Chapter 41-(Falzar Returns)

Mark and Godith looked at Falzar and then at each other. They gently placed Falzar down to the ground and returned to their normal self. Spyro and Elva looked and saw Falzar laid down on the ground. "DAD!" yelled Spyro. Spyro rush to Falzar and hugged him. "Ohhhhh, S-Spyro is that you? Where is Elva?" "I'm right here sweetheart." said Elva with joy. Falzar couldn't see very well but he was able to make out the figures. "My...My family. Spyro my son. Elva my love." "Yes Dad it's us!" Spyro was hugging his dad and was glad he was back. Alive and to his normal self. Elva was hugging and kissing Falzar all over the place. "Oh Falzar, I missed you so much." Elva's eyes build up with tears. "I am sorry that I was gone for such a long time. At least I am now back with my family. Why is it that I can't see very well?" asked Falzar. Falzar looked at Mark and Godith but was unable to make out the figures. "Who are you two?" "Falzar, remember us?" said Mark with a happy voice. "Mark? Is that really you? You hardly look like a human." Mark gave a small laugh. "Of course you silly, I am in full-dragon mode." "Oh right, forgot about that." smiled Falzar. Falzar looked at Godith. "Let me guess, Godith right?" "Yes Falzar it is me. We are glad that you are back with us." "I am glad too. Where is Cynder?" Everyone fell silent. "What did I say something wrong?" Spyro's eyes filled with tears. "D-Dad, Cynder is dead." "Ohh, Oh my God what have I done? I should've done something instead of me just waiting inside the Dark Master's evil mind. Spyro I am so sorry about what I did to her." said Falzar with tears in his eyes. "No dad you didn't do anything to her. The Dark Maser did. Not you. I-I-I'll miss her!" Spyro hugged his dad and cried. "I know how you feel son, I really do. Let us go home." "Yeah that is the problem though. The Temple is destroyed due to our fighting." said Mark. "Oh, that sucks. Then we can all live at the Palace." "We already are silly." said Elva. "Oh right. I am starting to forget things. Mark do you mind teleporting us?" asked Falzar. Mark was nowhere in sight. "Uhh Mark? Where did you go?" asked Godith. Spyro saw him near Cynder. "What are you doing?" asked Spyro. "I am not going to leave Cynder's body here in the middle of nowhere. We are taking her with us." Mark cut off the tree branch that went through Cynder's leg. He removed all other shrapnels and splinters. After he cleared up the scene, he took Cynder's body. "Now we can all go home." said Mark. "Thank you Mark for doing this." said Spyro. "No problem." They all were teleported back home.