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Rush Delivery

Christmas had come and gone in Middleton. The new year was pending. The decorations were still up in the Stoppable living room, the combination of a large Christmas tree and the menorah blending into what Ron liked to call the Solstice Miracles Motif. Ron had spent Christmas day with his wife's family, and Kim had, in turn, spent the last night of Hanukkah with his. If she had eaten any more, Kim had sworn she was going to explode, baby and all. Her mother-in-law had insisted that she was eating for two, and kept adding to her plate. As usual, Ron had been able to stuff his face without any repercussions.

As the second last night of the year settled in, the Stoppables were sitting in the family room of the stone house they had turned into a home. There was a fire crackling away in the fireplace on the back wall. The warmth spread out into the room, making it a cozy retreat. Kim had plunked herself down with a good book from the box set that the Tweebs had bought her for Christmas. It was the latest romantic series that Tara had turned her on to. Every now and then she would put down the book to look down at her husband. As usual, he was seated on the floor, leaning against the couch behind him, mashing away at the video game controller in his hands. Next to him, on the seat of said couch, Rufus was managing his own controller, using his feet as well as his little paws. The battling characters on the screen were viciously kicking and swinging at each other.

"Ow! This is definitely your kid, Ron. Every time your character makes one of those high kicks, he or she decides to do the same thing. Are you sure that controller isn't linked somehow?" Kim rubbed her belly.

Ron hit the pause button.

"You okay over there, KP?" He had been on edge for the last week, since the baby was due any time now, and Dr. Gruberman had told them that first babies often came with little to no warning. He had a bag packed by the master bedroom door upstairs. "You're sure it wasn't a contraction?" He had asked that question repeatedly the last day and a half.

"I'd know if it was a contraction, Ron. Remember when I delivered that baby when we were on that rescue mission in the alps a couple... oh wait, you passed out when the mother's water broke."

"Okay, so I was caught with my nerves down. You'll notice that I went to the courses on emergency child births when we got home." The blond man had been so embarrassed. Rufus, who had been catching his breath from the physical activity of running his controller, feigned swooning, then pointed at his friend, laughing.

"Yeah, yeah, and who was the one who upchucked the load of Gouda in my pocket in the alps?" With a raised brow, Ron shoved a finger into the mole rat's belly, knocking him back into the cushions. His other hand reached over to the popcorn bowl on his left.

The wind howled outside the windows, and the fire roared momentarily as the chimney drew even more air. There were loud cracking sounds, muffled by the same howls, and suddenly, the lights went out and the television screen went black. The firelight cast a warm glow over the room.

"And there goes that oak out front of the Peterson's place. I hope it didn't fall on the house. It looked to be leaning that way." Ron got up from the floor and walked to the front of the Stoppable residence. The lack of light was no problem. Years of sneaking around dark lairs had given him an almost radar-like sixth sense. That, and numerous midnight raids on the fridge since moving in had given him a mental map that was completely reliable. He peered out of the living room window and craned his neck slightly to the left. "Yup, the tree is down!" he shouted to his wife. "Looks like the street is effectively barricaded for a while. Norm is out there now looking at it."

"Well, at least it didn't land on the house." Kim huffed and puffed a little as she joined Ron at the window. She held her belly as she walked up beside him, Rufus sitting on her shoulder. "Once the storm is over, maybe you should go over and see if you can't get it cleared up. We could use the firewood if the power is out for any length of time." She considered the length of the trunk crossing the broad road and even lying on the yards across from the severed base. "That could keep the entire neighborhood warm for a week, once it was cut."

Ron thought about that for a moment. With the way this storm was going, it might be a good idea at that. Fortunately, the gas lines meant that he could still cook. There were probably at least a few families on the street that were reliant on electric stoves. "Do we still have that list from the Block Party we were invited to? It might be a good idea to call around and see who needs what, and maybe set up a warming station in front of the fireplace here."

