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The bonds of friendship and love

Chapter 1

"Thank you Sesshoumaru, thanks for letting him go." She said sweetly giving him a loving smile.

He nodded in acknowledgment of her gratitude before casting his brother a slightly annoyed look then returned his eyes to the sapphire eyed girl before stating coolly.
"The boy wished beyond reason to die by my hand, this was Naraku's doing." He turned slightly his piercing amber eyes still pouring into her sapphire depths, "I refuse to play by his rules."

He then turned fully and began to walk off into the forest.

"Lord Sesshoumaru!" Rin cheered as she ran after him. She then turned her head back to Kagome and Inuyasha and waving yelled happily "Goodbye!"

Kagome and Inuyasha stood there stunned as the demon lord did nothing to stop the little human child who followed him. Inuyasha was the first to break from the spell of shock and motioned Kagome to follow before he began to walk off.

Kagome however did not notice his gesture and continued watching the demon as he walked off into the distance. His long silver strands swayed with the gentle breeze and became slightly illuminated as the sky got darker, making him look like some kind of god.

Kagome couldn't take her eyes off him, and the memory of the slightly heated gaze he gave her earlier poured into her head. She shivered slightly and it was not from the cold. She felt a strange knot form in her stomach and heat pool between her legs.

Inuyasha turned his head to say something to Kagome when he noticed she wasn't next to him. He turned fully to see her still watching his brother. He growled annoyed and went to go get her when he caught a scent on the tip of his nose.

WHAT THE FUCK! He roared inside his head when he realized what that scent was. SHE'S GETT'N OFF ON THAT BASTARD! He cracked his knuckles and was about to begin a fight with either her or his brother. Though the minute he cracked his knuckles Kagome jumped out of her trance startled. She turned to Inuyasha and gave him a nervous smile, trying to pretend that that didn't just happen.

"Come on Inuyasha we have to get back to the others!" she said with a little panic, half for the fact that they had left their friends to fight Naraku's demons and the other half because she was afraid that Inuyasha could smell her arousal.

Inuyasha completely forgot what he had smelled when she mentioned the others and his eyes widened a fraction. The truth was he cared for them despite what it may look like at times.
"Well what are you waiting for wench? Let's go!" he growled motioning her to climb on his back, and when she did he sped off back to their friends.

In the forest stood a demoness, her skin is pale and her eyes are a deep amethyst. Her hair is long and black with a few purple streaks through it, and she is wearing a light purple kimono with purple slippers and tied to her waist is her sword that has a black hilt with the word 'hell' written in kanji on it and the sheath has vine designs running down it.

She smirked slightly. She had seen the whole event and was slightly surprised that Sesshoumaru was protecting a little mortal girl, though her shock was overcome by pure amusement when she had smelt arousal from Inuyasha's wench.

She watched as Inuyasha sped off and almost immediately thought of a way that she could get under the hanyou's skin.
That's perfect! And it works well for everybody except the bastard hanyou! She thought with glee. Her smirk deepened as she began to think up ways to get her plan to work.

"Well now, perhaps you would like to share what you find so amusing?" a dark voice chuckled.

She sighed. Why me? She complained to herself. She knew who that person was and really didn't need him right now as she had only just escaped from his castle some ten minutes ago.

"Naraku, what do you want?" she sighed.

"To know what you find so entertaining my dear." He replied snickering.

She shivered when he said that. That was the nick name he had given her when they had first met. She hated it. Though she didn't hate him, she found that he was actually pretty good company. The only thing that annoyed her about him was what he did to people and that nickname, though hers for him was no better.
She then began to giggle as she remembered their first meeting.


She sat in his dark and damp dungeon. The walls were covered with, chains and blood. The air was thick with his miasma and her arms were chained to the wall.

She sighed and looked at herself, she hadn't bathed in a week and it was really showing now. Her skin and clothes were covered with dirt and what was probably other people's blood.

