Chapter 2: The Prophecy

Chapter 2: The Prophecy

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"Unfortunately, I have some bad news. The Amulet of Immortality has been stolen!" (Bum bum bummm… again!)

Stunned silence filled the hall, with the exception of a few gasps and whispers. What was the Amulet of Immortality?

"As you all know, the Amulet of Immortality is extremely powerful and gives the wearer absolute immortality," Chiron said answering my unspoken question. "And it also has healing powers almost as great as the Golden Fleece. If this Amulet were to fall into the wrong hands, which it seems to have done just that, there is no telling what could happen." This is bad! What if one of Kronos's cronies stole it? (A/N: Shorty: Houston, we have a problem. KG: That's it! No more NASA channel! Shorty: What?! Nooooo!)

"Who stole it?" Connor (or was it Travis?) asked/shouted.

"Since we still have not put up security cameras since the last theft," Chiron answered stealing a glance at me. "We don't know."

That's when conversation broke out, whispering about who might have stolen the Amulet. Then Chiron pounded his table to get our attention again. As soon as it was silent again he began to talk. "Regardless, there will be a Counsel of Cabin Leaders in the Big House parlor in 15 minutes. Dismissed."

The camp was buzzing with this news. I walked over to Annabeth, Thalia, and Grover. We started walking over to the Big House, a mile away, joy!(A/N: Shorty: I hate running! KG: But you're a daughter of Hermes. Shorty: I only like to run for pleasure. Emma: I like running for sport, too! KG: But they are walking. Shorty and Emma: Good point!)

As we walked over to the Big House we didn't talk much, we were all thinking about the Amulet. Well maybe they were…I wasn't. I was thinking about my dream last night. What did it mean? What did it mean?! It meant that Aphrodite was right! About what? Must I spell it out for you?! She was right about you loving Annabeth! What?! You love Annabeth! End of discussion we're here! Sure enough, we had arrived at the Big House. And just in time, Argus was letting all the cabin leaders in. That confirmed that something big was up. Argus only showed himself when there was trouble.


We all sat around a ping pong table and a picnic table pushed together. Chiron sat at one end (in wheelchair form), Mr. D at the other. On Chiron's right sat: Annabeth, then me, Grover, Juniper, Charles Beckondorf, and Silena. Then on his left sat: Thalia, Nico (He had dropped in after breakfast), Connor and Travis, Rose (Head of Demeter), and Shaun, who had replaced Lee as Head of Apollo after he had died in the Battle of the Labyrinth (That's what everyone called the first fight of the Second Titan war.), he looked unhappy with his position (he has a thing for Thalia).

Chiron opened his mouth to speak, but before he could the parlor door burst opened. In came none other than Kris and Lizzy.

"Hi!" Kris said waving to us. Chiron blinked in amazement and I had to cough to hide my laughter, but Mr. D was too absorbed in his wine magazine.

"I thought the door was locked," Chiron said, still a little miffed.

"I picked it," Kris shrugged like it was no big deal.

"That's our little sister!" Connor said giving her a thumbs up.

"We taught her just about everything she knows," Travis bragged.

"Can we join the meeting, we're bored?" Lizzy interrupted.

"It's only for cabin leaders!" Clarisse barked. She didn't like them that much, something about filling her helmet with chocolate pudding before Capture the Flag so that when she put it on she got a pudding bath. It was hilarious. The last time I saw Clarisse that red was when I drenched her with toilet water when we first met. Lizzy made a face at her.

"But Grover and Juniper are here!" Kris protested.

"Fine. Sit." Chiron ordered. Kris sat between Nico and Connor and Lizzy sat by Chiron and Annabeth.

"Now that everyone is present, let's began," Chiron said. "As you all know the Amulet of Immortality as been stolen. We don't know who stole it, but we suspect Luke, as witnesses describe a tall, young man with light hair."

"But it couldn't have been Luke," Annabeth protested.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Yeah, he's already pulled of the heist of the century, why couldn't he do it again?" Connor said a bit of pride in his voice. The Hermes cabin is the biggest, and best, thieves in camp. The Stoll brothers and Kris had already proved that by robbing a bank two weeks ago, the cops still think that three big thugs did it, not three teenagers.

"No, Annabeth is right," Thalia stated. "I mean isn't he currently inhabited by Kronos?"

"She's right," Nico said looking at me. "We say him a few weeks ago at Mount Tam, remember."

"Of course I remember, I was the first to see him," I answered.

"Then who stole it?" Silena asked.

"And more importantly: What are we gonna do about the Amulet?" Rose said.

"A quest?" Shaun suggested.

"Well, duh!" Mr. D had looked up from his magazine.

"Yes," Chiron agreed. "but who will lead it?" No one raised their hand. I looked at my friends. They knew I had the most experience with quests. I had been on more than anyone else: 4 in about 3 1/2 years, and still counting.

I took a deep breath and stood up. "I will."

"Very well, Percy, go consult the Oracle. When you come back, assuming you're still sane, we will discuss your prophecy." And with that I left the room, heading for the stairs that would take me to the attic, where the Oracle of Delphi dwelt imprisoned in a mummy with a hippy dress.

I had been in the presence of the Oracle twice; both times I had been thoroughly freaked out. I opened the trap door that led into the attic. The attic still looked the same, only more cluttered. As I passed the tables full of old quest trophies, broken weapons, and pickled monster parts, I looked for anything familiar. Then I spotted something that caught my eye. It was a bronze plaque, about the size of a notebook. It caught my eye because on the bottom a camp picture of me holing riptide and standing by the beach was attached. I picked it up and saw the letters where in Ancient Greek. It said:

In loving memory of Perseus Jackson, Son of Poseidon,

who bravely gave his life to save his friends.

May he always be remembered.


We will miss you, Seaweed Brain.

-Annabeth Chase

I realized that it was talking about the Mount St. Helens incident, where I was stranded in Ogygia for two weeks and everyone thought I was dead. Then I realized Annabeth must have made it. "Wow, she even made a plaque for me," I whispered to myself. Then I remembered why I was here and set the plague down.

I walked over to the Oracle and shuddered. Then I gathered my courage and spoke. "O Oracle, what must I do to find the Amulet of Immortality?"

Green smoke billowed out of her mouth and coiled around me like a snake. "I am the Oracle of Delphi, speaker of the prophecies of Phoebus Apollo, slayer of the mighty Python. Approach, seeker, and ask."

"But, I just did!"


"Okay! What must I do to find the Amulet of Immortality?"

In the green mist I saw the image of an old man in blue robes with very long silver hair with a beard to match. He was standing on the top of a very tall tower with a bunch of brass telescopes and a few star charts and maps hanging on the low wall. He was looking out at a huge lake but then he turned toward me. He had piercing blue eyes that gazed through half-moon glasses. He opened his mouth and the raspy Oracle's voice came out.

The man and boy's power released,

Enable five to sail northeast,

The Amulet will be found in the school of magic,

But the end of the tenth month will be tragic,

For one will find a new enemy on the map that shows all,

And to the Titan Lord another will fall.

Then the man turned away and the smoke retreated back into the Oracle's mouth. I gulped. This was a pretty harsh prophecy, maybe the worst. Then, trying not to run, I hurried to the trap door.


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