Harry Potter and the Battle for Cork

Author: Galadriadhar

Disclaimer: No Leven Thumps characters or Harry Potter characters are mine. I am just living in their world.

Chapter 1: Foo

Foo was changing more rapidly than ever. The evil shadows and thoughts of men had taken over Cusp. They were already surrounding Cork, the paradise of Foo. Never before had this happened. All in Foo knew this was true. The people of Cork grabbed their battle pieces for the inevitable conflict.

The Want sat back in his chair, troubled by the events in and around Cork. Tapping his finger together, he thought. Then, he smiled. 'It's time to intervene with Fate' he said quietly.

This statement set off a Lore Coil, and soon all of Foo knew that the Want was planning something.

Chapter 2: Harry

It was blisteringly hot. 15 year-old Harry Potter lay under a rosebush at Number 4 Privet Drive, trying to listen to the radio that was blaring inside the air conditioned house where his aunt and uncle lived. He wanted to hear something that was linked to the wizarding world, his world. But all he was hearing was the weatherman talking about the heat. "Folks, it is 112 degrees Fahrenheit outside today, so turn on the AC so you don't roast. Also, an unexpected meteor shower will occur at 2 o'clock. You will be able to see it clearly from Boot and Chips Intersection. Be there. Now here's Dave with the Celebrity Corner."

Harry sighed. If they were already to what celebrities were doing, nothing was going to show up. Once again, he knew nothing that was going on in the wizard world. He started to sit up, then remembered the windowsill and crawled out of the bush. He stood up to brush himself off.

"Boy! Why are you not working?" Uncle Vernon shouted out the window. Harry winced. He'd completely forgotten that Vernon was listening to the radio and looking out the window.

"I'm going, I'm going." Harry mumbled.

"What? Speak up, boy!"

"I'm going," Harry practically shouted. "Are you deaf?"

He heard a gasp from the kitchen.

"Don't talk to your uncle like that!" Aunt Petunia shrieked. "Get him, Vernon."

That was Harry's cue to start running for the hills. He dropped his tools and sprinted onto the drive. Behind him, the door burst open and Uncle Vernon came running out at top speed (which , luckily is about 1 mph.) Harry looked back and noticed that his uncle's face was deep puce. Laughing quietly to himself, Harry sprinted away, quickly losing Vernon.

Five minutes later, he came to a stop, completely out of breath. Glancing up, Harry noticed that he was at the Boot and Chips Intersection. Then, remembering the meteor shower, he looked at his watch. It was exactly 2 o'clock. Feeling his breath coming back, Harry looked up. He saw the meteor shower. The temperature was exactly 112 degrees. Harry was standing on an uneven piece of sidewalk. The Earth was happy. And Harry was swept, out of Reality, into Foo.