The Dark Master's Return

Chapter 1-(The Very Beginning)

(Note: This Story contains some similar parts to flyboy87's T.L.O.S story. Sorry for taking some parts flyboy87. Hope you won't mind. Please don;t sue!)

On a cool night, standing on the balcony of the Temple were 2 dragons. A purple one Falzar, and a white one Elva. Together they were watching the night sky and trying to make out some of the stars. "Doesn't that one look like a egg to you?" asked Elva. She pointed it out for Falzar so he knows were she is looking. "Yes it looks more like a dragon egg. Which reminds me, how do you feel? You seem to be a little ill lately. Is it because of that egg forming inside of you?" asked Falzar. "Oh please, you worry too much about me. Don't worry, a small ill won't kill me. Try not to worry a lot ok." said Elva. "Just being sure." said Falzar. "So what are we going to do tomorrow sweetheart?"asked Elva. "Well tomorrow we are going to Bahamut, the king of dragons. He asked for me and you to come. He wants us to show the new royal dragon that was born. Just sad about what happened to his parents though. They died without a trace. What a tragedy." "I know Falzar, that is a tragedy. Well at least that newborn child will have Bahamut to take care of him" said Elva. "Yes that is correct."said Falzar. "We should go and rest now, it will be a long flight to get to the Bahamut" said Falzar. "Ok honey, lets go get some rest" said Elva. As they turned away to rest, a yellow line cut across the sky and then vanished. Falzar turned around and looked at where the yellow line just was. "What is it?" asked Elva. "Nothing, thought I saw something." said Falzar

Meanwhile in the tomb of the dragon king, Bahamut was holding a small gold dragon in his arms. "Just a tragic that you won't be able to see your parents young one." said Bahamut. "You will be named Leon. That doesn't sound bad. Right Leon?"asked Bahamut. Leon was quietly sleeping in his arms. Bahamut put down Leon and went away for a while. He came back and made a small pillow and placed it under Leon. He then left again and came back with a book. "So now that you are named Leon, what are your characteristics. Ah yes you will be Brave, Smart, Strong. You have immense power in you. But sadly, you won't be able to love females. That is a major flaw in you. I hope you will be able to find a partner that will accept you for who you are." said Bahaumt. "Even if you are a Royal Cosmic dragon. Which reminds me." Bahamut placed his hand on Leon, and whispered something. A faint glow appeared on Leon's head and then vanished. "There now you know and have the cosmic powers and the cosmic attack Doomsday that only I can do. Sleep well young one." Bahaumt then lay down next to Leon and went to sleep.

The next day came by fast. Falzar and Elva were almost at the tomb of the Dragon King. When they arrived, Bahaumt greeted them. "Hello Falzar, my dear old friend." said Bahaumt. "The same to you Bahaumt."said Falzar. "Ah Elva glad you can come. How are you feeling?" asked Bahaumt. "I feel a little ill, nothing major. So where is this newborn?" asked Elva. "Ah yes come in." said Bahaumt. Bahaumt came back a little while, with Leon in his hands. "Here he is. His name is Leon." said Bahaumt. "Aw isn't he cute?" said Elva. "So how is he going to be when he gets older?" asked Falzar. "Well he will be a brave, smart and strong dragon. Just that he won't be able to love females." said Bahaumt. They were silenced for a while after that was said. "So what will you name your child?" asked Bahaumt. "Well we were thinking of some names but there was one that struck us well the name, Spyro." said Elva. "Spyro, that sounds good. Matter of fact I like it." said Bahaumt. "Thanks." said Falzar. "So what will you do with Leon? He is your descendant after all. You wouldn't abandon him will you?" asked Elva. "I know he is my descendant, but I will not abandon him. It does say that any dragon that is unable to love females shall be banished from society living in exile. His parents were killed the day before he hatched. Poor thing...just a shame to leave him, defenseless, and he only started his life." said Bahaumt. "If anything I will leave him at the Palace. I will tell the golden golems to take really good care of him. I already transferred half of my powers to him." "Aw how nice of you to do that." said Falzar. "Hold on I have something for young Leon." said Elva. She approached to Leon, placed her hand on his head and muttered a prayer. After she was done a faint white light glowed. "That should do it" said Elva. "You blessed him with the Holy Element?" asked Bahaumt. "Yes and I hope he will be a fine dragon and that he will have a good life and that someone will accept him for who he is." said Elva. "Thank you Elva, that means a lot to me and young Leon." said Bahamut. They left the tomb. "So I guess we won't be seeing each other for a while now won't we?" said Bahamut. "Nonsense, we will see each other again in a matter of time." said Falzar. "Well then, I will see you two some other time. Good-bye" said Bahaumt. "Bye" said Falzar and Elva.

Two weeks went by after the visit of Bahamut and Elva managed to lay the egg that she was carrying inside her. To her surprise it was a purple colored egg. Elva yelled out for Falzar. "What is it?"asked Falzar. "Falzar look, what I have just laid!"said Elva with so much joy. Falzar couldn't believe what his eyes were telling him. "IS THAT A PURPLE EGG?! THAT YOU HAVE JUST LAID?!"asked Falzar with so much shock. "YES! IT IS!"replied Elva with so much excitement and joy. "I can't believe it! A Purple Dragon Egg! Oh Elva I love you so much!" said Falzar. "And so do I!"replied Elva. They were hugging and kissing together for a while. "We should go tell the others about this! I can't believe it!"said Falzar. So Falzar ran and told the Dragon Elders that Elva has laid a purple dragon egg. Ignitus, Cyril, Volteer, and Terrador, all went to Elva and were surprised to see a purple dragon egg, cradled in her arms. All four of the Dragon Elders said a prayer and then put the egg deep inside the vault where all the other eggs were to hatch on the day they celebrate the Year of The Dragon. "Can't you believe it dear? A purple colored egg! We will have a Purple child!" said Elva said excitingly. "Yes my dear, I can't believe it." said Falzar as he kissed Elva. They looked back at their egg which was in the deepest part of the vault, and soon they left wondering what will their child be. A male or female purple dragon.

"Well you guys only have a week to find out. Hold your excitement for now." said Ignitus. "But Ignitus I can hardly wait! Soon we will have a purple son or daughter like me!" said Falzar who really can't hold his excitement. "Yes I know Falzar. For once a purple dragon is born, and I don't have to wait ten generations just to see another purple dragon being born." said Ignitus. Elva came up to him and placed her hand on his shoulder. "Why won't you be its godfather Ignitus, I can see that you really care about it."asked Elva. "Why Y-Y-Yes! I most certainly will be your child's godfather!" replied Ignitus with such joy. "Come on let us go out, we still got more eggs that need to be transferred into the vault." said Falzar. And so Falzar, Elva, Ignitus, and the other Dragon Elders, went out and transferred more eggs into the vault.