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To see the two girls walking along the narrow muddy path, one could hardly think them sisters. They were complete opposites, if fact, they couldn't be more unlike each other. One walked with a quick, hurried pace. That was the responsible older one. She held a basket in one hand that was filled with fresh produce from the market, and the other hand clutched the side of her thick midnight blue cloak around her person. She was so bundled up that one could hardly see her unusual face. She might have been considered pretty, with her dark eyes; dark, silky hair and high cheekbones, but most that saw her recoiled in fright at the sight of her emerald-hued skin.

The other girl followed at a more leisurely pace. She was as light as her sister was dark. With curly blond hair, flawless creamy skin, and huge sapphire eyes and she was as adorable as little girls get. She was as quick flash a smile at anyone, especially her older sister. This girl's walk was aided with crutches, and she hobbled along with an ease that only comes with using crutches for a lifetime.

Both girls were dressed well, the taller one in dark blues, purples, blacks, and greens that matched her unusual skin color. The shorter, younger one dressed in bright, cheerful colors that matched her bubbly personality.

If one saw them walking (well, striding and hobbling is more accurate) along together they might see something like this happen, and it did happen on one almost forgotten windy October day:

The younger one, dressed today in a yellow and purple frock, would slide both crutches underneath one arm and lift her free hand to grasp her sisters. Her sister would let go of the side of her cloak (that was covering a simple purple frock), and hold her sister's small hand.

"Why did we go to the market today, Elphaba?" The little girl said, swinging their intertwined hands,"Today's Tuesday. We do wash on Tuesday, don't we? Sunday is the market day, right?"

"Yes Glinda, Sunday is market day" the older one, who we now know is named Elphaba, told her sister pationatly. "But it's Momma's birthday tomorrow, and we needed some cream to go with the strawberries you picked. That is why we went to the market today."

"Momma's lucky. She gets to turn a whole year older. I've been four forever." Glinda whined.

"I don't think Momma wants to turn older." Elphaba said quietly.

"Why not?!" Glinda looked shocked.

"When you get older, I don't think being older is such a good thing"

"I can't wait to turn five. That's older."

"It is. But you're still young. Anyway, your birthday is a week after Momma's."

"It is?!" Glinda was so exited she toppled over, landing on the dirt road. She stood up, and wobbled until her sister handed her the crutches. Then they assumed their positions from before.

"Yes. We'll have a party. Momma and Papa will be there. Would you like a present for turning five?"

"Oh yes" Glinda looked as though she would topple over again. "Something I can play with."

"Say please, Glinda, it's proper manners to say please."

"Oh" Glinda's eyes were as large as dinner plates "Something I can play with please."

"Okay." Elphaba leaned down and kissed her sister's cheek. The pair continued down the road in silence until Glinda said,


"Yes Glin" Elphaba sighed, how she despised that nickname.

"When is your birthday?" Glinda's eyes got larger, if possible.

"What?" Elphaba was shocked, her sister hardly ever asked questions that didn't have to do with herself.

"When's your birthday?" If Glinda noticed the shock in her sister, she didn't show it.

"A week after yours"

"Oh. How old will you be?" Glinda began to bounce; exited that her sister's birthday was so soon.


"That's old!" Glinda protested.

"'Tis not. Take it back."

"Make me." And Glinda thrust out her chin, looking so much like Elphaba, that it made her sister laugh.

"Okay, seven is old. Older than you!" and with that Elphaba let go of her sisters hand and raced down the road.

"Elphie" Glinda whined "I'll get you"

"I don't think so" Elphaba raced further ahead, and Glinda scrambled to catch her beloved sister. Elphaba slowed down, she didn't like leaving her sister to far behind, so soon Glinda caught up and pounced on her.

"Glinda!" Elphaba screamed "You'll break the jar of cream! Get off me!" And she pushed her sister off of her, onto the hard ground. Glinda's crutches had been knocked away from her and she lay facedown on the hard dirt of the road, unable to get up. She was unable to roll over, unable to do more than cry.

"Oh, my sweet." Elphaba said, sitting up and pulling her sister on her lap. "I'm sorry. Will you be okay?"

"Yes." She said, wiping her tears away. "I didn't expect you to get so mad."

"I didn't either." Elphaba admitted, handing the crutches back to Glinda and picking up her basket. She then gave Glinda a quick hug and said, "Come along Glin, it's going to rain soon. I don't like being wet."

"Okay Elphie!" Glinda said, hopping up and racing away. "I'll beat you to the house." She challenged.

"No you won't" Elphaba contradicted, running just behind her sister.

"Yes I will" and Glinda did reach it to the small cottage first, just as the first rain drops began to fall.

"Hurry!" Elphaba said, diving in the house fearfully. Their mother gave both of her daughters a hug, and taking the jar of cream, she set it gently on the table.

"How was the trip to the market girls?" she asked.

"Great Momma." Elphaba said "Glinda beat me to the house."

"She did? Way to go Glindy" Melena ruffled her Glinda's hair and smiled at her younger daughter.

"I did. Can I go play in the rain? Glinda asked with a pout.

"MayI go play in the rain." Melena corrected.

"Fine" Glinda huffed "May I go play in the rain?"

"Yes Glinda, you may. Elphaba, please help your sister undress" Melena said. Elphaba helped Glinda out of her dress and shift. Glinda smiled and hobbled out of the house into the pouring rain. She ran around like a wild child. Elphaba watched her for a moment and then she picked up her needle work and brought it to her bed. She began to stitch with a deep frown on her face.

Later that night, after the girl's father, Frexspar, had come home and the family had eaten, Melena laid her sleeping younger daughter next to her sleeping sister in the bed. Glinda gave a sigh of contentment, unconsciously snuggling closer to her sister. Elphaba responded to the closeness by wrapping her arms around her sister. The girls looked so comfortable and at peace together that Melena hoped they would never lose that closeness. How wrong she was…


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