Kim pondered for a bit. She distinctly remembered putting it away, never knowing when it might come in handy. "Yes. In the office, red file folder behind the emergency contacts."

In short order, there was a kettle on the stove to make coffee and tea. Anyone who was without heat or a means to cook had been invited to bring over their perishables, and Ron was in the kitchen with a mixed group of men and women preparing soup, stew and casseroles that could be held in coolers and reheated. It was certainly cold enough on the back deck to keep things frozen in plastic bins. All over the house, there were children amusing themselves with board games by flashlight, or reading books. An elderly couple sat on the love seat in the family room, regaling others with stories of storms past, before that area of Middleton had become so built up.

There was a knock on the front door, and Ron hustled to answer it, expecting another orphan of the storm. Instead, Sarah Go was dressed in a warm looking parka, her right arm holding a large bag filled with candles, batteries and a hand cranked radio. The left, which apparently had been used to knock on the door, was on its way back to join that of Drew Lipsky, who stood by her side, looking even more blue than usual. The hover car was "parked" in the deep snow drifts of the front lawn.

"Hi, Ron!" Sarah handed him the bag. "Drew and I were enjoying a nice evening together at my place when the lights and heat went out. Hope you don't mind if we crash in front of your fireplace for a bit."

Ron looked at the craft which was already being buried in drifts of white. "Um, looks like you already did the crashing. You guys okay?"

"I told her it was insane to fly over here. Even keeping the car at three inches above the snow it was all over the place. Then she reminded me that you would probably be keeping half the town warm and safe." They were ushered into the house, now warm with body heat as well as the fires in the living and family rooms. "Just tell me what you need hands for, and we're there."

Ron shoved the door closed with his free hand while the new arrivals took off their coats. Both were dressed in warm sweaters and jeans. The heavy parkas were added to the huge pile of outerwear that had taken over the office.

"Well," Ron looked at the Kimmunicator Mark II that he was still wearing, ever since the Riveras crisis. He'd found the it was useful to have a multifunction watch. It certainly beat digging into his pocket for his cell phone every time he wanted to know what time it was. "Kim's been down with the toddlers in the gym for quite a while now. I'm pretty sure she could use a break."

Drew's eyes lit up. Sometime in the last few years, he'd discovered an affinity for young children. It was nice to be able to goof off with them, and just be himself. Kids didn't judge him for the color of his skin, once they got over the novelty. He was seriously working on some educational toys, as part of his electronics tinkering. Young minds were sponges, as he saw it. They had an inexhaustible amount of imagination too, that could be turned in all kinds of directions. He looked at Sarah.

"Okay, you can go play. Send the princess up and I'll have a quick cup of tea with her."

"Play? This is research and development."

"Uh huh, and just what are you learning from a game of Simon Says?" Sarah looked at her boyfriend with a smirk. She really loved this new side of Drew. Still, she thought his inner child took up a lot of space in his personality.

Ron walked with his former adversary to the basement stairs. "Don't let her get to you. I do the same kind of research when Smartymart is deciding what toys are most likely to be big sellers." There were all kinds of trendy new toys coming out all the time. In the lead up to the big holiday rush, salespeople had been calling his office looking for shelf space. He was not a huge fan of all the movie tie-in toys. Those were fads, and while they were quick sales, they didn't have any kind of staying power.

Drew went to the gym while Ron continued on into the kitchen with Sarah. He put the bag down on the counter and pulled out the radio. One of the men who was tending a pot of stew took it and started cranking. Soon there was music in the room, which was interspersed with updates on the power outage. The announcers were advising listeners that the storm had taken out a major part of the electrical grid, so the blackout was likely to continue for at least the next forty-eight hours.


In a small utility room off the garage of the Possible house, Tim was lying on the cold concrete floor. He was simultaneously trying to hold the flashlight and poking at the various tubes attached to the backup generator. The contraption had failed to start when the power went out. James was busy trying to keep his wife from getting off of the couch.

