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"Shang come on up stairs dinner will be done soon." said Sue young form the basement door .

"I'll be right up sweetheart I just have some last minute things I want to work on it should take long and ill be right up I promise." said Shang from his computer desk.

"Sue are you in here? I need to talk to you for a minute if you don't mine said Jade coming into the kitchen.

"Sure Jade I have about five or ten minutes before dinner will be ready what's on your mind?" asked Sue coming to sit at the table across form Jade.

"I was just going to let you know that well I'm sorry about the way that I have been acting and that I'm going to try to do better from now on , starting with school." said Jade wail nervously playing with her hands.

"Well I'm glade to here it Jade and I forgive you but if you don't mind me asking why the change of hart all of a sudden?" asked Sue

"You do really I mean …. He said that you would but I didn't thank that you would with all that I have done . I guess he was right." said Jade smiling to herself.

"Yes Jade I really do your just a kid and acting out I was a kid once I remember how it was to have the world on your shoulder. But who is this he your are talking about?" asked Sue

"Oh umm well…. Trini is going to kill me but its Ryan we met at Trini's moms house back when she was still staying there and we just kind of hit it off and we have been hanging out ever since then." said Jade blushing

"Oh I see well it looks like I'm going to have to have a talk with that boy ." said Shang coming into the kitchen with a straight face and looking over at Jade.

"Oh Shang no he's the first guy that I really like in a long time please don't mess this up for me you have to talk to every guy that I hang out with and then I never see them after that." said Jade with a worried look on her face.

"Shang don't go all big bad brother on the poor kid just give him a chance and see what happens I mean what's the worst thing that could happen." said Sue looking up at Shang form the table.

" Ok I wont go all big bad brother on the boy unless I see reason to but just for the record the other boy had it coming to them Jade and what kind of big brother would I be if I didn't look after my little sister." said Shang kissing Jade on the forehead.

"Oh gross I'm going to have to have another bath ." said Jade wiping off her forehead with the back of her hand sending Shang off with laughter into another room.

"You have to look over him sweetie your brother gets in touch with is feminine side every now and then." said Sue smiling at Jade.

"If that's what you want to call it. But anyways what I wanted to ask you is Ryan offered to help me get caught up with all the work I missed and this paper that's coming up and its worth two test grades. I guess what I'm asking is can I go over to his house so we can get started on it this weekend?" asked Jade

"Well I don't see why not as long is its ok with Mary and Jessie its fine with me sweetie just be home at oh lets say 1030." said Sue.

"Deal do you need any help finishing dinner?" asked Jade

"Sure you can set the table if you would like." said Sue handing her the plates.


"So what my idiot brother has said is true my darling wife does have a little brat and her stupid little friends thank that they can keep her from me well we will just see about that." said Gustav before getting out of his car at the local inn and closing his door behind him.

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