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Mika walked with Gaara to the village gate. His hands were bound behind his back like a prisoner ninja's. She gave him a hopeful glance, then quickly changed it to a bored looking expression. Deidara was still waiting outside of the village. He stared at them both in irritation.

"What the hell is going on?" He looked at Gaara to her. Mika just smiled at him.

"The Jinchurriki doesn't want the demon. He said it's only caused him pain so far. As long as we left the village alone we can take the demon and go in peace. You should be happy Deidara. This saves us the trouble of a fight. He even agreed to let us tie his hands to prevent jutsu use." She gave him a 'shut the hell up' look, making sure that Gaara wasn't looking at her. He glared at her in return.

"If anything goes wrong, it will be all your fault. un."

"Duh. But it wont go wrong. The Kazekage will be able to get rid of his demon, and we get it. We are doing him a favor..."

"And if he goes against us?"

"Shut up Lady! And stop worrying! Nothing is going to go wrong!" He ignored the lady comment.

"Whatever. Un. Let's just get going." He began to walk, Gaara following behind him.

Mika held back a smirk. "Crow." Then, two giant black feathery wings sprouted from her back, and she took off. "Spider."She took one deep breath to calm herself. It was time to put her plan into action. She slowly flew above Deidara matching her speed to his. Like Sasori had taught her, she slowly lowered down a few threads. They were so thin, that they were barely visible. They were still strong however. Unless he used that odd eye of his, he wouldn't see them. She laughed quietly to herself. He never did tell her how he got that. She flew a bit ahead of him. Then, as quickly as she could, she laid down a trap of sticky threads. He didn't noticed them due to the fact they were just as hard to see as the others. She grinned slightly at her success. She slowed down a bit and matched his pace yet again. This he did notice.

"Why the hell are you flying so crappy? un."

"I'm sorry Miss, but I'm tired." She said in mock innocence. He glared at her.

"I swear if you don't stop calling me that I"m going to-" She never got to hear the end of the threat, because at that point, Deidara walked into the trap. "What the..?!" He reached for his bag of clay, but at that moment, Mika pulled on the threads attached to his hands, successfully preventing him from getting a means to fight back. He looked up at her. "You... Traitor!" She flew down closer to him, making sure to keep the threads holding his hands tight.

"Sorry Deidara... But your time here is up." She nodded towards Gaara. He quickly slipped from the bonds that held him.

"Sand Coffin." The sand around Deidara surrounded him. A small flicker of fear went through his eyes. She gave him a sympathetic frown. Then she turned to Gaara. He glanced at her, but returned his eyes to Deidara. "Deidara, missing ninja of Iwagakure, due to your intent to harm the of the kage of Sunagakure, I hereby find you guilty of attempted assassination. The punishment for this crime is death."

Deidara looked at Mika angrily. "Little bitch. un. Leader-sama will make you pay for this."

"I'm afraid Leader-sama will have to wait..." She looked at Gaara once again, and he took it as the signal to finish the job.

"Sand burial..." The sand imploded, crushing Deidara. Blood sprayed everywhere, and even though she was a shinobi, and used to the sight of blood, she closed her eyes. A second later she released the threads, not that it mattered anymore. Deidara was dead. She flew over to Gaara, and as she landed, she tackled him in a hug.

"I swear I'll never leave you again. I'm so sorry."

He hesitated, but hugged her back. "Let's go back to the village."

She released him. "We have to do something. Once they find out that I betrayed them, they'll send me back to the human world. I'll go back to my old life and lose everything. I'll never be able to see you again."

"Don't worry... We'll find a way. After all, if someone like me could become the Kazekaze, I think you can achieve far more..."

Mika smiled. "If you say so..." She took Gaara's hand and they headed back.

After a few minutes, they arrived at the village. They both walk directly toward the Kazekage building. A sand ANBU walks up to them and bowed to Gaara.


"We've captured the traitor Yuura. He is inside of your office guarded by an ANBU."

"Very good." Gaara walked forward toward the office. He turned to Mika. "Before now, Yuura was a loyal shinobi. Do you have any idea how it came to him betraying us."

Mika nodded. "Yes. It involves a complex jutsu designed by Akasuna no Sasori. Yuura was always our spy, he just didn't know it. After the Jutsu is activated he realizes where his true allegiance lies. Not that he has a choice anyway. He's basically a slave to us."

"I see. Then there is no hope for him. He will be executed as a traitior."

"I'll do it."

He nodded. "As you wish."

She walked into the room. The ANBU stood against the wall. On the opposite side of the room, Yuura sat on his knees, his hands bound behind his back. She took off the Akatsuki cloak and tossed it on the floor, now standing in a simple skirt, fishnets, and tight shirt. She approached him slowly. He looked at her with obvious confusion on his face, most likely wondering why he was in the hands of the ANBU. She motioned for the ANBU to leave. He looked at her momentarily with suspicion, but complied, knowing she was there with the permission of the Kazekage. Once he was gone, she turned to Yuura.

"I'm sorry that you were captured. I needed you to gain the trust of the Kazekage."

His face became understanding. She smiled as if comforting a child. From what she knew, the men under Sasori's jutsu, were mindless and obedient. So far, she had found that it was pretty much true.

"I'm letting you out now."

"Thank you."

"I almost feel bad for him. Snake." Poisoned barbs grew at the tips of her fingers. He didn't see. She walked over to him, and knelt down as if to untie him. Then, as she reached for the rope, she reached up, and pricked him on the back of the neck. As expected, he began to panic and struggle against the ties, which, when poisoned, is one of the worst things possible. Panicking brings your heart rate up, which only spreads the poison faster. After a few seconds, he slumped forward. His heart had stopped beating. She walked over to the office door and opened it. Gaara and Baki were waiting outside of the office. Gaara glanced at the dead body and looked at Baki.

