There was nothing in Hell. No trees, no wind, no discernable wildlife. There was just an endless, barren wasteland. Indeed, Hell was meant for the evil people of life to wander within their bodies, starving to death and never dying, spending eternity contemplating their for one particular individual, nothing of Hell was new to young man, a towering 6 feet tall, was calmly walking through the plains of Hell. His body was adorned with strange ornaments and garb, looking to be from some old culture. His thick and wiry black hair ran down his back, and his face had a look of total vacancy. On and on he walked, his mind enveloped in an unseen strange man came upon some of the appointed keepers of Hell, the demon-folk sent by the gatekeeper of the spirit realm, Lord Enma. These strange creatures were humanoid, but usually very large and muscular, with little horns protruding from their heads. As he approached them, two stepped up to him and stopped him from walking.A blue skinned demon spoke up.

"Oh ho, what have we here?" He leaned down to look up into the man's face, which was tilted downwards. "What's your name, kid?"

Moments of silence passed before the man muttered back. "My… my name?"

"Yeeeeah. You do have one, don't you?" The demon started to guffaw at his own joke, followed by the hesitant other demons.

"My name…" The man grasped his forehead, seeming to be in some kind of pain.

Another demon, with red skin and facial hair, stepped up to him as well. "Aw, did we forget our own name?" He turned to look at the others. "We got a real winner here, guys. I bet he doesn't even remember what he did to get here!" The demons' laughter got louder.

The man's breathing intensified, reacting to the laughter. He finally looked up, and got a look at the 5 demons that were surrounding him, making fun of him. However, he didn't see them as demons. To him, they all looked like one young man, with light skin, and spiky black hair. His body shivered and he tensed up, his eyes flaring open with growing anger as he recognized the man he saw.

"Ooh, I think you got his attention!" The first demon spoke to the one who stepped up. "We'd better run; he could be very mad at us!" He accompanied the sarcasm in his tone with some forced chuckles.

"Ka… Kak…" The man's hair started to slowly float upwards, as if there was a gust of wind around. Small jolts of what looked like green electricity started to jump around all of his body, and his hair slowly turned from black to a gold-like colour. With a flailing of his arms, he cried out a roar that shook the very ground around them. "…KAKAROT!"

Shocked beyond belief, the demons had little chance to react, as an invisible shockwave emanating from the man had thrown them all a good 25 feet away. Disaster had struck in Hell, and its name was Broly. The maddened Super Saiyan had once again let his gargantuan power explode, transforming him into a large mass of muscle and violence. His rage knew no bounds; as he continued to randomly attack demons and damned souls, all he saw was the pandering, grinning vision of Goku. With unheard-of amounts of power, he beat his victims to quivering pulps and simply moved onto more. Nothing could even hope to stop him.

"This is ridiculous!" A deep, very proper voice cried out in lament. This voice belonged to the villainous Cell, a biological android who once threatened the existence of the universe. "How could a creature like this exist?" His insect-like wings flickered as he watched Broly decimate another next to him was the diminutive but deadly Majin Babidi, another megalomaniac like Cell.

"Oh, do shut up. After all that you've seen down here, you still have the gall to question beings stronger than you?" He rubbed one of his feelers, also watching the spectacle. "Frieza, are you watching this?" He called behind from behind them both was the dastardly Frieza, self-proclaimed ruler of the universe. This once fearless figure was now shaking in fear, without a word to say of the current turned back to him, after ducking down behind the large rock they were all standing behind. "Well? Frieza, haven't you got anything to say?"Frieza stuttered a moment, then slowly parted his lips.

"A Sai… a Saiyan… it's a damned Super Saiyan! I know; he's come to have revenge on me! You can't let him near me!" He slowly started to duck down, bending his knees.

"Oh, what? You mean you're afraid of him?" Babidi pointed at the rampaging Broly. "Puh-leeze, my old pet Buu could easily take care of that rabid dog."

"I'm… not so sure." Cell interjected. "You two can't sense power levels, I can. And what I'm feeling… is immense. It could be greater than that Majin Buu, but I can't be sure… it keeps going up and down." The android looked out again, watching this moment, Broly stopped in his tracks, and turned his massive head towards the not-so-hidden trio. Again, he saw Goku's image, and ran toward them like a bullet train.


"…oh shit!" Cell extended his wings up and took off from that spot. After panicking a moment, Babidi performed a small incantation and vanished, appearing well out of harm's way. Frieza, having already been defeated and disgraced by Super Saiyans, flared up his energy and in a flash of teal light, flew off at top paid Frieza no heed, as Cell was the one he had seen. He took off from the ground, which crumbled from the exertion of his energy, and chased Cell glanced back and saw that he was being pursued. "Oh, it's me you want now, eh? Fine, let's see what you've got!"

With that, he spun around and began to charge the deadly Kamehameha , Broly flashed back to the first time he fought Goku, on the farcical new planet Vegeta. Goku, out of desperation, put all of his energy into a close-range Kamehameha, which naturally did nothing to Broly. And now, according to Broly, here he was, trying it again. He laughed maniacally as he closed in on Cell.