Though this wasn't what bothered her the most. What did was her boredom. The bastard couldn't even leave me a scroll or something to read… She thought letting out a long sigh. God here I am locked in his castle and I haven't even met him yet. That weird creepy lady who has a crush on Sesshy bought me here... hmm... What was that ladies name? I'll have to ask her… She mused.

She then began to look around for something, anything, to do. That's when she noticed a long chain on the ground next to her that obviously had been used on a previous captive but had long since detached itself from the wall.

Then suddenly she had an idea! Something she could do to occupy the time, at least for now.

Naraku walked down the dark corridors that led to the dungeon chuckling softly to himself. I finally have a full demon within my grasp, I shall absorb her demonic powers and use them to liking, heh, heh. He thought with a snicker.

He stopped by her cell and was about to slide the door open when he heard an odd sound. It almost sounded like someone whipping the ground.

I never thought I would be using a chain as a whip in Naraku's castle... she giggled as she thrashed the chain down at the floor as though it was a whip. I should try this more often, it helps with stress… she mused as she moved to whip another part of the floor.

"Pray tell, what are you doing?" a dark and slightly amused voice asked.

She jumped and turned her amethyst eyes meeting his crimson. When did he get here? She thought as she tried to muster a glare but failed miserably. She then watched him intently and found her eyes gazing up and down his form and even though she knew he was her captor she found him incredibly handsome.

Ugh… What am I thinking? This asshole is holding me captive! She scolded herself as she felt herself become slightly aroused by him. She noticed the impatient look in his face though his eyes were slightly amused and realized he had asked her a question.

"Oh my apologies, Naraku." She said with slight sarcasm, "To answer your question I was bored so found something to do."

"My dear, I can't think of many others things you could have done to erase your boredom." He stated now highly amused.

My dear…? Did he just call me MY DEAR! Her anger and annoyance flared at those words and she was about to give a piece of her mind until she realized the implications that were in his statement. That sick perverted HENTAI! She growled but almost instantly after a sly grin appeared and she decided to annoy him just as much as he was annoying her.

"Well now I would do things like that however I do not do such things alone," She said standing seductively before adding, "But if I were to have a male companion in this cell I would. Yet since I have yet to meet any males perhaps you could go find me one? Please Nararki-poo?"
End Flashback

Her giggles became louder as she remembered that, the look on his face when she had called him was funny she wouldn't have cared if she had of died then, it would have been worth it.

She sighed. That was not the last time he visited her. Nor was it the last time they called each other their little 'pet names'. She continued giggling as memories came flooding back.

"Whatever could be on your mind, Tiana?" he stated, being oddly patient.
She glanced at him and suddenly an idea formed in her mind. THAT'S IT! He can help me! YES!

"Naraki-poo? I won't ask how the hell you lived but, how would you like to assist me in a little mission to hurt Inuyasha?" she asked sweetly.

His dark eyes immediately lit up and a sly smile formed on his lips. "What kind of mission?"

She stepped closer and took his surprisingly warm hands in hers. Their eyes met and for a moment they froze in time and could not move, though after a few moments Tiana regained her composure and replied.

"Well we want to hurt Inuyasha right?"

He nodded.

"Well one would assume the best way to hurt him would be to remove the woman that follows him, right?"

Again he nodded.

"Wrong! It is blatantly obvious that he has affections for her so in order to hurt him the best thing to do would be to get that woman's affections moved to another man." She informed with a grin.

He remained silent for a few moments as though pondering her words. He then gave her a heated look that made her flush before responding. "I must admit I never thought of that… hmm… Inuyasha without his Kagome… I think it would work…"

Kagome…Is that her name…? She thought before she launched herself on him hugging him before cheering, "YAY NOW LET'S START WORKING ON GETTING KAGOME AND SESSHOUMARU TOGETHER!"

Jaken suddenly stopped and shivered uncontrollably. Rin noticed his odd behavior, walked up to him and said patting his back.

"What's the matter Master Jaken?"

He stopped shivering and replied with, "I don't know…"