Attention readers! This is not my story. Freestyler75 wrote this BTT fan fiction story in Finnish, and I've taken the liberty of translating it for all of you who don't understand Finnish. This story will have five chapters.

Jess and Leslie – Sugar Baby Love
Chapter 1: An Eventful Morning Part 1

Original story by: Freestyler75
Translated by: G-Matt

Disclaimer: Neither Freestyler75 or I own Bridge to Terabithia

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and Jesse Aarons was excited. Ms. Edmunds, the music teacher, had just called and asked him to go to the museum with her. Just the thought of being alone with the divine Ms. Edmunds for hours made his head whirl unusually. It was going to be an unforgettable, unique day. Jesse still found it hard to believe the whole invitation was even true.

At the same time though, the events of the day before ran through Jesse's mind. Somehow he had felt strange when he and Leslie separated in the pouring rain that evening. Her wave in the middle of the rain had stuck in Jesse's mind so that he even had had trouble falling asleep. Somehow Leslie had looked so…different. However Jesse didn't want to think about that right now because today it was time to enjoy Ms. Edmunds' company – as strange as the thought sounded. But this teacher was unlike most teachers usually.

Jesse grabbed his coat from the rack and rushed outside. The teacher's car had already arrived at the end of the road and Jesse took a few running steps. He looked at the Burkes' house and he began to wonder for a moment. Should he invite Leslie after all? In a way maybe he should – but on the other hand – he would see Leslie every single day anyway, whereas he wouldn't get invitations like this from Ms. Edmunds so often. And somehow, admittedly the thought of the three of them in a museum didn't sound so fascinating to Jesse at all. He hoped Leslie would understand that she wasn't asked to come with them this time.

Jesse opened the car door excitedly and greeted the teacher nervously. "I'm glad you made it. Didn't waste my tickets", the young woman answered smilingly and started the car. Then she started to turn to the main road until suddenly there was a weird bang.

"What in the world?" Ms. Edmunds wondered and stopped the car. After stepping out of the car they both noticed that the front tire had deflated.

"Oh, no", Ms. Edmunds fretted. "This trip is not going to happen now. We can't get far with my spare tire. I'm really sorry, Jess."

Jesse tried to hide his disappointment but it was difficult to do so. Just my luck, he complained in his mind and looked at the flat tire with a gloomy expression. He should've guessed that this was too good to be true.

All of a sudden Jesse saw movement from the corner of his eye and turned around. Leslie Burke in her colorful outfit was just coming down the steps of her house and, after noticing her best friend at the end of the road, started to walk toward him. Oh, no. Suddenly Jesse felt embarrassed and wished the ground would swallow him. How on earth would he now explain this situation to Leslie? And especially the fact that he hadn't invited her to come with them? There was no way out now anyway.

"Hi Jess!" Leslie yelled in her happy, radiant way. Then she noticed the teacher. "Oh, and hi Ms. Edmunds! What are you doing here?"

Ms. Edmunds explained the situation and pointed at the flat tire. Leslie looked at her, looking surprised, and then gave Jesse a sly glance.

"Ah-huh… Well maybe if I get my Dad to help changing the tire?" Ms. Edmunds also thought it was a nice idea and soon Leslie returned with her father. Prince Terrien had now joined them too.

Jesse thought it would be better to leave the situation with Leslie and face her awkward questions without any delay. "Thanks for the invitation anyway, Ms. Edmunds", he said and left the teacher and Bill Burke with the car. "Better luck next time!" Ms. Edmunds nodded.

Jesse, Leslie and Prince Terrien started to walk slowly back towards Jesse's house. "Well, wasn't that a real shame, huh? A thing like that", Leslie said sympathetically while holding back a smile. At the same time, though, she tried to swallow a tiny feeling of disappointment about Jesse not having asked her to come. "Shall we go to Terabithia?"

"Uh… I guess we could", Jesse answered uneasily while avoiding eye contact with Leslie. He hoped there would be no more discussion about the museum topic but he knew it was no use hoping something like that. Leslie would surely make the most of this delighting situation and also undoubtedly grill him about why she wasn't invited.

"So you had a date with the teacher, huh?" she grinned. Jesse tried his best to explain the situation but his effort was cut unfortunately short as his face went bright red – and of course Leslie noticed that. She pushed her friend teasingly.

"Oh, boy, what do we have here? Looks like someone has got a really big crush on Ms. Edmunds", she said laughing and ran away.

Jesse dashed after her. "I'll get you for this!" he yelled.

Jesse had a real trouble keeping up with her as usual. Halfway however, Leslie's pace got a bit slower so that Jesse caught her in the middle of a large, down-sloping field. Leslie's teasing words still echoed in Jesse's mind, so after reaching his friend he grabbed her arm so that both fell and rolled down the sunny field with Leslie screaming and laughing. Eventually both were lying on their backs on the grass, out of breath. P.T. panted near them and sniffed around.

Then Jesse invented a clever way to avenge her friends teasing and change the subject. "All right, now there will be a test", he started in a solemnly formal way. Leslie was looking at him in amazement and wondered what he was up to.

"All of Terabithia's royalties must pass this test", Jesse continued. "Because now we'll test…if the Queen of Terabithia is ticklish in her armpits!" At that very moment Jesse dashed at Leslie like a flash without her managing to protect herself.

"No, Jess! Stop!" Leslie started to scream while trying to fight back. At the same time she was also quite surprised about Jesse's relaxed and bold behavior. What had happened to him? After a few tries Jesse stopped his attack and both lay on the grass again, looking at the blue sky. Leslie, however, didn't want to let Jesse get off the hook yet and turned to face him.

"Hey Jess, isn't she a little too old for you?" she said with a mischievous grin on her face. Jesse thought for a moment how to get back until he came up with an idea. He decided to play the game too, attack being the best form of defense.

"What do you mean? How come does it concern you that much? Is somebody a bit jealous now perhaps?"

Then Leslie snatched determinedly a tuft of grass and threw it fiercely on Jesse's face.

"Hey! I am not, stupid!"

Jesse laughed while watching his friend who now seemed to have had enough about this subject – at least for now. Leslie started to scratch her dog that had climbed to sit atop her, and twisted her face trying to imitate the face of the tongue-hanging fur nose.