruto said looking toward Iruka.

"Class since you all are scheduled to hopefully graduate, Hokage-sama has personally asked for me give you this one last assignment, Earlier when you came in you saw there were strips of paper on each of your desks, these strips of paper are known for telling Shinobi what nature their chakra is, so I want each of you to take the piece of paper and push a little chakra into them

Sasuke 'Fire/Lightning, of course its fire I'm an Uchiha, although the lighting is a bonus'

Sakura 'Light, I think I mean it did flash….nothing like the others'

Naruto 'Wind. But I already friggin' knew that'

Shikamaru 'Shadow, Mendokuse'


Chouji 'Munch-munch, Earth munch'

Kiba 'Fire, alright!'

Hinata 'Ww-ater, but all Hyuuga's have lightning or earth-based chakra…'

Shino 'Earth, strange'

Lee 'I can't even use chakra so how can I have a chakra nature'

Tenten 'Metal? At least I think…it did turn to steel…'

Neji 'Lightning, hn' (A/n: Sasuke: THAT'S COPYRIGHTED!, Me: Shut up emo-fag, sorry about that)

"Now that you all know your element, combine it with any other skill you know and make your own personal jutsu, you have until graduation to create it which is in a two weeks, Lee in your case, make a brand-new Taijutsu manuever" Iruka announced.

"You're dismissed" Mizuki said looking at the pile of papers on his desk. 'God hates me, making me do paperwork'

"See you people in a 2 weeks, come on imouto, we gotta go grocery shopping" Naruto said walking out the classroom.

"But, I was going to go out with Ino to go shopping later!" Sakura groaned

"Well why wasn't I informed of this Sakura, if you are going shopping then I'll come along with you, that way, we would kill 2 birds with one stone!" Naruto grinned cheekily.

Sakura thought about this for a moment, "Come on Ino, Naruto-nii decided to come with us, baka-nii-san" Sakura grumbled as she, Ino, and Naruto walked off to the village square.

-a hundred thousand wings, soaring through the sky-

Now you maybe also asking how did Naruto and Sakura come to have this kind of relationship? Well, I'm going to pull out a handy-dandy flashback from my magic case, because I'm the Author and in this story I'M GOD! MWAHAHAHA! And yes I do hate Mizuki.

-Flashlight…waits wrong word…Flashback-

8 year old Naruto was walking through the park when he came by a girl he would later come to know as his little sister, though at the moment she was crying.

"Hey are you ok, pinky?" Naruto asked squatting down to look at the girl on the ground crying her eyes out.

"My Okaa-sama… sniff …and Otou-sama…"the girl started out.

"What about them do they do something mean to you?" Naruto asked as he sat next to the little girl and put an arm around her.

"They told me not to tell anyone or they would do it more" the girl sobbed.

8-year old Naruto was not a genius (well as far as everyone knows of), but he knew something was up because he acted the same way, a few years back when villagers hurt him, or when caretakers tried to harm him.

"They never said you couldn't show anyone did they?" Naruto asked. "No…" the girl said. "Then how about you show me, okay?"

The girl nodded and stood up and pulled up the t-shirt she was wearing and there was bruises all over her body some looked like they been their for awhile why'll others looked like they were new.

"What's your name anyway?" Naruto asked after the girl put her t-shirt back on.

"It's Haruno Sakura…" "Well Sakura-chan do you want to leave your parents?"


"Ok then Sakura-chan, let's go see them!" Naruto said grabbing the girls hand and running to Sakura's house.

-Back to the Future (wasn't that a movie o.0!)-

Well, the next day, Sakura's parents were found dead (being shredded into pieces by wind, the killer was never found) and Sakura was inducted into the Uzumaki clan, as far as Naruto knows, so her new name was Uzumaki Sakura, little sister of Uzumaki Naruto. Well, their goes some history clean up, so that should hopefully get you crazy people off my back, but now I'm rambling so let's get back to the story.

-a hundred thousand wings, soaring through the sky-

"Home Sweet Home, I am NEVER going shopping with Ino and you again!" Naruto groaned into their couch.

"Well, I told you not to come, but no you just had to come" Sakura yelled from the kitchen as she put the groceries away. "Whatever" he grumbled as he switched on the TV.

"So, what are you doing for the next two weeks, Naruto-nii?" Sakura asked plopping on top of his back, and snatching the remote.

"First thing, I'm gonna do is get your fat-ass off my back for one thing, then I don't know maybe finish a few jutsu's, study some seals, stuff like that" Naruto said squirming under Sakura.

"Not a chance, do to that fat-ass comment, I think we'll watch 'All My Ninja's', what do you think, Naruto-kun?" Sakura said switching the channel.

"YOU CRAZY PSYCHO-BITCH, LET ME UP YOU SADIST!" he yelled thrashing trying to escape.

"Onii-san, that was mean, you didn't have to call me a sadistic psycho-bitch, please watch TV with me, onegai" Sakura sniffled in the dreaded puppy-dog pout.

'Must resist, must…not…give in…'

"But look at the face, even I the mighty Kyuubi no Kitsune would fall for that, WATCH THE DAMN SHOW WITH HER!"

'She got you, if you can't resist then…what chance is there for me…oh by the way, what do you want anyway?'

"Nothing, really kinda bored in here."

"Fine, let's get this over with" Naruto sighed.

"Yay!" Sakura screeched.

"What did I tell you about the banshee calls?" Naruto glared at her from the corner of his eye, well as much as he could glare from his position.

"Sorry, Inner Sakura still clings to what little life she has…I really dislike Sasuke-teme but the banshee calls come from time to time."

2 Weeks Later

"Welcome back class, as you know, this is the start of the Genin exams, that will test you to see if you are Shinobi material or not, so let exams begin." Iruka yelled to the class.


I'm not doing translations, because really I'm lazy, so find a Japanese-English dictionary, (freedict . com) is a good one –without spaces– . Jutsu's I will translate though, but random Japanese that pops up that is not a jutsu, go to (freedict . com) cause that's were I get mine.

The phase I used to split things up was from the song 'There's No Sympathy For The Dead' by the Band 'Escape the Fate'

Invented things:

All My Ninja's - All My Children (Soap Opera)