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"Sa...ske-kun..." She whispered out. Her voice cracked easily as she tried to hold back the tears of regret. Regret for being ignorant. Regret for being weak. Regret for being a bubble-headed fangirl.

She had wasted to much time trying to impress Sasuke back in her genin years. She had loved him so much. But now... now he was a monster.

He had finally killed his brother. And now, he regreted it. Itachi had only tried to protect him... He had wasted so much time loathing Itachi. And now he knew that he was truly a monster.

What's strange was, he believed that Itachi did love him, and that Itachi did try to protect him. It was strange because he heard it from Sakura, and he believed. There was a sureness in her emereld eyes.

He had no idea how she had known that. It made no sense why she was here, too late to save Itachi. The man she loved. She cradled his bloody head close to her chest. She kept whispering to Sasuke, "Why? He only wanted to protect you...He loved you more than anything...HOW COULD YOU DO SUCH A THING?!" She was in hysterics now.

The hot tears rolled down her face. She looked at Sasuke, who looked like he was ready to collapse any moment. She tried to fight the rage inside of her; she really did want to kill Sasuke. But she couldn't. Not after what Itachi had done to keep him safe.

Sasuke was getting weaker by the second. 'No!' He told himself. He wanted to know more. He didn't know exactly Sakura was talking about. She said that Itachi had tried to protect him. Sasuke didn't believe what Sakura was saying. But she kept screaming things about Konoha, about Madara, about the clan.

Her words had ran together, so he didn't get all of it. But now, he had a feeling that something was right about what she was saying.

But mostly, he needed to stay awake to find out why Sakura, the girl that had loved him for years, was now clutching his brother.

"Sakura... Why-" He couldn't finish his mumbled words as he felt another chakra near by. He inwardly cursed. It wasn't Naruto's chakra, or anyone from Konoha.

A guy with an orange mask came into view, and Sasuke faintly heard a curse come from Sakura. He turned his head torwards her for two seconds to see her expression. She was glaring, the tears still rolling down her rosy cheeks.

A chuckle cam from the masked man as he came closer. "Haha, I thought you were dead, Sakura-san..." He said, amused. Sasuke raised his eyebrow. Nothing was making sense.

"DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!" Sakura had screeched, making Sasuke's headache worsen. He couldn't fight to stay awake any longer as he lurched forward and landed with a light thud to the cold ground.

Sakura glared harder at Madara as she clutched Itachi closer to her chest. She made sure no fear showed on her face; she was glad she was sitting on her knees, so that they couldn't shake.

Tobi/Madara stepped closer. He bent down and picked up Sasuke's body with little difficulty. Sakura had the unfamiliar urge to protect Sasuke. "What are you...gonna do with him?" Her voice was hoarse; she hoped he could understand.

He chuckled. "I'm sure Sasuke wants to know more about Itachi. He needs to come with me." He turned and walked away. After a few moments, she couldn't feel his chakra, and she started to feel another. 'Naruto...' She thought and frowned. She hadn't seen him in months.

She stood, with Itachi's corpse in her hands, and staggered torwards where Tobi/Madara walked away. She couldn't let Naruto see her or Itachi yet.

Sakura's breath caught as she heard Naruto's voice. She didn't know he was so close.


She sprinted away, never looking back. Naruto stood there shocked, and then he fell to his knees. Kiba tried to go after Sakura as Naruto started to sob.

He had been too late, again, to save Sasuke. And he knew that Kiba wasn't going to catch Sakura-chan. Naruto knew that Sakura was now too strong. He knew because he had battled her just days before.

Sakura was now racing through the forest. She knew she had lost Kiba long ago. She was too fast for him.

As she sat down to rest, her eyes met two golden ones. She gasped lightly.

Zetsu came away from the tree directly in front of Sakura. He looked meaningfully at Itachi's corpse, and Sakura held him tighter.

As Zetsu opened his mouth to say something, she screamed at him, "You can't have him!" She started to sob shortly afterwards.

Zetsu continued to stare at her and Itachi. "It's not my decision, Sakura-san." His white side said softly. Sakura shook her head.

"Why did he say that you HAD to eat him? We can bury him..." She whispered. She started to lose her voice. Why did Pein have to do this to her? To Itachi?

She never understood Pein; and she guessed she never would. Zetsu didn't say anything more as he bent forward, stretching out his arms. (A.N. I don't know if Zetsu has arms or not, but he does in this story ;P).

Sakura refused to give him to Zetsu. "I won't eat him." His white side said softly. Sakura guessed that his darker side was told to not say anything that would upset her.

For some reason, Sakura believed him. She didn't want to carry Itachi in her arms anymore; Her burden was already heavy enough. She pulled Itachi away from her slightly, and stared at him for a long moment.

Hesitantly, she bent forward and pressed her lips to his cold, bloodstained ones. Another lone tear fell from her eye as she pulled away. "Goodbye, Itachi..." She whispered so low that she knew Zetsu couldn't hear.

She handed Itachi's cold body to Zetsu, and stood. She was going to find Sasuke to get revenge. She sprinted away, looking back once, but found that Zetsu was already gone. She swallowed a sob, and continued on her way.

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