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Summary: He'd never really had parents, but he liked to pretend there little makeshift family would be enough. Mentions of AkuRoku. Drabble..a bit dark.

Larxene. He liked to think of her as a mother. It's not really that she had many characteristics to fit it, just...she cared about him in that way. And she always helped him in his time of need, no matter what. Like a mother did. Should. He hoped his mom would've.

Marluxia. He'd gone to school with Marluxia most of his life, and when he first met Axel -in which he was punched in the gut by him- Marluxia was sure to beat the shit out of him. And when Axel told his dad-when Axel still had a dad, he'd verbally abused the man. Needless to say, nobody bullied Roxas because his dad would deal with it. He liked to think he would be a good son. And that his dad would be proud of him.

Axel. He could fit into the category of brother, and his rightful spot as boyfriend. They fought with eachother often, wrestling, playing pranks on people then later, when Larxene turned to yell at them, blame it on eachother. But Axel usally took the wrap, because he didn't want his little Roxy to be in trouble. And at night, Roxas was sure to reward him. He smiled, and wished that he was doing a good job. That if they'd been brothers, Axel could be proud that he had a cool little brother, instead of the annoying bothersome ones.

But really, they were just a bunch of fucked up kids in a fucked up town, where you learned young to fend for yourself and never trust anyone. They were foolish enough to believe otherwise. And later on, when the stash was empty, and they were all piss drunk, Roxas knew there was no hope for him. But he'd live with what he got.