At this stage of her pregnancy, Anne was having serious pains in her back, and Dr. Gruberman had ordered her to stay off of her feet as much as possible, or he would order bed rest, complete with padded straps. There was some concern about how the baby was carrying, this time around, and no one was taking any chances.

"Jim, hand me the..."

The 5/16th socket and ratchet were slapped into the hand that Tim had stretched out behind him. The boys were still in perfect sync, even as they got older and developed interests outside of each others company. Where one zigged, the other zagged. Jim took the flashlight so that his brother would have both hands available. With a little effort, Tim removed the fuel filter. He held it up to the light, and could see the source of the trouble. Getting up off of the floor, with some assistance from his twin, he went over to the work bench and took the unit apart, cleaning it out in a bin of solvent. He put it back together and then held the light while Jim took his turn on the cold floor and put it back into the engine.

This time, when the starter was pushed, the generator coughed to life. The relays were reset, and power came on in the house, in a limited fashion.

"There, at least now we'll get some heat moving. Mom can finally get out from under all of those blankets." Jim picked up the tools and put them back into their places on the wall rack.

"I don't know about you, but I think I'm ready for a cup of coffee." Tim watched the circuit breaker panel with a critical eye. The failure of the system to kick in had rankled the young man. He had been the one to install it when the house was built, under the watchful eye of the licensed electrician his father had hired.

The boys went into the house, undoing their coats but not taking them off until the furnace had time to warm the building. They walked into the living room and saw their father pacing in front of the window that faced the street.

"Good work, boys. We just got a call from the Stoppables. Looks like most of the city is out. What was wrong with the backup?"

"Just a clogged fuel filter. We really should have started the thing up in the fall. We were all just so busy."

The heap of blankets on the couch began to move, and Anne sat up. "Would one of you boys set up the guest room? Gene and the family are coming over to wait out the blackout with us. You guys will have to bunk together so that Hana can use one of your rooms."

Jim and Tim looked at each other for a moment, before Jim got up and went to put some extra blankets on the beds in the guest suite and his own bed. He took the few things he would need for a few days into his brother's room and dropped them onto a convenient chair. His was closest to the guest suite, which would be a little bit more comfortable for Hana. Independent as she was (for a five year old), she still didn't like being too far from her parents.

Tim, meanwhile, fixed his mother a cup of tea and got the coffee maker brewing.

A short time later, the doorbell rang. James and the boys raced each other, but the elder Possible got there first. He opened the door wide and all but grabbed the young girl from her mother's arms. She was actually asleep, which was quite a feat, given the storm that was raging around her. By this time, it was getting quite late.

"Any trouble on the way over?"

Jim and Tim reached around him and took the bags that Gene had been carrying. They took them upstairs and into the guest room.

"Not really. I'm glad Jean talked me into the SUV instead of the van I was going to buy last summer. Four wheel drive might not be fast, but it sure helps to keep you moving in these conditions." Gene struggled out of the heavy wool coat he was wearing, after helping his wife out of her own. Jean had reclaimed her daughter and, after removing her boots, lay her on the carpet in the living room and carefully took off her snowsuit.

Jim had come back down the stairs by this time and took the young girl to his room and put her under the covers. He left the door open a bit, so that some light could enter from the hallway.

In short order, everyone was settled comfortably in the family room with a hot beverage and watching a mystery movie on the television. Anne had finally managed to reach her daughter and they were assured that things were well in hand, if somewhat crowded, at the Stoppable house across town. Not that anyone had entertained any notion that Ron and Kim couldn't take care of themselves under just about any circumstances.

As the night wore on, however, Anne found herself increasingly uncomfortable, no matter what position she tried to get into. There were sharp pains in the region of her tailbone that would come and go, but kept increasing in intensity. James had been watching his wife, but hadn't said anything, knowing that if something were happening, she would let him know. Suddenly, she cried out in a loud yelp.

"James, I think we need to call an ambulance and Dr. Gruberman, in that order!" She tried to sit up, but that only caused the pain she was feeling to get worse. Tim already had his phone in hand and dialing 911, while his brother was calling the doctor.

