The Many Failures of Edward Cullen

Disclaimer: If I owned The Twilight Saga...Lots of cool stuff would happen in my life. But I don't I'm not that talented.

Summery: Edward Cullen is even perfect at being imperfect! Couple of one shots on Edward's failures that you don't get to read about.

This story takes place a few days after the Chapter Compromise in Eclipse!

Edward Cullen was ( once again) was running to Bella's house. Every night he climbs Bella tree and jumps into her window in order to sleep with her and enjoy her sleep talking. Usually he does all this with out any problems but tonight was different.

Little did he know Bella ( who's bed was usually opposite the window) had felt that she needed a change and moved her bed under the window. Edward (on a normal day) would check to see that Bella was in bed but today (after recent events) he was in a hurry to be by her side.

So Edward yet again climbed up the tree and without looking in to Bella window he jumped in.

He landed on a sleeping Bella with a THUMP! Thankfully he caught himself before crushing the poor girl. Now if you were looking at the sight from a 3rd party's POV you would see a very tense Edward on top of a helpless looking Bella. Now Edward isn't the type of person to curse but in this situation he just happened to mutter a "Fuck".

Now Bella on the other hand was sound asleep dreaming of every girls dream Sex with Edward.

Thankfully for all the virgin ears reading this she wasn't sleep talking. Instead she woke up very confused.

" Edward?"

" Yes my love?"

" Did you change your mind?"


The End

Well thats it! I have lots of Ideas with Edward failing I just hope I don't forget them. Have any ideas for failures? Send them to me! I'll try my best to work with them.

- Sarahteehee3