I'm Inside WHO!

Disclaimer: No I don't own the wonderful characters from the Twilight saga. But I have a cupcake...that must count for something right?

Takes place after Eclipse and before the wedding. Just some fun and sexual tension at its best! Please Enjoy


Its a good thing we are getting married or this would be weird. Hi am Bella Swan and I have woken up to being in my future husbands body.

I woke up very confused.

"Gah" I said as I opened my eyes. " Why I'm I in Edward's room did I fall asleep here again? OH NO CHARILE!" I got out of bed and fell with a big thump lucky there was Edward looking as god like as ever.

" Good Morning to you too." he said " Are you ok?"

" Yeah" I said " I'm fine but what about Charlie?"

" Don't worry love" he responded " We are getting married after all"

" Please don't remind me" I stated

" 10 years from now you will thank me"

" If I'm a vampire 10 years from now I'll thank you for turning me but not for a wedding. "

He sighed. I hope I didn't hurt his feelings but he knows how much I'm worried about this wedding. I mean really I could trip and fall walking down the aisle how embarrassing would that be?

" So what are we doing today " I said

" Well Soon to be I thought we could go to the meadow today?" he answered

" But it looks like its going to rain?" I questioned

" So" he said with a mischievous glint in his eye.

I blushed and he laughed " Come on lets get going" he said

" I'll need my human minute first" I stated

Just then the door whipped right open and in came Alice with clothes and oh no MAKE-UP!

" Bella Bella Bella time to play dress up" she sung.

" Alice I'm just going to put on some jeans and.."

" Oh no your not. Your a soon to be Cullen now so you have to dress like it. Here put this on then I'll do your hair and make-up!"

I went into the bath with my arms full of clothes. It turns out Alice had picked out for me to wear...

Some dark jeans with a tank top and a jacket for the rain. Surprisingly it was comfortable but I can't let her know that.

" Ok good now its make-up and hair time" she said

" Alice is this really necessary" I begged

" Well of course it is you and Edward are going to the meadow you never know whats going to happen!?"

" Did you have a vision?"

" Maybe but the only way your going to find out is if you get a move on come on lets get to work"

What seemed like 5 hours later I was done and ready to go. Edward was waiting in the living room he was wearing a black button down t-shirt with some dark jeans.

" Bella you look beautiful" he said

" Well you don't look to bad yourself" I told him

" Come on lets go before the sun comes out"

And like that we were out the door.

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