A very alert looking young Hana came racing down the stairs and into the family room. She took in the situation with concern, and her eyes started to focus somewhere other than the room. 'Ronnie, something's happening!' The dark eyes sharpened again, but now, they were blue.


Ron was just washing up a mug when it fell out of his hands and crashed to the floor. All eyes in the room turned to look. He was staring off into space, his hands still poised as if holding the mug. He was facing the wall, so no one could see that his eyes were closed. He dropped the dishcloth into the sink and stood tensely in front of the counter.

Rufus, who had been sleeping in his customary pocket poked his head out. He had heard the call too, though somewhat more faintly.

Kim had heard the crash from the living room, where she had been checking on the fire keeping the front of the house warm. She hurried as best she could into the kitchen, and saw her husband standing still at the sink, water dripping off of his hands. She knew from his posture that he wasn't entirely there, in that unique sense of his. The fact that he was standing and not levitating indicated that this was not the "usual" conversation he would have with his teacher from Japan.

Reaching for a hand, she looked into his face. "What is it, Ron?"

"Hana called us, KP." Rufus carefully crawled out of his pocket and climbed to the young man's shoulder. "Something is going on at your parents house. Give me a second." He concentrated even harder. Everyone else in the room looked on in confusion. While it was common knowledge that Ron Stoppable had somehow been instrumental in the defeat of the alien invasion several years back, the details had always been somewhat sketchy.

Sarah Go and Drew Lipsky rushed into the room, and immediately recognized what was happening.

"I think your mom has gone into labor, KP. She's not looking so good, from what Hana can see. They've called for an ambulance, but with this storm, I don't know if it's gonna make it in time." Both of the Possible women had been keeping each other appraised of their individual status, and Kim knew that her new sibling was not turned completely in the womb yet. The chances of a breach birth were pretty high, and dangerous under less than ideal conditions.

"We need to do something, anything!"

Sarah went to her friends side. "Bundle up, Princess. You, Ron and I are going to take the hover car ride of a lifetime." While the storm had died down a bit, there were still large gusts of wind. Ron was still over at the Possible house across town, in the metaphysical sense, and so was guided out of the room. Drew had already gone out and with the assistance of some of the neighbors was busy digging the car out of its accumulated cover of snow.

By the time the trio of Kim, Sarah and Ron (With Rufus carefully ensconced in his specially lined pocket.) were bundled in heavy coats, Drew had popped the canopy and started the engine warm up sequence. He relinquished the controls to his girlfriend, and gave her a quick kiss, imploring her to be careful. She kissed his cheek and told him to just hold down the fort. The canopy lowered and the crowd of bystanders were ushered away, just as she kicked in the thrusters and lifted the car a full foot above the surface of the snow covered lawn. A smaller, more powerful snowstorm was created when she put the car into forward motion. In mere seconds the vehicle was up and over the fallen tree that lay between Kim and her mother.


Ron was in full contact with Hana the whole time he was being moved about and put into the car. She was standing as near to Anne as she could get, with the anxious adults all around, trying to make her comfortable until help could get there.

'Ronnie,' she thought at her brother. 'What's happening to Auntie Anne?'

Looking through her eyes, Ron took in the scene. Given the situation, everyone was as calm as possible, though James looked very close to being on the verge of losing his control.

'Hana, listen carefully. I need you to say what I tell you, exactly as I say it.' He gave her a quick instruction.


"Everyone, listen. I'm talking to Ronnie. He's telling me what we need to do." The young girl spoke loudly and clearly. For a moment there was some confusion about what she said. Then everyone noticed that her eyes were focused on her "Auntie Anne", but she didn't seem to be seeing anything. The fact that they were glowing a bright blue, so that you couldn't see anything of their natural appearance, let them know that something was happening for certain.

"Mom, Ronnie wants you to put your hand on Auntie Anne's belly, gently, and tell me what you feel."

