Chapter 42-(Family Reunion)

3 months passed by and the world seemed to become a whole lot nicer. The schools were finally opened at the Palace and everyone was happy to go learn. Falzar was healed up and his vision got back to normal. Spyro, Elva, Godith, and Mark returned to their normal size. It was just hard for Spyro. He couldn't keep his mind off of Cynder. 'I would've been a dad today. It only took 3 months for me to be finally born into this world. A month being formed inside my mother. Another 2 months of me being carried then laid. Then a week for me to hatch. If Cynder was still alive, I would've been the happiest parent in the world.' thought Spyro. Yet he wasn't. He pulled out the heart-shaped music box that he got from Cynder. He opened it and let the music play. He always wanted to hear the other half of the tune but it was in Cynder's music box and he couldn't find it. 'I guess I will look for someone else. Move on with my life. Like Mark said. Which reminds me what is he doing for the past 3 months? I haven't seen or heard about him. I only see Godith these days.' A knock came from the door. "Who is it?" asked Spyro. "Spyro it's me Godith. Do you mind if I come in?" "I don't mind." Godith entered his room and sat next to Spyro on the bed.

"Hey Spyro, how are you feeling?" "I still feel lonely. Just sucks that today I would've been a dad. I was going to ask her to marry me, but since she is dead along with my kid, I might as well forget about it." said Spyro with a sad face. "Hey Spyro, cheer up. You know that there are other girls who would love to be with you." said Godith. "I know, but it is so hard to find another girl. Every where I look I think I see Cynder. I don't think I will ever find another love."said Spyro with sorrow. Godith got close to Spyro. He felt a little uncomfortable of having Godith being close to him. He felt her hand going across his back. "Why are you doing this?" "This is what I do when people or dragons like you need some cheering up." said Godith with a smile. She leaned forward and kissed Spyro in the mouth. Spyro was shocked to see what Godith was doing but it surely made him feel happy. "Feeling better?" asked Godith with a smile. "Yes I do, thank you." said Spyro happily. "Glad to hear that. I will see you later." Godith got up and left Spyro alone on his bed. 'She certainly knows how to cheer people up for sure.' thought Spyro. He got up from his bed and left to eat at the dining room.

Spyro was feeling alright for a while. It was when he was eating he felt sad. He got no one to talk to, no kid to feed and no one to share life with him. It was when Spyro finally met Mark after 3 months. "Wow about time you showed up. Where were you all this time?" asked Spyro. "Busy." "Busy doing what?" "Busy helping." Spyro was still wondering why they still haven't had a funeral for Cynder. "When will we have a funeral for Cynder?" asked Spyro. "A funeral for Cynder will never happen." "What?! So what are we going to do let her rot away slowly and have her soul wonder the earth forever?!" shouted Spyro.

A hand covered his eyes. 'Great a guessing game. One of the last thing that I need after hearing that there will never be a funeral for Cynder.' thought Spyro. He didn't want to guess who was covering his eyes. "Who is it?" "Guess" Spyro recognized the voice. "Cynder?" He felt his head turn and was kissing someone romantically. Spyro tried pushing away but he couldn't resit. The kiss was familiar too. "Cynder is that really you?" asked Spyro. Spyro's eyes were uncovered and in front of him sat a baby dragon. He looked at it and it looked at him. "Daddy" it said. "Daddy?" "Yes Spyro, Daddy." It had to be Cynder. He just knew that it had to be Cynder. He turned his head slowly and saw Cynder sitting next to him.

"CYNDER!" yelled Spyro. He hugged and kissed Cynder all over the place. "Oh Cynder I am glad that you are alive. How are you alive anyways?" asked Spyro. "You can thank Mark for that." replied Cynder. He turned to Mark only to see him not where he was. "That guy is really disappearing a lot these days. It doesn't matter at least you are alive and that we are together again." said Spyro. "I told you Spyro. I would live to lay our egg. Live to see our child grow up. Live to be with you forever." said Cynder. Spyro kissed Cynder pationatly. They didn't let go of each other for a minute. "Let's not do this in public." said Spyro nervously. He turned his attention to the baby dragon. "So this is our child?" "Yes Spyro, this is our child." Spyro looked at his kid and noticed the scales were icy blue and that when the sunlight reflected off it, it shined like a glittering jewel. "Oh Cynder I am proud to have a kid like this. What shall we name him?" "Spyro, our kid is not a boy. Rather a girl." Spyro was shocked to hear that he has a daughter instead of a son. "Aw I wanted a son, but a daughter is nice." said Spyro. "I already picked a name. I know that this will sound beautiful. I thought of the name Masami. I looked it up in the name meaning in the library. It turns out that it means beautiful, shining, and precious. I love that name what do you think?" asked Cynder. "I say that is lovely. I could hardly think of a girl name that means all of those." said Spyro. Cynder giggled a little. "I named this one, you will name the next one. How's that?" "Sounds fine." "We need to sign ourselves up for school along with our daughter." said Cynder. "Yeah then we can keep an eye on Masami all day."

Masami jumped in between them, she looked at Cynder and said "Mama." Cynder kissed her and made a funny face. Masami giggled, she then looked at Spyro and said "Daddy" Spyro kissed her and blew a raspberry on Masami's belly. Masami was laughing and so was Spyro and Cynder. After a full day of playing around with Masami, Masami yawned. She laid down in between Spyro and Cynder and slept peacefully. "Aw look at that, our daughter wants to sleep. Let's all go to sleep." said Spyro. "You are carrying her to bed. I will take care of her in the morning." said Cynder. They all went to Spyro's room. In Spyro's room was a crib for Masami. Spyro gently placed Masami in the crib and kissed her good night. "Good night darling." said Spyro. "Good night sweetheart." said Cynder. They both kissed each other good night and slept peacefully.


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