I'm Inside WHO!

Sorry for not updating recently I have been having total writers bloke BUT I have a lot of time now so I'm going to write write write.

Disclaimer: No I don't own the wonderful characters from the Twilight saga. But I have a cupcake...that must count for something right?

Takes place after Eclipse and before the wedding. Just some fun and sexual tension at its best! Please Enjoy


Its a good thing we are getting married or this would be weird. Hi am Bella Swan and I have woken up to being in my future husbands body.

Where we left off:

" Then lets get is party started" Alice said as she pulled me towards her room. Help Me I mouthed to Edward who in turn said " I love you to" and laughed.

This is going to be a long night.

In the Blink of an eye I was in Alice's room. It was decorated with sleeping bags, magazines,balloons, and lots of snacks. I knew she had taken this sleepover idea to far!

"Ok Bella, What is it that all girls do at sleepovers?" asked Alice " Ummm they," What am I sussposed to say. Whatever I tell her I am doomed to do tonight. " They playing games and talk about boys. This must have been the right answer because Alice started laughing. " Thats corrected Bella."

The night was getting along smoothly. We did makeovers ( to my dismay) and we had a small pillow fight in which I almost killed myself falling. Final Alice said that it was time for True or Dare.

Shoot me now! Where was Edward when you needed him. I am doomed to be laughed at and asked uncomfortable questions. Oh Joy! No wonder why I always hated sleepovers.

Alice went first of course. " Ok Roasile Truth or Dare?" " Dare all the way I am not afraid." She exclaimed. She is so much like Emmett its not even funny. Alice continued " Ok, I dare you to do the usual." The usual? What is the usual? " No problem, I will back before you know it." and with that she left.

I was confused and Alice could tell. " What is the usual?" she just smiled at me." Well until she gets back," she started " Bella Truth or Dare?"

If I picked Dare I was humiliated and if I picked Truth I could be humiliated. Truth seemed to have a better chance. " Truth." I said worriedly.

She smiled the evilest looking smile I had seen in awhile it freaked me out and in that moment I knew I was in for a treat. " How far have you gotten with Edward?" she asked " Not far enough." she started laughing. Oh no. Did I really just say that out loud I am so screwed. I knew I was blushing and that it was only a matter of time till the teasing would start. " OOOHHH! Bella wants Edward! Bella wants Edward! LA LA LA LA S-E-X LA LA LA LA LA ..." she continued like this for what seemed like 15 minutes before she stopped.

" Are you done?" I asked as annoyed as I could. " Yes and I want to help." she stated. " Can we not talk about this now." I pleaded. " Your right," thank god " We should wait for Rose anyways I am sure she has some tips for you and Edward." Just shoot me now

I was getting tired. We have done and talked about so much that I thought my head was going to exploded! I won't admit it out loud but I did learn a lot to night about my relationship with Edward and how I can advance it. I was more then eager to use it. I hope I could use it soon anyways

" Bella, Edward did make one request from us tonight and that was for you to sleep in his room tonight." I questioned the intentions of my sisters but agreed. " Ok but I don't have any stuff with me."

" Silly Bella you know I am always prepared. There are pajamas and everything you need is in the bathroom." With that she escorted me out of the room and to Edward's which was a few doors down.

I hugged her goodnight and went inside.

On the bed there was a silk blue nightgown and robe set waiting for me. The gown went down passed my thigh and the robe went to my knee. I wasn't what I usually wear to bed but I was to tired to care so I went to the bathroom and got ready for bed.

I was getting settled into the covers when I felt cold hands wrap around my waist. " Did I ever tel you how beautiful you are in blue." he asked " Once or twice" I teased. I was about to pass out and I knew it as well as Edward he started humming my song. In an instant I was asleep.

I woke up the next morning on the complete opposite side of the bed with my throat as dry as a desert. I stared at the ceiling try to figure out how I moved to this side of the bed when Edward spoke. " Good morning Bella." I tried getting up but failed. I must still be tired. " Umm Bella I think you should wake up we have a bit of a problem" Oh no This was not what I wanted to her this early in the morning. I got up and looked toward where the voice was coming from and I saw myself? " Hi Bella" Said the voice of Edward from the look alike me. Darkness took over me.

All right now the story is about to begin. I am hoping to do a a one shot companion to this called the THE USUAL which will be all about Rose's adventure. I have big plans for it which will include the wolves and mike! I read Breaking Dawn and it was ok The beginning I thought was rushed but other than that it was good. The book made me love Jacob even more I hope to write a story with Jacob and Nessie! So keep your eyes open! :D