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A/n chapter requested by Fireflies on a Lake

Anakin : What is with all the cheap shots at her love life.

SwordmasterZ: Well it is Valentine's Day

Anakin: OH Sith ! (Runs out of the Room)

SwordmasterZ: Men

Assaj Ventress

1. Tell her that she needs more sun

2. Point out that Dooku sees her as disposable and she is nothing more than a glorified bounty hunter.

3. Tell her that Master Ky Narec would be disappointed in her

4. Point out Obi-Wan already has a sort of girlfriend

5. Remind her that she got jumped, bested and mugged by a Jedi Padawan who was training to be a Concular not a knight.

6. Show count Dooku a recording of Ventress flirting with Obi-Wan

7. Program her Battle Droids to sing Obi-Wan and Ventress sitting in a Tree

8. Remind her that Asoka never actually payed up on their agreement.

9. Tell her if she is trying to fly under the radar she should probably have her facial Tattoos removed.

10. DIY all her clothes Pink