Chapter One


I leaned against the wall, wrapping my arms around my stomach and sliding down into the damp concrete. I let the hot tears roll down my cheek, dripping down my arms in red streams. I felt disgusting, like I had rolled around in the mucky water I was sitting in. I felt rain drops pour down my neck. Choked sobs shook my entire body, rattling my bones like a hammer. My cell phone hummed in my pocket, like it had only an hour ago. It slipped and fell, splashing in the muddy rain water. My jeans just barely hung on my hips.

Edward was in Italy. He said he had business with the Valturi. Alice and Carlisle went with him. It would take them hours to get here, if Alice had seen. I had no doubt she had.

I shivered, my torn sleeve slipping down my shoulder. My head spun, and my bones throbbed. I drifted, rain drops running through my hair and the vibration of my phone humming me to sleep.

Waking up I noticed my shredded clothes were soaked, and the faint, barely visible glow of dawn peeking through the corner of the alley. I lifted my eyes. I couldn't help but wonder why he wasn't here. Probably disgusted. Probably so disgusted he didn't even have a mind to come back. I looked down. My phone was still there, lying on the pavement in a puddle of rain water. It beeped with messages, messages I had no interest in. I wanted to crawl home. Charlie would ask what happened. He was the police chief. He would want to know. He would scope Washington state until he found him. I wouldn't tell. I would wash it all away, all the dirt, all the blood, all the filth, until my skin was raw. I would act like it never happened.

But it did. And things would never be the same.

"Edward..." I heard myself moan, shifting against the wall. My head throbbed, my stomach stabbing me with a pain close to unbearable.

I hoisted myself up the wall, every movement like swallowing glass. I had to find my truck. Could I stay awake long enough to even drive? Probably not.

I looked at the phone. They couldn't see me like this. I wouldn't let them.

Still, for some reason, I flipped open the phone and found the number.


"Jake..." I whispered.

"Bella? You okay?"

I swallowed, biting back a sob. Everything was spinning again. I slide back down the wall.

"Yeah. I'm fine. Can you come get me?"

"...Yeah, sure. Where are you."

"Port Angeles." I whispered, spots moving towards the center of my vision.

Pause. "Are you sure your okay?"

"I'm fine," I insisted, gritting my teeth with a stab of pain. "Please just come."

"Wait, what street-"

The phone fell from my hands with a clatter. My head leaned back against the wall. I drifted.