Disclaimer: I do not own TSCC. Goddamn it do you need to keep asking me that?

Note: This is the direct sequel to "The New Savior," my other fanfic about TSCC. It takes place after the end of that story, still in NORAD COC and with Cameron Connor as the new savior of mankind. The item below is not the story itself, but the opening. The story chapters come soon.



The storm that came, the storm that left
Humanity in shambles
By fire sprouts as mushrooms grow
With little to no preamble,

Did break our lives, our families
And sent us all to 'blivion

Then rose from ashes, evil phoenix
Who bore a heart of silicon.

Then came she from the metal house
A placid stronghold thus
And called all men and women left
To mount the last Resistance.

While she was so young to our eyes
A Venus in her beauty,
Her strength and honor realized
The hope of human victory.

Yet while her fist and steely wrath
Were sent only to enemy,
She was not 'mong the ranks of men
She was not in humanity.

For in the war of solitude
Where men fought cold, unfeeling hearts
Blessed steel 'gainst cursed steel
Composed the war of leaders' arts.

The mind of the sky and the leader of man
Bore cores of close affinity
Yet one sought to destroy mankind
While the other loved its dignity.

So she was strong, and she was good
Despite her origin
She chose to live for man alone
Not for her soulless kin.

And this is why the one who saved
Us all from termination
Was entered to acceptance by
Her lawf'ly fearful nation.

For choose she did, the righteous path
A glorious endeavor:
The drive to save the human race
The path of the savior.

-Edmundson, R. Iter Salvator (The Path of the Savior), 2049

For Cameron Connor. You shall never be forgotten.