Shifting the sweater that covered the large bump on the front of her friend, Jean carefully laid her hand on it. Just as she did so, Anne gave a cry and grasped her husband's hand tightly. She felt the contraction, but there was something else, there was a push off to one side as well.

"She's definitely in labor, but the baby is pushing against the side of the uterus." Jean didn't know much more than what she had seen in videos Anne had shown her, and what they had read together over the course of the pregnancy.

"Ronnie says you need to keep Auntie Anne from pushing. She can't push! The baby can't come out this way."

By this time, Tim had gotten through to the 911 operator. He explained the situation, that they were receiving instructions on how to help his mother until the EMTs could arrive. He was told that it would be some time, given the road conditions, there had been a number of accidents, and resources were already stretched pretty thin. An ambulance was on its way, he was assured. He was told to stay on the phone and keep updating about what was happening.

Jean relayed Ron's instructions to Anne while gently stroking her forehead. Anne was sweating profusely, by this time, and Jim was sent for a wet cloth and a number of clean towels. Hana had moved to a place beside Anne's legs, and, as instructed by her brother, gently placed her own hand over the baby. When Jim came back into the room, she grabbed one of the towels and, raising the woman's dress, somehow managed to shove it almost completely under her. No sooner was it in place than there as a gush of fluid that would have drenched the couch.


Sarah fought with controls as the hover car swayed in the cross winds. It was slow going, and they were only a third of the way to their destination. Each time the car lurched, the green woman would curse under her breath, using language that would have made some of Motor Ed's crew blush.

Strapped into the seat beside her, Kim was gripping the safety handles in a white knuckled grasp. Every few minutes, not quite in time with the heaving vehicle, she would give a little shudder and a whimper. Her companions both being rather occupied, they didn't notice until the red head cried out more loudly, at a time when the car was actually moving quite smoothly.

Ron came out of his trance for just a moment, having just "felt" what was under his sister's hand. He heard his wife, and reached forward, having no clue how he had gotten into the car, or his coat for that matter.

"KP!" He reached forward and put a hand on her shoulder. She reached up with her left and took a firm grip.

Rufus climbed out of his warm pocket and took up a position on her other shoulder. He clung to her coat collar and nuzzled her right cheek.

"I'm okay, look after Mom!"

Sarah looked up from the road just long enough to see both of their faces. With a grimace, she turned back to what she was supposed to be doing.

"Oh, Pumpkin, you couldn't have picked a worse time!" The machine veered again, and she risked a glance.

"It's okay, they're still more than twenty minutes apart. Just get us to the house, we'll take care of it then." Kim gave Ron's hand another quick squeeze. "You stay with Hana. She and Mom need you right now."


Hana felt her brother's concentration waver, and so looked through his eyes.

"What are more than twenty minutes apart?"

The adults in the room looked at each other in instant comprehension. It was clear that Anne was having a contraction every twelve minutes, by James' count. Obviously, the girl was hearing something on the other end of the "conversation".

Anne Possible actually swore! She reached the hand James wasn't holding down to the little girl.

"You tell Ron that he should look after Kimmie. We'll be okay here. This is her first baby, and anything could happen!"

Hana focused and practically "yelled" at her brother.

"It's too late, they're already in the car and on their way here. Aunt Sarah is going as fast as she can."

Gene and James looked at each other, both on the brink of panic. The woman on the sofa obviously needed their full attention, and now both of the kids were in danger.

Jim and Tim looked at each other and jumped up. Running to the closet, they both shut off their phones, explaining to the parties on the other end that the situation had just taken a turn for the worse, and that the EMTs and the hospital should be getting ready to receive two patients, rather than one. As a unit they got into their heavy coats and gloves, and ran into the garage to start up the snow blower. The driveway needed cleared now! Both for the ambulance, which was on its way, and as a landing pad. It was just a question of which vehicle would arrive first!

