P.S This story has two guys screwing in here so if you don't like why the hell did you click on it? GOODBYE


A once bright and sunny day turned into a mess, a big wet mess, as stealthy rain clouds formed over the peaceful village of Konoha.

Two figures running through the streets of a rain slicked, deserted Konoha, trying to get out of the rain. The two coming to a stop under the protection of an apartment building, they shook off what they could from their soaked clothes. Naruto and Gaara haven just finally finished their meeting with Tsunade baa-chan and were sadly caught in the path of the stupid rain storm. Shaking water out of his sun blonde hair like a wet dog (A/N: or should I say fox X3) grumbling under his breath at how his clothes clung to him like a second skin.

"Damn that old hag I told her to speed up that damn meeting now look at us," continuing his string of profanities as he again tried to shake the rain off his body not seeing he was getting gaara even wetter(A/N: No not like that. smirk.) if that was even possible.

Control almost snapping, said gaara raised his hand and, not very lightly mind you, smacked said blonde on the back of his head knocking him over as he did so. Said blonde fell face first into the floor then immediately got up and turned around to face the red head," Gaara! what the hell was that for."

Not even batting an eyelash gaara started to ring his hair and clothes out, "You were getting me wet Naruto shaking yourself like some dog so I made you stop the best way I could", "By hitting me", jumped in a slightly upset blonde. Smirking bemusedly at Naruto Gaara walked over to him stopping when they were chest to chest, "I'm sorry Naru do you want me to kiss it and make it feel better," wrapping his arms around Naruto's neck as he said it.

Wrapping his arms around Gaara's waist, "I know what you can kiss that will make me feel better", dipping his head down to catch Gaara's luscious lips in a sweet chaste kiss moaning at the contact. The same reaction came to gaara pulling himself flush against Naruto's soaked chest moaning into the kiss as well loving the feel of Naruto's lips against his. Jumping up onto naruto gaara wrapped his legs around naruto's waist, "I want you naruto I want you now" , he said in between the kiss.

Naruto groaned and turned to the stairs he knew were to the left, "thank Kami this is my apartment building", he ran up the flights of stairs to his level and slammed gaara's back against his door never once breaking the kiss. Swirling his tongue through that deliciously hot mouth of gaara's, he ground his hips into gaara's making them both moan.

Switching gaara to one arm as he used the other to open his door, they almost fell into the apartment but with the grace of a fox(A/N: LMAO XD!) naruto closed the door then fell with gaara onto the couch by the door.

Flipping them over so he was on top, gaara looked into those celestial blue eyes of his naruto. The Tanuki just purred at the lustful look in naruto's eyes sliding his body over naruto's, he purred seductively into the kitsune's ear, "Naru, I want to be inside you so badly". Naruto bucked his hips in response to his tanuki, "Then fuck me then koi", he purred right back nipping at an appealing earlobe.

Purring louder as his ear was being attacked, grinding his hips directly into naruto's. Sliding his hands to naruto's jacket zipper, zipping it down as he moved to suck on naruto's neck earning deep moans from the blonde, moving naruto into a sitting position he took his shirt off and started to fumble with his own vest and undershirt. Quickly discarding them trailing his hand down to naruto's pants slowly yanking them down along with is boxers moving even slower as it brushed his cock.

Bucking his hips at the friction tossing his head (A/N: XD his actual head ppl) side to side, "Gaara…don't tease", he murmured while trying to catch his breathe. Smirking down at him gaara pulled the pants off completely and just stopped to look at the mesmerizing cock of naruto's. It stood up and waved at him as it twitched at the cold air it came in contact with. Licking his lips gaara quickly stripped of his remaining clothes picking up naruto and taking him to his room laying him on his bed hearing him moan as his thigh brushed his cock.

Looking down at said cock again he saw the head glistening with precum. Licking his lips again he took the head completely in his mouth licking that delicious liquid off the smooth head. Naruto literally screamed at the treatment, thrusting his hips up to get that sexy red head to take in more of him.

Said red head held naruto's hips down as he slowly took more of his cock into his mouth, swirling his tongue over the slit dipping into it every so often then over the head sucking on it as he did so. He traced the underside vein just loving the feel of the pulse pick up as he continued. He just loved that he could do this to his naruto, bobbing his head over the rest of him feeling the head brush the back of his throat. He moaned and swallowed the cock in his mouth loving that his mouth was full of naruto.

Eyes rolling to the back of his head naruto almost saw white at the double assault of gaara moaning and swallowing him. Looking down seeing his cock disappear in that hot wondrous mouth he nearly came. Slightly moving his eyes onto gaara's cock he saw that it was bright red as the head leaked what he know was delicious precum.

Sitting up a bit he grabbed onto gaara's thin hips and pulled him over to him where his legs was straddling his face and his cock was dangerously close to his lips not giving it a second thought as precum dripped onto his bottom lip. Licking his lip he attacked the head of gaara's cock sucking it clean of those wonderfully delicious juices. Relaxing his jaw he swallowed the rest of gaara's cock moaning at the complete taste of him. Then he moaned again even louder as gaara continued to suck him moaning as he did. Moaning along with him they completely 69ed each other (A/N: best position ever X3). Loud moaning was the only thing heard in the room it was an exquisite site to see (A/N: hell Itachi would blush and die from a nosebleed looking at this).

Feeling the gentle bitting he moaned out loud having it vibrate to naruto's and the same treatment came right back to him and they both came in each others mouths. Some of the cum sliding out of their mouths as they tried to swallow as much as they possibly could. Shifting their positions so gaara was between naruto's legs again he spread naru's legs wide so his enticingly pink puckered hole showed.

Delving his tongue into that hot heat he swirled his oh so talented tongue inside that amazingly hot cavern. Placing his hand back over naruto's cock he pumped him to every swirl of his tongue. After a few seconds he found his prostate and not long after naruto came again screaming, "GAAAARRAA!"

Before gaara could do anything he was pushed on his back as naruto sat up and straddled his waist without hesitation he slide down on gaara's hard cock. Both screamed out in ecstasy naruto lifted himself and slammed back down on his tanuki's cock. Sitting up gaara sat against the headboard of naruto's bed as his kitsune rode his cock, "Ahh…Na...Ahhh…faster..yes..ride…me ." Flipping his self around with his back flat on gaara's chest he tilted his head back to look into blazing jade eyes, "Gaara FUCK ME AHH."

Twisting a nipple in one hand as the other pumped a cum slicked cock gaara thrust up hard hitting naruto's prostate dead on. Again and again and again, leaning in to naruto they shared an open mouthed kiss tongues sliding over each other a small trail of saliva fell down the corner of naruto's mouth as it continued.

Feeling their climax coming thrusting became faster as did gaara's pumping of naruto's cock. Coming close, so close right there naruto broke the kiss and threw his head back, "GAARA GAARA GAAAAAARRRRAAAA!" "NNAARRUUTTOOOO!" Naruto came hard in gaara's hand and some of his bed and gaara's cum shot deep into him making him hotter from the inside out.

They both fell onto the bed gaara on top of naruto. It was several minutes later that the panting and heartbeats slowed down, "well that's something I would love to do after ever long meeting with baa-chan," naruto concluded when able to breathe. Snuggling into naruto's neck gaara just smirked, "If we do this after every long meeting naru then you'd whined up pregnant in no time, if you already aren't." Naruto's eyes opened wide as he flipped them over starring deep into smoldering jade eyes only one word left his mouth.