"Get rid of the body."

"Yes Kazekage-sama." Baki said while bowing. He walked over, picked up the body, and exited the office. It was almost odd. Baki, a man much older then Gaara, bowing to him. Then again, he wasthe Kazekage.

She looked at Gaara. "What do I do now?"

"What do you mean?"

"What do I mean? I'm a rogue ninja. I've spent the last three years with a group of S-ranked criminals, who have not only caused havoc in other countries, but in the Land of Fire and Wind as well. A group whose mission, set me out to assassinate the kage of Suna. The only thing that had set me back, was when I found out that youwere the Kazekage. If it hadn't been you, I would have probably completed the mission I was set out to do."

Gaara watched quietly as she spoke. Every so often, her voice seemed to crack. Whether from sorrow, of the fact that she was bordering on yelling, he couldn't tell. He was silent as she continued.

"I was ordered to KILL YOU! Not only you, but Naruto is on our hit list too! I would've had to help kill both of you! I'm a criminal! I'm one of them! I've worked with them and helped them! I'm going to be arrested and punished for my crimes! And I DESERVE IT! I deserve it completely! I shouldn't even be allowed to speak to you at all... I abandoned you..." She let herself slump forward to her knees. A few tears slipped down her face, an act that she had tried to rid herself of, while in the Akatsuki. Though, it seemed as if now that she had left, it returned. She didn't look at him.

Gaara was silent for a few minutes. She didn't speak either. She just sat, while he looked down calmly. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally spoke. "As kage of Suna, it is my duty to handle the punishment of rogues. You are guilty of a planned attempt to kill the Kazekage, and of terrorizing peaceful nations. What do you think would be an appropriate course of action?"

She didn't look up. "To be put in prison, to be made to pay for my crimes, I don't know... Whatever you decide I guess..."

"Hm. Well, as Kage of Suna I find you guilty of these actions. As punishment, you are hearby sentenced to remain in Sunagakure, under my direct watch, and to never, ever leave me alone again."

"Wha..." She looked up at him, trying to make sure she heard him correctly. To her shock, he was right next to her. In her current state of mind, she hadn't noticed him moving. To her shock, his lips made contact with her forehead. To her embarresment, she felt her face heat up.

Seeing the blush, the young kage smiled. "You will be staying here in the Kazekage's mansion. You will not be allowed to leave the village what-so-ever without being accompanied by a shinobi of my choice." He took her hands and gently pulled her to her feet. She was still in shock.

"But... I thought..." He held up his hand to silence her.

"To punish you, would only separate us again. That is a thought that I can't bear."

After a moment, the look of shock was replaced with one of joy. She wrapped her arms around him. He did the same, and for a minute, it was just them. Everything else was gone. Gaara finally broke the silence.

"I'll show you to your new room."

Mika nodded. She let go of him and picked up her Akatsuki cloak from where she had tossed it. Inside of it, was her old leaf head band. She traced her finger along the slash on the leaf symbol. Though Pein had made her slash it, she still cared for her village. She didn't wear the slashed headband, due to that, but always carried it with her anyway. She smiled. It didn't matter anymore. She followed Gaara out of the office to her room. As it turned out, it was right next to his. It was a room that was usually saved for important visitors from around the country.

To her happiness, on the way to the room, she spotted Kankuro. Though being the brother of the Kazekage, he was still unaware of what had happened earlier. She also noted how he hadn't changed that much. After asking Gaara's permission, she played a trick on him. She quickly threw on the Akatsuki cloak.

"Chameleon, spider."She climbed onto the ceiling and quickly scurried across it so she was right in front of Kankuro. Smirking, she released Chameleon and dropped down. His reaction was priceless.

"AKATSUKI!" He yelled before jumping back. Quickly he pulled out a kunai and attempted to hit her. Ai helped her dodge easily. She laughed.

"Nice to see you again too, Kankuro." As she dodged again she pulled off the cloak. "I'm glad you still recognize me."

A look of confusion, then an arrogent smirk crossed his face. "Che, yeah. You too. I knew it was you."

She raised her eyebrows. "No you didn't."

Gaara who was watching them in amusement, smiled. Seeing Mika and his brother arguing childishly, made it seem like things had already gotten better.

"So is Temari here?" Mika asked.

"No. She's in Konoha. She should be back pretty soon actually."

"Good. We need to prepare for the Akatsuki. I know that they'll come. For me AND Gaara. The only advantage that we have is the fact that I can provide information about the members. I can assure you that will be extremely useful. The Akatsuki is compiled of some of the strangest shinobi I've ever seen."

Gaara nodded. "The re-enforcements from Konoha will be here within a few says as well."

Kankuro looked worried. "Do you think that we'll be okay until then?"

Mika nodded. "Yes. Though I wouldn't be surprised if the Akatsuki found out about my betrayel quickly, they will take at least a day to prepare to attack again. Then, it will still take them at least a few days to get here. We have perhaps a week. I don't think they will wait longer then that. Leader might get impatient. Though he might wait on purpose. To catch us off guard." A discouraged look crossed her face.

Gaara placed his hand on her shoulder. "We'll be fine." He turned. "Kankuro. I need you to help prepare Suna's forces. If we are to be attacked, I must make sure the village is safe." He stood confidently. "Suna will not be broken by the Akatsuki."

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