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Faeo here. This is my story, and it's not a chapter. It's just the beggining 3 paragraphs or so. Gettit? Gottit. Good. This is set in an A/U (Alternate Universe, kind of, but not quite) so get used to it!

It was raining outside. "How dreary," Bulma murmured, disappointed she had not been able to stay outside long and chat with Yamcha and Puar. The rain had come out of nowhere, it had been wonderful and sunny, then it just started raining.

She was aimlessly playing with some micro-chip and staring out the window, when she noticed a weird little lump of something-burlap perhaps, huddeled against the bushes. It hadn't been there before, just like the rain clouds. Bulma got out of her chair and went outside with an umbrella to investigate the lump of brown rough cloth.

She walked through the muddy grass, her shoes squishing in the mud. When she got closer, Bulma realized that the burlap was shaking, and sobbing noises were coming from inside. It was saying "There is nothing left for me, Desy, Aarei killed themselves."

Bulma picked up the burlap, and rushed it inside. She laid it down on the floor of her lab. The hood of the soaking wet burlap fell down, revealing the face of a young girl with a head of bright blonde hair. The girl was either unconcious or in a deep sleep.

Vegeta picked that exact moment to storm in and order Bulma to feed him. "Vegeta, shut up. You might wake her."

"Her? You mean cat." he snapped angrily. Bulma rolled her eyes, "It's a girl you dumbass."

"Since when do girls have white tails?" Vegeta smirked condifdently. Bulma rolled her eyes at Vegeta's customary antics and turned around to pick up the nameless girl, when she realized that Vegeta was right. The girl had rolled in a ball, her back facing them, and through the hole in the burlap a long white tail peaked out.

"Told you so Woman. Now stop your delusional ways and FIX ME FOOD!" Vegeta bellowed.

"Stop yelling. Your hurting my ears." A small voice whispered, "Where am I?" The girl stood up and shook all the dust off her from laying on the floor. "Where am I? And who the hell are you two?" She stood there, her eyes wide with shock "How come I'm not at the Silver Palace? Where is Desy? Aarei? That bastard Pat? Sets. . ." The girl's eyes glazed over and she fell backwards.

Bulma was shocked. Not only at the girl's use of language, but at how she just fell back like that, completely dazed.

"She looks familiar."


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