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"Morning Class"

"Morning Sensei"

"today we'll be introducing a new person to the class"

"ooooooo a new classmate" said Makie

"well I wouldn't exactly call him a classmate"

"him" asked Makie and the door slid open to see Fred walk in and stands next to next to Negi, bows and says

"Hello I'm Fred Kagurazaka it's a pleasure to meet such a lively bunch of people" he says in a nice voice "

Hello Fred Kagurazaka" said the rest of the class and Haruna called out

"Oi Asuna" Asuna turns around to face Haruna

"could you go and stand next Fred if alright with you Negi"

"sure Haruna" replied Negi and Asuna stood up went and stood next to Fred and there was murmuring throughout the class

"what" they both ask

"you two look exactly the same are you to related" asked the class representative

"well I'm her twin brother...so you could say we are related" said Fred in a cheerful tone leaving the class shocked Asakura takes a photo of the two with her new digital camera and yells

"this is a big scoop Asuna twin revealed"

"why didn't you tell me you had a twin Asuna" asked the class representative

"well that's because..." said Asuna looking at the ground

"we didn't know about each other up until now" said Fred

"ohhhhhhhhh" said the class representative and continued with this question

"then how did you two find out you're related to each other"

"well" said Fred and whispers to Asuna who whispers back and Fred says

"well the principle told us"

"and don't asks how he knows for we don't know either" says Asuna

"anyway your eye colours match" said class representative

"what you mean"

"have a look for yourselves" said the Asakura tossing them her camera and they are surprised by what they see that Asuna's blue eye lines up with Fred's blue eye and Fred tosses the camera back to her

"anyway let's get back with the lesson" says Negi

"Asuna could you take your seat please" asks Fred

"sure" and she goes back to her seat and Fred went and stood next to Negi lean over and whispers

"so what are you teaching"

"English" whispered Negi

"thanks" he whispered back and stood back up straight walked to the side of the room and said

"go right ahead" said Fred but the class representative notices Fred's pony tail.

It went all the way down to his waist hips and tied back by two bells and asks

"how did your hair get so freakishly long and where did you get those bells"

he looks at the class representative and says

"well I don't know how my hair got this long it's just always been around this length and the bells were present from my caretaker"

"anyway on with the lesson" and Negi started the lesson who mainly taught the lesson, Fred occasions when he was asked but mainly let Negi do his thing. The bell rang and Fred suddenly didn't know what he gonna do next but before everyone left for next class the door slide open and Takahata walked in

"hello" Fred turns around and looks at him

"oh hello errrrrrrr what's your name"

"It's Takahata"

"ok then it's a pleasure to meet you Takahata-san"

"likewise" said Takahata

"anyway I'm here to help you on assistant job"

"really" said Fred

"yes, your actually suppose to be a assistant for the class 3A no matter what the subject"

"ok then" by now everyone had left for next class

"you better hurray"

"right, but one question" asked Fred


"what do they have now"

"oh that would be PD"

"and where's that"

"it's room 2-d"

"thanks Takahata" and Fred runs off to his class

-After School in the dorm-

"that was enjoyable"

"speak for yourself" "you're not the one who had to a flaming girl sport's uniform" yelled Fred at his twin sister

"but it was so funny" said Asuna laughing at her twins expense

"why did you even do this in the first place...It wasn't even funny" "I thought it be a nice little joke I didn't think that she would actually fall for it"

"but after a while weren't you enjoying yourself"

"yeah I did but that was because I didn't want it to ruin my day" in a quieter voice "but anyway why did that Ayaka support you.. isn't she suppose to be the class representative?" asked Fred

"ummmmmmmmmm I know maybe she feels insecure about you being the assistant teacher"

"but where in heck did she get the 'spare uniform' from"

"I don't know but lucky Takahata came before the end otherwise you'd have to wear the school uniform as well"


"but Fred where are you going to sleep"

"oh that's easy" and out of his bag he grabs a drill and two screw hooks

"I'll just stick these two into the wall and hang my Hammock on that

"ok then" said Asuna as she watch her twin hang up his hammock.

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