Chapter 9 (One More Battle)

A couple of days went by. All the dragon eggs had hatched, Elva was still sad about what happened to Falzar. No news about the 2 misplaced eggs, Spyro and Cynder. "So what are we going to do with all of these cute, little, adorable, baby dragons?" asked Godith. "Well I do know of a palace that the Royal Dragons used to live. Since I still have rights to go there, I might as well take all of them to the palace, tell the golden golems and young Leon, to take care of them. Then we can start looking for your sister, and see if we can find a way to get Falzar from the Dark Master." said Mark. "Well you will go and take them all, I will stay and take care of Elva." said Godith. Mark gathered all the baby dragons together and wrapped them around from his speed wrap move. He got them together and teleported them to the Palace. While Mark was doing that, Godith was taking care of Elva, making sure all of her bones were healed, and trying to cheer her up from the grieving news. "Hey Elva, cheer up. I know you just lost Falzar. But you haven't lost Spyro yet." said Godith. "I know, just that if I do ever find Spyro, and he asks me who his father is, what am I going to say? 'Oh your father is the Dark Master who is trying to kill you and take over the world.' Am I going to say that to him?" said Elva. "Well no you will not. Once you are all better, we can go look for him, how's that?" "Well that surely would make me happy." said Elva. Ignitus then flew into the cave. "Ignitus, where were you? What did you do to my egg? Is it alright? Did it hatch?" asked Elva who was really worried. "Elva, do not worry. I saved your child. I made a basket, placed the egg on it, and send it down the Silver River. I was just flying over the river when I noticed young Spyro living with dragonflies. He is alright and being well taken care of." "Thank you Ignitus." Elva kissed Ignitus. "Thank you very much." Now Elva didn't have to worry about what happened to young Spyro. He was ok, and living happily with dragonflies. Mark returned. "Well it turns out that Leon will take care of the newborns, even though he is only a month old, he will make sure that nothing bad happens to them. So no more worries about them." said Mark. "Well that is good to hear." said Ignitus. "What next?" "Now all we have to do, is get Falzar back. I know how but the thing is, the move that I have to do to get Falzar back, is not 'unlocked' in this world. In order for me to get this power 'unlocked' is for me to make a deal with the devil, going around this world, taking bad souls to hell. I need it transferred into this world. But that will take time for sure. So I guess we have to wait." said Mark with disappointment in himself.

Few months went by, and Elva was fully recovered. Ignitus and Mark left to help other dragons around the world fight against the Dark Army. Godith was with Elva. Together they were at the Palace, watching and helping the young dragons. Elva had a hard time, but Godith was doing all of the work without breaking a sweat. "How do you manage to help and watch over more than 100 dragons all at once?" asked Elva. She was extremely tired and could hardly move after all of that running around and helping. "Oh please, you are just a new mother, you only have 1 child, for now. For me I have over 550 and I have the experience do all of this. After all I do give birth to large amounts." said Godith with a smile on her face. "Well it may be easy for you, but not for me." said Elva.

3 months later, news about the war between the dragons and the Dark Army, arrived at the palace. It turns out that all of the dragons have disappeared by a huge black female dragon that plucked all of the dragons off the fields of battle, and into different areas around the world. Not one was found again. Only survivor was Mark. He was still fighting. All by himself. Turns out he managed to kill over 1,000,000 enemies. But the Dark Army was so large that the chances of him wining was slim. "This black female dragon, is on the Dark Master's side. I knew that was going to happen since the gray egg was not ours. It is a good thing that it is not Spyro. I just hope that it is not my sister." said Godith. "Did you remember the name of your sibling?" asked Elva. "No, I don't. I have to get my mother's will again, back home, my world, then come back here and look for her." said Godith. "Don't worry you will find her." said Elva.

