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Sakura's POV

Somehow... Somehow I made it back to the village. I felt like I could collapse at any moment, but I had to get to Tsunade.

Only ten minutes later, I barged into her office. Tsunade, Naruto, Kakashi, Sai, and Shizune were all there.

"S-Sakura-chan!?" Naruto said in suprise. They all stared at me, confused and very suprised as I tried to catch my breath.

"Tsunade-Sama... Sasuke and... Akatsuki are going to-" She raised up a hand.

"I know, Sakura. Jiraiya had left a message (A/N: I have no idea what the message said, but I'm just guessing it has to do with Pein. Oh well, I'll just say that he told the village to be on their gaurd or something.)

"He told us that we have to look out for them. Now Sakura, how do you know this?" By now I had caught my breath, but still felt light headed. How long has it been since I've eaten anything?

"Oh, um..." Should I lie? No, that wouldn't be right. "I was with Sasuke, and him and the Akatsuki leader were discussing their plans of killing the elders." I said, shrugging as if it was no big deal. It really wasn't to me, as long as the village would except me back.

Tsunade stared hard at me. She sighed, lifting up her bottle of sake and taking a swig. "Do you know why they are doing this?"

"Umm, I think the Akatsuki are doing it to get Naruto, and Sasuke wants revenge." They gave me questioning looks. I sighed, not really wanting to explain.

"Look, the bottom line is Sasuke killed Itachi, then he found out that the elders told Itachi to kill the Uchiha clan because they were going to take over Konoha. So, now he wants revenge."

"... You were going to help them," Tsunade stated, and I nodded. Naruto's eyes bulged.

"Why, Sakura-chan?!"

"..." I glared at the floor. I knew I couldn't say what I wanted to around them. They wont trust me if I do. Still, they waited for an answer.

"... Because Itachi shouldn't have been the one to have to carry out such a task," I finally answered, quietly. Somehow, Tsunade seemed to understand, but obviously, Naruto didn't.

"That still doesn't change that he's a cold-heart-"

"He wasn't cold-hearted! Ever!" My outburst shut him up, and Tsunade only shook her head.

"How could they do such a thing!?" By now, the tears were flowing. "How could they tell a thirteen year-old boy to slaughter his entire clan!? Why couldn't they have done it themselves, huh?!" I was absolutely shaking with anger.

"Calm down, Sakura," Tsunade said softly. I clenched and unclenched my fists, screwing my eyes shut. Well, as long as I was letting my emotions out, I guess it wouldn't hurt to go over that night in my head that I never wanted to think about.


Normal POV

When Itachi had gotten back, Sakura had embraced him. She thought so much about what he had done, and how she felt about him.

"I love you, Itachi," She had whispered into his chest. He almost pushed her away, wanting to tell her that this wasn't right. Because it wasn't right. He was going to hurt her when he died.

Still, he couldn't control what he felt right then. He couldn't say that he didn't enjoy the feeling of her pressed against; He couldn't say that it felt nice to be loved once again. So he, he lifted her chin up again, and crashed his lips onto hers, inhaling her sweet scent.

She kissed him passionately, clinging onto him desperately. She threw his cloak off, trying to press herself closer to him. And then, he immediatly pushed her away, gasping to catch his breath. As she tried also to get her breathing steady, she felt the tears slide down her cheeks. Itachi felt alarmed.

She wiped them away, shaking her head. "I-Itachi... I don't want you to be alone during these last couple months of your life. I don't care if you seem cold, and that it seems somewhat taboo to be with you. I don't know how, or when, but I fell in love with you. Please, Itachi, let me in..."

He stared at her, a pained expression on his face. He couldn't fathom why he felt anything torwards her. But he did, and he didn't want her to cry over him. Sakura squeaked when he suddenly lifted her, laying her gently on the bed. He stared into her wet eyes as he hovered over her, putting his lips to her ear.

"Sakura..." His voice was husky, and she shivered at his warm breath. He lifted his head to gaze at her once again, before dipping his head to kiss her deeply. She moaned softly at the urgency of this kiss. His tongue darted out to meet hers as his hands threated themselves in her hair. He put his full weight on her, and as she pulled her head away to gasp for breath, he trailed his hot mouth down her throat.

"Itachi..." She breathed out, and he once again captured her swolen lips. Soon, their clothes were on the floor, and his tongue was trailing across her body. Sakura moaned louder at the sensation. He answered her moan with one of his own as she moved her hands across his well-toned body, and she started to suck on his shoulder.

End Flashback-

Sakura's POV

I almost fell to my knees as I remembered the way his body moved perfectly against mine. It hurt to remember the way I stopped breathing when I looked into his lust-filled eyes. It hurt to remember the way I groaned impatiently as his fingers danced along the inside of my thighs, teasing me.

That night was so passionate... I have never felt so good in my life. I could remember every detail perfectly. His touseled hair, his wet, swolen lips. His hot breath against my skin, his rough hands greedily sliding over my body. I even remembered how he groaned in pleasure as he entered into me, and the way my throat hurt so bad after I was done screaming. He had asked if I wanted him to stop, but I shook my head and wrapped my legs around his waist, rasing my head up to place a kiss to his neck.

I was brought out of my thoughts as I was suddenly embraced my Naruto. My eyes widened in suprised, and I almost pushed him away.

"N-Naruto..." I whispered, suprised. He rubbed my back soothingly, saying, "I'm sorry, Sakura-chan."

I stayed silent, not sure how I should respond. "Uh-uhm..." I gently pryed away his hands, stepping away from him. I wasn't ready to except comfort right now.

"We h-have to warn the elders," I said softly, looking back to Tsunade. She nodded her head after a short while, and I rushed out the door to find them.

It was true that I also wanted revenge, but this was my village and I had to protect it. Also, Itachi wouldn't want that to happen.

Soon, I was at the door of the tower they were seated in. As I rushed in, Denzou was already looking my way, his brow furrowing.

"I'm sorry to suddenly come in without your permission," I said and bowed lowly. "But-"

Right on que, the building suddenly started to collapse. Not missing a beat, I tellaported outside along with the others. "Sasuke and the Akatsuki want you dead," I said to them. I heard a chuckle and turned around, only to be thrown to the ground by Madara.

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