Disclaimer: Own I nothing But if I lived back in the early 1900s and worked at Harland and Wolf you can bet I would not let Ismay tell me about safety measures.

A/N: I know this chapter is not the best it is more like what people were doing at poin't of impact.

About two hours latter Elizabeth was putting the finishing touches on a sketch she had started earlier that day. She was just putting the last bit of shadowing on the brim of the woman's hat when a sudden vibration caused her hand to slip. Under any other circumstances she would have been annoyed but due to the fact that she suddenly got this bad feeling in the pit of her stomach.

She got dressed quickly and threw her journal and sketchpad into her pocket and went out into the hall in time to see one of the Stewarts try and convince some one that nothing had happened. He was about to try the same ploy on her but realizing she was the builders kid decided against it especially seeing as she just saw one of the officers try to sneak members of the design team past the people in the hall way.

She went back into her room and opened the package that Lowe had given her. She freaked out when a pistol fell out onto her bed. Inside was a note that said just in case Lovejoy tries anything. She raped it into a handkerchief and went looking for Rose to make sure she was not freaking out.

When she got two Rose's room she saw Jack being lead away in handcuffs.

"Rose what happened?"

Before Rose could answer however Cal interrupted her… "Don't you have someone ells to annoy. "

Elizabeth chose not to answer instead decided to ask a Question. "So where is that little troll that works for you?"

Elizabeth Was about to answer but one of the stewards interrupted them by telling them they hit an Ice burg and the captain has ordered every one on deck I a life belt for a promotion.

Cal Shot Elizabeth a look that said we will finish this later.