1 year went by, and Mark finally returned from war. Mark was in his half-dragon mode, and was all covered in blood. He managed to kill more than expected. He even found out who was that evil dragon. Her name was Cynder. Mark never seen a dragon that big at such a young age. "What do you think they did to her?" asked Godith. "Well since she was the only egg that we didn't save or protect from the Dark Army, I would say that Gaul took her. After she hatched, Gaul poisoned Cynder's mind with evil. Gave her incredible power and strength. Made her into a adult dragon in one powerful evil spell from the Dark Master. Now she is the Malefor's servant and she is carrying out all of the Dark Master's evil plans to destroy the world." said Mark. "Well why have you returned?" asked Elva. "The Dark Master issued a 1-1 battle between me and him. Loser dies. I can't lose and yet I can't win. If I win we lose Falzar forever. If I lose I die, but I will return but then there will be no point to fight him. My best guess is a draw or tie." said Mark. "How are you going to, tie this battle?" asked Elva. "I will send him to Convexity. An area at which separates our world to the Dark Master's World. I just hope that I don't get send back to another world." said Mark. "I'll go with you, just in case you need me darling." said Godith. "Elva you will stay here at the Palace if you want. You cannot be with us otherwise the Dark Master will get you, torture you, or whatever he will do to you, just to get to Spyro. After Spyro is dead he will mostly, uhhh be, uhhh, screwing you like crazy. He will want a family with you and have many children as possible. He will kill you if you don't agree with him. We do not want to have a good dragon getting screwed by evil and then all you can do is watch as evil dragons hatch and start destroying the world with their father and hate their mother." said Mark with a vengeance. "I don't even want to be near him. I will only mate with Falzar, not some guy who looks like Falzar but is completely someone else." said Elva. "That is what I want to hear." said Mark.

Mark and Godith left to go off and fight the Dark Master, while Elva stayed at the Palace. "How are we going to do this Mark?" asked Godith. "I don't know, just be careful, ok." said Mark.

They met at where the Dark Master wants to fight Mark in the burned fields. Few minutes later, the Dark Master arrived with Cynder. "Well, well, well, we meet again." said Malefor. "Ah I see you brought someone that is willing to help you. Well I brought mine. Cynder will take care of her. Won't you?" said Malefor. "Yes I will Master, I will make her suffer." said Cynder. "Mark, you and me will fight for our lives. I can already tell that you are worried, because if I die I take Falzar with me and you won't get him back. Oh how bad it is to lose an innocent life. Hahahaha!"laughed the Dark Master. "You know what? You two, Malefor and Cynder, might as well go screw each other instead of fighting us alright? Cause I am sick of this. I will make sure that I will get Falzar back, no matter what it takes and that Cynder will be back to her normal self." said Mark angerly. "Say that about me and the Dark Master again and I swear I will make you pay." said Cynder with anger in her eyes. "Ha, bring it fool." Cynder lost it. She charged at Mark, only to be taken down by Godith. "You don't lay a finger on him, unless you take me out." said Godith. "As you wish, fool." Godith and Cynder took to the air, and started fighting. Cynder was slashing and biting Godith. Godith was also doing the same thing except she was burning Cynder most of the times. Mark and the Dark Master didn't move. They both looked up and watch at which female was better. The battler between them was getting more intense. Cynder did something that neither Mark, Godith or the Dark Master expected . Cynder flew up high, and dove straight for Godith. "Ha, bad move girl." said Godith. Godith was charging up a fire beam in her mouth. The energy got bigger and bigger. Cynder realized her mistake and she couldn't pull out of her dive for she was going to fast. Godith fired the beam at Cynder which hit her perfectly in the chest. It send Cynder crashing and burning to the ground below. Just before Cynder landed hard, she stopped. 'What the? Who saved me?' thought Cynder. She turned around and looked and saw that Godith caught Cynder by the tail. "Your lucky that your mind is taken over by Malefor. Otherwise I would've just killed you."said Godith. She dropped Cynder to the ground, and then punched her in the head. A knockout punch. "Sweet dreams loser." said Godith. Godith had won her match, but now it was time for Mark and Malefor.

