I'm Inside WHO!

Disclaimer: No I don't own the wonderful characters from the Twilight saga. But I have a cupcake...that must count for something right?

Takes place after Eclipse and before the wedding. Just some fun and sexual tension at its best! Please Enjoy


Its a good thing we are getting married or this would be weird. Hi am Bella Swan and I have woken up to being in my future husbands body.

Where we left off:

" Bella you look beautiful" he said

" Well you don't look to bad yourself" I told him

" Come on lets go before the sun comes out"

And like that we were out the door.

We were running. By now you would think I was used to the running but sadly I'm not. I still have to close my eyes like a 5 year old watching a scary movie its quite embarrassing.

" Bella don't be embarrassed. Although embarrassed you is kinda cute."

" Stupid vampire charm!" I mumbled. He laughed

" We are here you can open your eyes now."

So I did . I opened my eyes to the meadow. Our meadow. I will never get tired of this places beauty and memories. It was here that I first got to see Edward sparkle.

The rain had almost stopped and the sun now was peaking from around a cloud. The meadow suddenly lite up before me as I got of Edward's back.

" Wow" I was speechless I went over towards Edward and hugged him. " I love you" I said

" I love you too always and forever" he said back

We stayed like that for awhile just gazing at our meadow and at each other until he broke the silence.

" I would love to stay here with you my love but theres something I wanted to show you."and with that he grabbed my hand and led me towards a tree? I looked at the tree puzzled until I realized. Craved onto the tree was


I will love you all my life through eternity and beyond.


I had no words to describe my feelings right now I was about to burst...HAHAHAHA

" You don't like it?" he asked

" I love it I have always wanted to do something like this. Its something that happens in all the movies and books I have read. Thank you."

" I'd do anything for you, you know that plus its a sign that are love is forever no one can erase it."

" Your dazzling me again" He laughed his musical laugh " Really I didn't notice." he said sarcastically

I began to laugh with him and before I knew it, it was dark.

" Should we be getting back?" I asked

" Well there one more thing I wanted to show you before we go" he stated

" Ok" I was excited yet nervous at the same time I wonder what else Edward has in store.

" Bella look up at the sky"

It was incredible. I have never seen anything like it before. I looked up at the sky and saw a meteor shower dance above me.

" Make a wish" he said

" My wish has already some true." I told him

" Well I'm happy to be of service but really make a wish Bella"

I thought for what seemed like hours thinking of my wish. I went though all my desires and all of my memories and found only one thing I truly wanted.

" I wish I was a vampire"

-Back at the Cullen's-

" Oh no Alice has her vision face on" said a worried looking Jasper

" Jasper... We are in for a very entertaining week." she said with a amused looking face

" ENTERTAINMENT! Thank God I have been bored all week!" said a very hyper Emmett

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