Seventeen year old Elizabeth Andrews looked out the window of her hotel room at the early rising Southampton son before having to quickly turn her eyes away from the v glare

Disclaimer: I own nothing and well I do know that Thomas Andrews did have a daughter named Elizabeth in real life, she was with him on the Titanic and she was only two years old at the time of his death. I just liked the Idea of Rose having some one ells to talk to who was her own age and wasn't Jack

Chapter 1 Elizabeth

Seventeen year old Elizabeth Andrews looked out the window of her hotel room at the early rising Southampton son before having to quickly turn her eyes away from the glare. There was a knock at the door as Elizabeth reached for a pair of dark glasses that were on the table next to her. "Come in," She said as the door slowly opened.

Her father Thomas Andrews walked in with a stake of Blue prints in his hand. "Are you ready to go", he asked.

"Yes", Elizabeth asked adjusting her glasses and putting her long chestnut brad behind her right ear.

"How are your eyes?" he asked. It hade question had been the same question he asked her every day since the accident.

"They are a little better but they are still extremely sensitive to the light."

"The doctor said that would pass just give it time."

This had been the way of it for the past six months ever since Elizabeth had gone down to the dock back in Belfast to sketch the nearly completed Titanic. She had been assaulted by possibly one of the few disgruntled Harland and Wolf employees in the city. When she fought back he poured some lubricant in her eyes which later resulted in infection. When here father found her a half hour latter being led by one of the watchmen he went ballistic for probably one of the few times in his whole life. That had been six months ago and now seemed so far away to both of them. Elizabeth put her sketch book in a small leather shoulder bag that she carried with her every where and she and her father walked out the door.


Once they reached the ship Elizabeth bumped into her friend Rose

"So Rose are you looking forward to you wedding?" Elizabeth asked her friend in her Northern Irish accent.

"Not really" Rose replied as she and Elizabeth watched as Cal Hockley was attempting to order Fifth officer Lowe around as if he was a porter and not a ships officer.

"How do you put up with him?"

"I don't"

The conversation was cut short by Ruth who came walking up behind Rose.

"Well I guess they will let any one on this ship wont they?" she huffed.

"My father designed it Mrs. DeWitt Bukater, Elizabeth said flatly

"Well I'm Surprised you are still allowed out in public after that incident" Ruth sneered.

"Mother" Rose hissed.

"Well I do not want you seen with her Rose. The Rumors you know and even if that was not the case the girl has no taste in clothing." Ruth indicated the lavender dress Elizabeth was wearing before walking off to find Cal.

"Sorry about her" Rose said "she is so insensitive at times."

"Its fine Rose your mother never liked me any way she thinks I know things no well brought up women should know."

"Like what?"

"Engineering and politics."

Rose was impressed though not surprised after all her best friends father did design the very ship they were standing on and her uncle Jonathan was an aspiring Politician in Ireland.

"I'll see you latter Rose I'm not feeling to well all of a sudden."


Rose did not know whether it was the conversation with her mother that set her friend off or if it was something ells. But she watched as Elizabeth was led across the deck by Officer Lowe to where her father stood waiting, a look of concern on his face.

Rose knew her friend had some kind of condition ever since she was a chilled which caused her to be ill forty percent of the time. The incident, six months, ago had only increased her friends health to deteriorate more rapidly. But what Elizabeth lacked in fiscal strength she made up for intelligence and Emotional strength. Like her father Elizabeth possessed a worm caring disposition as well as a promethean intelligence, two traits that were almost never seen together.

Rose looked off in the distance wishing she could be more spirited like her friend.

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