Mark charged at Malefor. Malefor disappeared. 'What? He knows how to do that vanishing move. Great this will be harder than I expected.' thought Mark. "MARK!" shouted Godith. As he turned and looked, he saw the Dark Master with his razor sharp tail held at Godith's throat. "Well now I must say, you look rather beautiful Godith. It'll be shame to just kill such a pretty thing like you right here. You seem to be better looking than Elva or Cynder. Care to join my side?" asked the Dark Master. "You can just go screw yourself. I fought Cynder, 1-1, now you bring me into your match against Mark. I will never join you." said Godith. "You wish, fool." As the Dark Master was about to cut Godith's throat, Godith gave the Dark Master a low blow. (OUCH! Don't want to get a low blow from Godith) "Ohohohohoho, ohfffffffff, awwwwww, ahhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, owwwwwwww, damn, my jewels." said the Dark Master. He fell onto his knees. "Hmph, that is what you get from trying to kill me like that and telling me what you want to do with me"said Godith. Mark was laughing. "Aw man that was funny, nice one honey. HAHAHA! YOU DESERVE IT! HAHAHAHA!" Mark fell to the floor cracking up. "Sometimes I just wonder if you are on drugs." said Godith. "Which reminds me, keep your hormones in your pants, you pervert." Godith left and went to a save location from the battle. The Dark Master slowly got back up. Mark also got back up but was still laughing. "Ohhhhhh jeez, when did she learn to do that?" said Malefor. "From me." said Mark.

Mark took the advantage. Malefor was still weakened by the blow to the jewels, so he charged at him and punched him perfectly on the side of his face. Malefor went flying. Mark caught up with him easily, he then kicked Malefor hard into the air. Malefor was a rag doll to Mark. Again Mark caught up and send Malefor flying back down. Kept repeating this method for a while. Hit, Fly, Catch up, and Hit again. It went on for more than 10 minutes. The last kick sent Malefor flying through the air, which was pretty high. Mark teleported ahead of Malefor and elbowed him hard to the face and send him flying down to the ground. Godith was watching from the side from a safe place. She started to notice that Cynder was getting back up. She flew to Cynder only to be surprised by her. Cynder did something she did not know at all, she casted a warp that took Godith and sended her to another dimension. 'That takes care of that one. I will help my Master now.' thought Cynder. Mark looked around to find Godith just only to see her go through a portal to another world. 'S, she got send to another world.' thought Mark. Cynder was closing in on Mark. Just as she was about to cast the portal on him, Mark teleported behind Cynder. Cynder turned around just to see a yellow-orange beam being shot from Mark's hand. Cynder was almost dead. She landed hard onto the ground. She was barley alive. Cynder received scratches and burned marks all over her. She also broke her wings, arms, legs, and back. 'I got to be careful. I cannot lose both of them.' thought Mark. Just as Mark returned his attention to the Dark Master. A portal was casted towards Mark. 'Oh hells no, I ain't leaving this place until Malefor is send to Convexity. Mark dodged the portal which continued on upward. Mark and the Dark Master both casted a portal at each other at the same time. Both Mark and Malefor thought that they casted first. Mark then casted a paralyzing spell at Malefor. 'Ha you won't escape now. Guess I will leave now.' thought Mark. He couldn't move. 'What the?' he looked around to see Cynder with a smile on her face. "I casted a paralyzing spell too, fool." said Cynder as she then passed out. The Dark Master and Mark both watched in horror as the portals that where send by each other, came towards each other. The portals hit and vanished. Mark and the Dark Master were no where in sight. Elva was at the Palace. She had a excellent view of the battle. She was sad to see Mark and Godith gone. Along with Falzar who was taken over by the Dark Master. "All that is left now is Cynder and Spyro." said Elva.

The Dark Master was sent to Convexity. "No, NO, NO! Not Convexity! I will be trapped here forever with this fool's body!" screamed Malefor. "I hope that when Cynder wakes up she will know what to do." said Malefor.

Mark was sent to Earth. 'Wow, how lucky of me to end up back at home.' thought Mark. He landed in the middle of some fields. He sat up and saw Godith standing right next to him. "Good thing you and I were both sent here. At least we are together." said Godith. "Yeah but now we have to find out who is your sister. I have a feeling it is Cynder. You two looked almost alike." said Mark. "If she is my sister, then I, no, we will be glad that she is found. All that is left is to turn her back to her original self." said Godith. They both teleported back to New York City, and started to look for Godith's Mother's Will.

The End.

Thank you for reading, "The Dark Master's Return". I hope you enjoyed it as much as I typed it up for you guys to read.

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