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"I'm listening," Atsu said politely, giving Desyrae her full attention.

'Why doesn't she ever do that for me?' Bulma frowned inwardly. Probably because she acted like Atsu's mom. Oh well. 'I really shouldn't eavsdrop on them. It's private, and I've got work to do.' Bulma softly walked to her lab and draped her lab coat over her shoulders.

Desyrae hesitated, then summoned up the courage and spoke softly and slowly. "Your real name is Danseiteki. You have one twin sister, named Joseiteki. I was led to believe you had already met her but I guess not. . . "

"Who were our parents?" Atsu asked, irratating Desy, because she had been interrupted.

"You had none."

"WHAT?!" Atsu jolted up so quickly she almost turned over the table. She really didn't care, just stood up with her hands flat on the table looking at Desy's calm face.

"Your "parents" as you'd like to call them, made you in a test tube. Just like me. So technically, we're sisters," Desy she said it matter of factly, emotions were something she learned to keep inside. The truth was, she never ever liked the idea of being "made" instead of born to two loving parents who loved her too.

It made her ache inside thinking about the things she had missed out on in her childhood, looking at the mothers buying ice cream, going to the park and pushing them on the swing. . . And whats worse is that they seperated Desy from her twin. 'And what's so pathetic,' she thought as Atsu calmed down and started absorbing the information, 'that that's only skimmming the surface of the hell-like life I live. Live, hah, what a weird word.'

"What's my sister like?" Atsu leaned back in her chair and twirled a lock of hair.

"I mean, a feeling of hate was pretty mutual so we really didn't get along. I don't have anything nice to say about her," Desy mumbeled. Atsu smirked. Desy was starting to sound like her. "Please don't do that."

"Why not?" Atsu asked defensively.

"It creeps me out. . ." Desy shivered, her brown eyes laughing along with Atsu.

"Your first joke that's funny!" The red-head clapped and then turned serious again. "Back to the subject, why didn't you like each other?"

Desy's eyes watered, remembering the living h that b had made her life, and Tadashi. . . She smiled inwardly at the thought of her golden-haired god, but then remembered he too had torn her heart, soul and mind apart, and her mood took a roller coaster drop down.

Bulma tapped mindlessly away at her keyboard. Science today bored her, and her mind drifted back to Vegeta, always.


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