"Ka… me… ha… me…haaaa!" Cell released the light blue energy wave as Broly drew closer, expecting him to be thrown to the ground. Unfortunately for Cell, this did not happen. The mighty Saiyan burst through the wave, the energy splashing off his body like simple water. Suddenly, the surrounding area was illuminated by a dark green hue, but it faded away as Broly created an energy bomb in his 's how it had been since the arrival of Broly. That is, until Lord Enma offered Broly a chance at a new life. All the Legendary super Saiyan had to do, was help the Z-fighters defend the earth.

Meanwhile, down on earth.

"Pan! Time to get up" Videl's voice sounded from the bottom of the stairs. Pan woke up with her eyes still puffy and red. She recalled the event four years ago. Pan sat at a table at Capsule Corp staring at the grass. It was her 14th Birthday Party and everyone was there...except for Grandpa Goku. When the party had first started she was practically bursting with excitement. Now she was looking like she had just lost her best friend.

"Pan, sweetie, what's wrong? You don't seem to be enjoying yourself." Videl said sitting down next to her daughter.

"I was just thinking," Pan said distracted, "I wish Grandpa Goku could've been here." She said still staring at the grass.

"Pan, I'm sorry he couldn't make it, but you know he would've wanted to be here." Videl said trying to comfort her.

"Yeah..." She said still wondering where her Grandpa Goku was.

"In a way your Grandpa Goku is here." Videl said trying to sound convincing.

"What are you talking about mom? The last I heard from Dende, he was with that dumb Dragon!" Pan says not quite understanding.

"Well in a way he is here," Videl says as she hurries to explain, "you love your Grandpa Goku very much and he loves you, and as long as you remember everything he taught you, and all the good times you shared, he'll never be completely gone."Pan sighs finally understanding now,

"You're right mom." Pan says as she smiles and gets up from the table.

"What do you say we go get something to eat before the guys finish it all up." Videl says. Pan starts to giggle as they go over to join the memories kept floating through Pan's head, but she shook them away as she realized she had been in the shower for over a half an hour. She finished up, got out of the shower and dried off. Pan began to dress herself as she walked back into her room she looked on her desk and saw a picture of her and her first boyfriend. 'Oh now this is bringing back old memories.' She thought as she gazed at the picture.

"Pan, you're not old enough to go out on dates yet and that's final." Gohan said beginning to lose his temper.

"But Daddy please, I'm 15 now you have to start letting me date sometime!" Pan said also getting upset. This went on for a little longer.

"Alright stop it you two, NOW!" Catching both of their attentions. Videl sighs, "Pan I agree, you are old enough to start dating, your father is just trying to protect you, don't worry, I'll have a talk with him later." She says glancing to her side at Gohan who looked at her in confusion.

"Ok thanks mom." Pan said and gave both her parents a kiss before heading off to get some sleep. Pan smiled as she remembered the look of confusion on her dad's face when her mom took her side. She looked through her drawer and saw another picture when she was younger. They were at the World Martial Arts Tournament. She sighed as she remembered all of what happened that day. 'So many memories...'Today was Pan's first day as a senior at Hercule academy, and she was going to be late.

With her perfect attendance record on the line, Pan had no choice but to fly to school and nothing was going to stop her. Nothing except for a bank robbery. Ever since her father had gotten a job, Gohan had been unable to defend the city as the great Saiyaman, so Pan had taken it upon herself to fill in for him. This was the typical situation, a group of over sized idiots thought it a good idea to take someone hostage while they tried to rob the bank. Pan had little time for such thinks and hope to resolve this quickly.

"Ok, listen up! Your going to hand over all the money in this joint or I shot this bitch's head off!" Shouted the largest of the men

"Ya you tell em boss!"

"That's it" Thought Pan, who was about to interfere when.

"Weaklings like you, should not draw attention to yourselves!"The comment belonged to he tall man sitting on the wall. Pan couldn't believe this guy. There was a crisis situation going on and he was acting like this was an every day thing.

"Who does this guy think he is! Boys, shut him up"

"With pleasure boss"The air rang with the sound of gun fire, sending the crowd that had gathered running. The man fall off of the wall when the bullet hit him in the forehead. Now Pan was mad, she rushed towards the men at full speed but stopped when one of the guns exploded.

"What the hell!"

"If those weapons are all that you have" It was the guy who had been shot "Then I can see why Kakarot was sent to this planet"

"The hell he talkin about?" Asked the confused leader

"Don't know boss, want us to cut him" Asked the gang as each member pulled out a knife

"Do it!"The men ran forward with the knifes, but were knocked away with a single blow. The leader watched this and was shocked. He dropped his hostage and weapon and stepped towards the man."I don't know who you are, but it seems your beating is left up to me!" Scowled the leader as he strapped on some knuckledusters "Time to send you aw….." The man stopped talking when a punch landed in his stomach. The man who had been shot moved to fast to be seen and had delivered a single punch to the gang leader. "Who…..who are you?" Asked the guy.

"My name is Broly" Broly picked the guy up "Don't forget it" And throw him through a the cops and TV crews moved in to the scene, Broly powered up and took off into the air not wanting to be interviewed. Pan stood there shocked at what had just happened. This guy had taken down a whole gang without breaking a sweat. But she had no time to worry about that now, since the final bell for school could be heard in the arrived at the school five minutes late. Rushing through the corridor towards her class, she couldn't get her mind off of the guy.

"Broly. That's what is called himself, right?" She asked herself. When she got to the class room and entered the door, Pan was shocked to see that guy sitting in the seat next to hers. "YOU!"