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On the day of the Kyoto trip the sound of an alarm from Negi's bed was heard at 5:30am.

"Good Morning everyone" yelled Negi, quickly getting out of bed, and in matter of seconds was dressed and ready for the day.

"I've been waiting for this day for ages" Negi said with excitement. "Good morning Asuna..." just then a spare pillow hits Negi's straight in the face with enough force to knock him over.

"Shut up Negi" said Fred turning over to face away from Negi, trying to get back to sleep.

"Fred that was mean" Negi said as he got himself back up again.

"I recognise only one 5:30 a day and this is not it"

"Frey-chan doesn't like to be woken up" says Konoka with sleep still in her eyes.

"Ok but..." Negi was quickly cut off by Asuna.

"Why do you call him Frey-chan?"

"Well you see.."

"Umm Konoka do you mind if I explain, we don't want my nee-chan to fall out of her bed and hurt herself"

"Alright" agreed Konoka (i wasn't really sure who said this line, but i guessed it was Konoka)

Fred sat up in his Hammock and Asuna sat up in her bed.

"Soooo what's with the Frey-chan?"

"Let me explain, when I was five I moved to Japan"

"You mean you're not Japanese" questioned Asuna.

"Well I'm not sure but I'm guessing no, anyway I moved into Hinata apartments where my guardian lives,"

"Isn't Hinata apartments an all girls dormitory?"

"Really?, that's surprising," said Fred, Asuna is slightly surprised by the answer but motions for him to continue.

"Anyway after a week of settling in, my caretaker, her older sister and I went to visit Konoka and Setsuna. When we got there we were greeted by Konoka's father and they went off to talk about some 'adult stuff' as I went play with Konoka and Setsuna. Because of my hair length and since I was wearing the same Shinmei-ryū robe as Setsuna they mistook me for a girl, so Konoka called me Frey-chan, which I thought meant close friend, so in was a few weeks I found out it was a name specifically for girls who are close friends, but by the time that happened it didn't really bother me that much for I was already close friends with Set-chan and Konoka," he sees Asuna with a wide grin and retaliates "Don't you ever you ever think of calling me Frey-chan Asuna?"

"But why do you call Setsuna Set-chan and don't call Konoka Kon-chan?"

"Well, Kon-chan just didn't catch on as well as mine or Set-chan,"

"ok" then Asuna realizes something.

"Hang on Fred... you said Setsuna and Konoka are childhood friends, but I'm never seen them talk to each other?"

"Well you see" Fred starts and looks down to Konoka who shakes her head.

"Konoka doesn't want it to be talked about and I respect that,"

Asuna became kind of disappointed, she really wanted to know the answer.

"Anyway I'm going" said Negi.

"It's only six a clock, we don't have to be there for another hour" exclaimed Fred.

"Teachers have to be there early," said Negi in his excited tone.

"Would that include assistant teachers?" asked Fred.

"Well you are a teacher Fred," said Asuna

"Well since I'm an assistant teacher, I will come to assist in half an hour" said Fred turning over to face the wall.

"I don't think it works that way," commented Asuna.

Fred sighs, get's out of bed, mutters something about having a shower, grabs some clothes and heads for the shower. Negi not wanting to wait around "well I'll see you at the station Fred"

"Ok then, bye" was heard from the shower. And with that he headed off to the station.

When Fred arrives at the station 10 minutes later he sees Makie, Yue, Nodoka and Negi, he runs over and exclaims "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?"

Makie replies with in a whimpering tone "We were too excited so we came early"

"Oh.. I'm excited to, but I wouldn't come at SIX IN THE MORNING"

"Then why are you here then Fred-sensei," asked Yue holding a pillow.

"I'm an assistant teacher so it's my duty to come early,"

"Then why didn't come at the same time as Negi-sensei since he shares the same room as you?"

"Well unlike some people I didn't sleep in my clothes," replied Fred in a sarcastic manner. He then notices the pillows in Yue's and Nodoka's arms.

"What's with the pillows?"

"We prefer to sleep on our own pillows"

It is now 7am and Negi and Fred are gathering the class for the trip, well Negi is, Fred was making sure Negi wasn't gathered up by the students. When Asuna's group arrived they dropped their little professional attitude they had.

"Hello Asuna"

"Hi Asuna nee-chan"

"Hi Fred nii-chan," she said, then turning to Negi, "Negi did you eat a proper breakfast?"

"Yes Asuna, I made sure he got himself something decent for breakfast" Fred answered before Negi could.

"Ah good" she said, then noticing her other two friends "ah Set-chan, Zaji-san"

"Hello Negi, Frey-chan"

"I'm supposed to be the leader of team 6, but since Evangeline-san and Chachamaru-san haven't turned up it's just me and Zaji-san, what should we do?"

"Why don't you two just go into different groups" asked Fred.

"Yeah! That's a great idea Fred" said Negi happily.

"Then Set-chan shall go into my group and Zaji-san can go in Ayaka's, is that alright?" asked Fred.

"That should be fine" replied Ayaka. Setsuna is surprised and wonders if he is purposely putting her in ojou-sama's group, but dismissed the thought 'he is only doing it because we are friends'. With the class now gathered they boarded the train and took their seats. The train took off for Kyoto, but what is in store for Negi and Co?

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