The Arranged Marriage

Chapter one

Disclaimer: I do not own the power rangers .

Kim got up early to get her clothes together, for the trip that: she, Tommy, and,

Billy were going to be taking that afternoon. To see their old friends and

fellow Rangers that none of them had seen in a very long time. Jason ,

Trini, and Zack were picked to go to the peace conference in Switzerland.

They have been there for a better part of two years, and they were getting to

come home after all this time. Kim was interrupted while packing her things,

when the phone rang and her mom called for her .

"Kim, Honey Phone!" called her mother from downstairs

"Be right there mom!" called Kim laying her make-up bag and her pajamas in her suitcase and going downstairs .

"Hello?" said Kim putting the phone to her ear.

"Hey beautiful are you ready for this afternoon?" asked Tommy

"Yeah just got to get a few more things and ill be ready to go. " said Kim

" Ok great ill be there later to pick you up. thought that we could get something to eat before we leave to celebratethe guys coming home after so long and you getting your degree in Criminal Justice." Said Tommy

"Ok that sounds good to me. I'm starving! I have been up sense 6:30 this morning getting ready. I can't wait to see the look on there faces, when we get there to pick them up," said Kim

"Yeah me either we have not seen them in forever and it would be nice to have the gang back together again. Just like old times." said Tommy

"Yep it would." said Kim turning her head and looking at a picture of all six of them standing in the park

"Well I will let you go I just was going to call you and let you know that I would be there about 10:00 the plane leaves at 1:00 so we should have plenty of time to get there

"Oh ok. thanks for letting me know I'll see you then handsome. I still got some things to pack so, I'll see ya when you get here." said Kim

"Alright see ya then." said Tommy

"Ok see ya." said Kim hanging up the phone and heading back up to her room to finish packing


Trini is woke up by a bad dream and sits straight up. Only realize that she was not in her room. Having just woke up, she was not really sure of were she was and come to think of it she did not even remember coming back to the dorm or anything in between yesterday afternoon when Zack and said something about going to get drinks to celebrate them getting to go home today, but were was she? sitting there a few minutes, so she could wake up. she felt the bed move and heard someone talking in their sleep.

"Waiter check please." he called as he raised his right hand and dropped it back down on the bed. All of a sudden the little light went off in her head at where she was. Now that things were more clear. she now realized that she was not wearing any clothes and the ones that she had been wearing, the day before, were scattered all over the floor. Without wasting any time Trini gets up, gathers her clothes, puts them on, and leaves without waking Jason. Then she goes straight to her room and takes a shower .

"Trini you stupid girl! what have you done? you know what's going to happen as soon as you get home. that was the main reason you came here in the first place. To get away from what's to come and now you got Jason involved. Damn it! out of all the people! why him? he's not going to understand or trust me again ever." said Trini crying as the water ran over her head

N/A: well there it is chapter one. I don't know how far is going to go. if all goes well ill will have another new story posted along with this one I'll keep you up dated