"Your daughter is a very bright student, Mrs

A/N About time I started a new story! I thought I should take a break from Love on the Rancho. This idea just came to me since exams have ended and my dad has been to school to get my report card and summer hols are beginning. Bear with me and happy holidays, people!

"Your daughter is a very bright student, Mrs. Ackerman. Considering the fact that she had to adjust to her new environment, her grades are very high and they show the potential…"

These Parent Teacher Conferences were such a bore. We had to sit there and look at Sister Ernestine's over-sweet smile and listen to her drone on a bunch of memorized stuff about how bright and diligent I was but how I should participate more in extra-curriculars etc.

I looked out of the French windows beside the desk. The fine white sand of the beautiful Carmel-by-the-sea beach sparkled temptingly under the hot June sun. What wouldn't a girl give to spend her summer vacations lazing out there under the swaying palm trees?

"…right, Suze?" said my mom, nudging me.

I broke out of my daze and turned back to what was going on in front of me. "Uh… yeah" I said, not really knowing what I was supposed to agree with.

My mom smiled at me and turned back to Sister Ernestine. "Thank you so much for helping Suze out, Sister."

I snorted. Catching mom's stern glance, I hastily turned it into a cough. With one last smile at the nun, we rose and headed out into the parking lot.

I jumped out of the car as soon as Andy parked the Land Rover in our driveway. "Later!" I shouted over my shoulder as I hurried up the porch steps and unlocked the front door.

Once I was in the safety of my room, I flopped down on my bed. Whoo. At last I had gotten away from my mom's customary post-PTC tirades.

I decided to meet Cee-Cee and Adam, my best friends (except for Gina back in New York), at the Coffee Clutch. Picking up my princess phone- courtesy of my mom- I dialled in Cee's number and waited.

"Hello?" said Cee's voice on the other end.

"Hey, it's me Suze. Wanna meet up at the Coffee Clutch in an hour?"

"Sure. I'll call Adam and tell him" she answered.

I rolled my eyes. Cee-Cee had been crushing on Adam for, like, forever. It was really cute seeing the way she tried to catch his attention in that way. "U-huh. I'll see you then. Bye" I said hanging up.

I took a shower and quickly donned a pair of white short shorts and a comfortable blue cotton tank. Slipping on a pair of flip-flops and grabbing my purse, I headed downstairs.

"I'm going to the Coffee Clutch to meet Cee-Cee and Adam!" I yelled.

"Shut up. We don't care" I heard Brad say from the couch in front of the TV.

I rolled my eyes as I headed for the car. Some people were so juvenile.

When I reached the café Cee-Cee and Adam were already there, nursing a cup of coffee each.

"How'd it go?" asked Adam as I slid into the booth beside Cee Cee.

I shrugged. "Nothing special. Same old 'your-child-is-so-bright' stuff from the teachers and same old 'you-should-start-working-harder-to-get-into-a-good-college' lecture from my mom. How about you guys?"

Adam chuckled. "Ditto that. Of course" he added with a sly glance at Cee, "things were different for Ms. Four-point-zero here."

The grade bickering continued for a while until I decided to get up and order a hot chocolate (yeah I know, hot chocolate on a summer afternoon, very weird, but I can't help it) for myself.

As I was sipping the warm foamy drink, our conversation turned towards the holidays. Adam announced that he and his family were heading out to Thailand for the month of June.

"What about you Cee Cee?" I asked.

"I'll be staying here, working for the The Carmel Pine" she shrugged. "And you, Suze?"

I sighed. I had hoped to spend my first summer since I moved to California in Carmel. But last week I had found out that Andy and Mom had booked tickets for the six of us for Spain. Yes. Spain. I don't know what got into their heads, but there went my Carmel beach vacation dream out the window.

I told Cee Cee and Adam this. Their eyes widened, especially Cee's.

"Spain? Oh my god, the two of you are so lucky!" she said.

"I believe I am luckier than Suze" started Adam. Cee Cee and I rolled our eyes. The boastings had started.

"No really" he said. "I mean, c'mon, think of all the spicy exotic cuisine, and elephants…seriously, have you ever imagined elephants on the street? I'm tellin' you I am luckier"

"No! Think of the Spanish guys! Suze will so have those gorgeous Spanish guys swarming around her!" argued Cee Cee.

"I don't want to be swarmed with 'gorgeous Spanish guys'!" Adam quoted with his hands, his expression horrified.

The afternoon carried on in the same tone. I rolled my eyes and smiled at the two of them bickering like husband and wife. Sometimes, they reminded me of Ron and Hermione, making me Harry.

Sighing, I turned to look at the white breakers tumble onto the sand in the beach outside the café. Spain. What the hell would I do there for two whole months?