Konoha no Kamikaze

Konoha no Kamikaze

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"Human speech"

'Human thoughts'


"Bijuu/Summon Speaking/YELLING"

'Bijuu/Summon thoughts'


-2 Weeks Later-

"Welcome back class, as you know, this is the start of the Genin exams, that will see if you are Shinobi material or not, so let exams begin" Iruka yelled to the class.

And with that call announced, the exams began. Each student showed their kenjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu skills but ninjutsu has yet to be seen.

"Good job students, we will now be testing the ninjutsu portion, we will be going outside, so you may show us your techniques, we do not need an explanation we just need to see your original technique" Iruka announced. "We will now be heading outside, where you will show the examiners your jutsu, and will grade you on it, all of the other students WILL stay in here, if you sneak and watch you will be disqualified."

(A/N: Nah-nah-boo-boo…You only get to see one person's jutsu, good thing it's the kickass one right)

-Some time later-

"Uzumaki Naruto!" Iruka yelled into the classroom

"Coming Iruka-sensei" Naruto shouted.


"Ok, Naruto you need show us the jutsu you came up with during the two week period we gave you." A random sensei said.

"OK!" Naruto grinned "Now which one could I do?" Naruto thought as he sat down and got into a thinking position.

-Several minutes later-

"ANYDAY NOW GAKI!" random sensei #2 shouted, well more like shrieked.

"I got it, Iruka-sensei, what's the highest ranked move shown today?" Naruto asked.

"Err….let me see….Chouji had a move with lots of different uses…but, it was like C-rank cause of the chakra cost…Shino had a very imaginative technique, but again it was B-rank...Sasuke had a A-rank, the chakra cost, and the fact that he controlled the chakra so that it did what it did, so the highest technique was lower A-rank." Iruka said, reading from the paper.

"Oh then I got to do a mid a-rank or higher….hmm…do I got any of those…OH YEAH, DON'T BLINK!" Naruto yelled out suddenly.

Making about 20 hand signs, he yelled out "Fuuton: Kuushuu (Wind Release: Air Raid)", instantly Naruto was surrounded by a tornado which sucked in a wooden training post and a training dummy, and unfortunately (or fortunately) Mizuki-sensei. The other sensei's paled in the face when they saw Mizuki sucked in and the sounds of his screams.

"Wow, sucks to be Mizuki" a voice said aloud, all the teachers turned to the voice to see Naruto.

"HEY BRAT STOP THE DAMN JUTSU!" random sensei # 1 shouted.

"Sorry, but he's stuck in their until the jutsu let's up, I didn't make it to strong, so he'll live right until he gets to Ibiki and Oji-san for planning to stop an academy students graduation into Genin and planning to steal the Scroll of Sealing" Naruto said, eying the tornado.

"Well anyway, I'm assuming I passed?" Naruto asked looking the stunned sensei's faces, "Well I'll be taking my headband now, Oh look he even got it the way I want it" Naruto said picking up the pure black headband, with an orange leaf insignia.

-A little after Mizuki's arrest, all the people were tested-

"Students, today you all graduate, tomorrow you will be placed on your teams, so come back tomorrow" random sensei #2 addressed the students.

-Tomorrow, bitches!-

"Welcome back students, here are your teams, Team 1: Utuda Hikaru…"

-Several none essential teams later...-

"…Team 7, Uchiha Sasuke, Yamanaka Ino, Inuzuka Kiba, under Hatake Kakashi…

Team 8, Nara Shikamaru, Uzumaki Sakura, and Hyuuga Neji, under Mitarashi Anko" Iruka droned on. Suddenly…


Out of fucking nowhere a black ball crashed through the wall, and from it emerge a banner that said 'Mitarashi Anko, Team 8 sensei'

"Anko is here!" (A/N: Is it me, or did Kishimoto love Naruto that much he made a sadistic female version, back to the story)

Anko looked around, spotting the two Uzumaki siblings, the one with blond hair, visibly pale, and the one with pink hair, smiling brightly, "NARU-CHAN, SAKU-CHAN!" Anko yelled out, ninja-glomping the two.


"Anyway, Team 8 follow me" Anko said with her Mini walking out with her, with Shikamaru and Neji following behind.

"Right, Team 9, Rock Lee, Hyuuga Hinata, Akamichi Chouji, your sensei, Might Guy said meet him in training ground 9, Team 10 Uzumaki Naruto, Aburame Shino, and Kyouki Tenten, under Rein Musei.

In walked a dark blue-haired male, with hair going to the middle part of his back, came in the door and scanned the room with piercing dark-blue eyes.

"Team 10" a smooth baritone voice called out, "Please go to training ground 623." Then the man, burst in to water droplets.

-Training Ground 623-

"Welcome students, you may call me Musei-sensei, tell me your likes, dislikes, dreams, hobbies, you know stuff of that nature." He says.

"How about you give us an example, Musei-sensei" Tenten asked.

"Fine, my name is Rein Musei, it means Silent Rain, and I like sushi, poetry and water. I dislike people afraid of swimming, fishing or aquatic activities. My hobbies are training and swimming. I dislike droughts, extremely dry areas like Suna. My dreams are to get a house near a body of water and to find someone special. I'm about 21 years old and I have a water affinity. Go in this order Tenten, Shino, and then Naruto." He said

"My name is Kyouki Tenten and I like weapons, studying about weapons, training with weapons, and Tsunade-sama. I dislike people who disrespect Tsunade-sama and fan girl ninjas. My hobbies are training with weapons, collecting weapons and learning about weapons. My dream is to become a great ninja like Tsunade-sama. I'm about 14 years old and I have the Lightning/earth combo of Metal."

"My name is Aburame Shino and I like bugs, studying different bugs, and my very few friends. I dislike people who are bigoted idiots who think just because someone contains something that makes them what they contain and people who destroy bugs. My hobbies are training with Naruto, collecting bugs and breeding new bug species. My dream is to become an entomologist/ good ninja. I'm about 13 years old and I have a Earth affinity"

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto and I like my sisters (Anko and Sakura), wind, birds, my friends, gardening and Ramen. I dislike people who are bigoted idiots who think just because someone contains something that makes them what they contain people and my sisters love of torturing me by making me watch 'All My Ninja's'. My hobbies are training, making new justu, and dreaming. My dreams are to go to Suna and learn more about wind jutsu, become Hokage, and I want to be known as a legend, I want to be known as Konoha no Kamikaze. I'm about 16 years old and I have a Wind affinity"

"Well" Musei stroked his chin "I usually have to give you guys some kind of test to see if your ready to be ninja or not, but, I don't believe in all that bullshit, you should train a team so that it becomes a stronger team, so don't worry about the test. Team 10, tomorrow meet me on this training ground, then we will begin your tort...err…training."

"Hai sensei" the three spoke out turning to go to home, "Wait Naruto, the Hokage wants to talk to you." Musei yelled before Naruto left.

"Ok sensei, I'm out of here then to go see him, Shushin no jutsu" Naruto said bursting into a tornado of wind.

-Hokage Tower-

"Hello, Naruto, today like I promised your father you shall learn about your heritage." Sarutobi said to Naruto who was sitting in front of him.

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