By this point, Ron was fully back into his contact trance. This time he was hovering in his seat in the rear of the car, the straps of his harness the only thing keeping him in place.

"Ronnie needs me to take off your underwear, Auntie Anne." With her mother's help, she did so, depositing the now soaked garment on a towel placed next to the sofa. It was fortunate that she was such a calm girl when push came to shove.

Peering at her aunt, she let Ron look through her eyes again.

Jean watched her daughter closely as she examined her friend, who was just going through another contraction. She couldn't determine what the girl was seeing by the expression on her face. She had seen her children do remarkable things together and separately, but she was still very scared. This wasn't something a five year old girl should be able to manage so well.

"Ronnie says you're dilating. He doesn't know if we can wait on the ambulance for much longer." Hana sat up and looked at her father. "I need to wash up and we need warm, clean water and a cloth right away."

While the girl ran to the half bath down the hall, Gene ran and put the kettle on the stove. He quickly boiled the contents, and mixed it in a large bowl with cold water from the bottles that were in the fridge, to cool it. He took it to the sofa where his daughter had once again positioned herself between Anne's legs."


Almost to the house, Ron was beginning to sweat in his seat. What he and Hana had to do was dangerous. Even more so since he was going to have to guide her hands and transfer some of his strength to his little sister.

He mentally reached out with his left hand and saw the small one in the Possible family room do likewise, pressing gently on Anne Possible's abdomen. When he could feel the head of the baby, he gently held it. With is other hand, he reached for his mother-in-law. The baby had to be manually turned, once the birth canal was opened wide enough.


The ambulance practically skidded into the driveway in front of the Possible residence. It stopped only inches away from hitting the blue vehicle that was sitting on its landing pads. Both EMTs jumped out and ran to the back, grabbing boxes of equipment and medication. Tim was waving frantically from the front door.

When they reached the family room, two women were lying and crying out in pain. They were each attended by another woman. Ron was carefully monitoring Anne while Sarah and Hana were trying to help Kim. The paramedics, a tall, thin young man and a stout, muscular woman split up and went to the nearest patient.


Jim and Tim Possible were alternately sitting and pacing in the waiting room of Middleton Memorial's maternity ward. By now they were both thoroughly exhausted, but they couldn't sit still either. Hana and her parents watched them, and got sore necks from following whoever was pacing at the time.

When the pressure had been relieved, Anne had quickly delivered her daughter. Kim was still not quite ready, and so she was helped to the waiting ambulance by her husband and Sarah, and placed on a bench next to the gurney her mother rode on, cradling her newest child tightly to her now bare chest, and being bundled in warm blankets.

Jean Veronica Possible, for all her difficult entry into the world, was a healthy eight pound twelve ounce bundle. She was a wonder to both her parents. The nurses had struggled with her mother to give her up long enough so that she could be examined herself. As soon as the doctor pronounced her sound enough, she had immediately demanded Jean back and began nursing.

Kim and Ron had been in the delivery room for better than eighteen hours before Sarah Anne decided to grace them with an appearance. By the time she did emerge, kicking and screaming, Kim had called Ron every horrid name she could think of. Dr. Gruberman, assisting the obstetrician, was quite sure that she had actually invented a few as well.

Ron, for his part, had stoically withstood the verbal, and occasionally physical onslaught. He had been terrified that the hover car ride might have done some kind of harm to his wife and/or child. He was prepared to take whatever was handed to him, so long as they were both safe and healthy.

Rufus had scrubbed up at the great sink alongside his surrogate brother. He was wearing an improvised gown and mask, and gently mopped at Kim's forehead with a small cloth a nurse had provided.

Sarah was somewhat smaller than her aunt, weighing in at seven pounds thirteen ounces. She cried lustily until her mother held her close. When her father put a finger into her tiny fist, she squeezed. Her eyes glowed, briefly, and Ron winced from her grip.

So the Stoppable/Possible family gained two more members, with just ten minutes before Middleton, Colorado ushered in a new year.