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Chains rattle in the dark.

"Everywhere I look or at least I think I'm looking."

Nothing changes…at least not until they come back for more…, "questions."

The sound of a heavy metal door moves in the cave dark space.

"Ah so they've come back to, talk more with me…"

"Naruto Uzumaki."

I turn my head towards the voice of one of my captors, in the dark the spark of a match is struck and the lamps I've know where placed in the four corners of the room I was held in came to life.

Looking into the eyes of who I assume to be the leader of this ban of idiots, I tilt my head to the side some of my hair coving one now blood red eye at the man as I subtly watch the other three in the background. All four men weren't anything to write home about as far as either evil master minds or criminals were concerned. The apparent leader seemed to favor Zabuza as far as looks go but his overall chakra flow was lack majorly to even start a tremor of fear to rush down to being. The other three looked the part of mindless drones sent to follow to the follow the leaders order without question which ultimately will get them killed one day if not sooner than that.

There weren't any distinguishing feature on the men to affiliate them with any country or criminal ring so either they were mercenaries just looking for a good score or they expendable help playing with a higher party.

Now the question is, "What are they after?"

Giving the man a bored look I answer him with a simple…


The mans brow quirks a bit in irritation, whether because I do not fear him and the others or because I sound bored and unconcerned with this situation I don't know but never the less he continues.

"Do you know why you are here?"

Sighing in agitation, I dropped my head down to my chin; the chains these idiots have suspended my arms in have not only kept me from fall forward at the motion but also sucked the chakra out of me whenever I try to break free of them. Which brings me back to them working for a smarter higher party, the average mercenary wouldn't know what to bind a Jinchuriki or any high charka wielding being down.

"Well considering you idiots have been asking my that same question for the past three days seems to tell me that even you don't know why I'm here."

The resounding backhand to the face, was completely expected. This guy seemed to demand obedience and from a prisoner no less then fear and obedience.

"Well sorry pal you've never met a Ninja like me."

"I's sorry did I hurt your feelings I meant to say dumbasses"

Another backhand.

"Shit heads!"

Punch to the right eye.


Punch to the left eye.


Punch to the base of my nose and upper lip.

Blood slowly trickling down my nose to curve around my lips, which I quickly licked off.

"Is that all you have Mr. Mercenary? I've dealt with harsher treatment during my Chunin exams."

Completely lost in anger the Mercenary leader charged a hit straight for Naruto's stomach completely forgetting what happened two days prior, to answering scream from the man quickly lead to him remembering.

The second Naruto was aware of his predicament he channeled a large sum of chakra into his stomach and vital organs with the helpful guidance of Kyuubi so as to protect his kits as well as any vitals that maybe damaged while he was captured. The very first day of his capture his captors went straight for his stomach no restraint held or even thought of, they meant to kill his babies and that would simply not do.

Fists, brass knuckles, bats, pipes, shuriken, and kunai were all used to get to the children that lay within without any hope of actually succeeding. The only thing left in the wake of the assaults were a few bruises and a few minor cuts to his shirt and stomach which then healed within the next hour or so. One man got too close while aiming for his stomach and in so couldn't stop Naruto's legs from catching him in the side then wrapping around his waist to pull him in, which lead to Naruto sinking his then elongated fangs into the struggling man's neck ripping out the man's entire neck, vocal cords and part of the trachea included.

That little stunt lead to his legs being bound and a hour long beating, though it did hurt like hell to have four men on one, Naruto never cried out once, a few hisses and grunts but no pleas for it to stop nor any tears or flinches. If he could survive as child in Konoha to beating almost like this he'd be damned if he let them break him with their simplistic act of torture.

Speaking of torture it was damn near torture to listen to the leader of the idiots wail over his broken hand. Sure a few phalanges and metacarpals were obviously cracked and one or two where poking through the skin but it was his own fault for losing his cool and attacking a hardened chakra protected stomach.

The man finally left the room to tend to his hand, accompanied by one of the goons leaving just two in the room. Looking their way both jumped and the red of his eyes and murderous look in his face. Feeling very uncomfortable and invalid in the room with the shackled Jounin, the two remaining men left the room as well blessedly leaving the lamps lit.

Sighing to himself, Naruto sagged in his standing position and leaned further against the wall.

"How the hell do I get myself in these situations?"

~ Three Days Prior ~

It was any other sunny day in Konoha; Naruto has just left Tsunade's after getting another checkup, though at the end he had to fend her off about sending a few Anbu to escort him home since Gaara was away in Suna for some important meeting or other.

The good thing that came from the checkup was more photos of the babies that he wanted for his baby book he and Gaara were putting together. Though a bit on the feminine side, both wanted to document everything as both for future Uzumaki-Sabaku children as well as just a memento of all that had happened to bringing the triplets into the world.

Humming contentedly to himself, Naruto took the scenic route back home. Walking, more like waddling, though his widened hips made the waddle seem like an oddly sexy gate, Naruto gazed at the screen shots of his seven and a half month progressing children. The boys seem to be huddled around the girl. The image made Naruto smile.

"Already you two are protecting your sister."

Closing his eyes for a moment, Naruto couldn't help but sigh as he rubbed his bulging stomach.

"Soon I'll get to hold you three and love you just like your grandparents loved me."

But as the saying goes all good things must come to an end.

Across a field of grass Naruto notice three figures chasing after a smaller figure. Kunai drawn and a few shuriken or two being thrown and smaller person. Naruto couldn't stop himself from intervening if he tried. Hardening his stomach, he raced off as face as his stomach would allow, eventually catching up to the four, now apparent teens. With a few well-placed kunai, the three larger teens fell and left Naruto to catch the smaller one.

"Hey kid hey, you're okay now. What's going on…oh hey it's you!"

In Naruto's arms was the younger brother of the trouble making teen from months ago.

Shrugging out of his grasp the teen turned and looked Naruto in the face.

"Yeah I'm fine."

"You seem to attract trouble don't you? Reminds me of me when I was your age, ah those were the days. Well if you're sure that you're okay then I guess I'll be off."


Truing back to the teen Naruto looked him in the eye.


"Why did you save me?"

"Well that's a dumb question; you were in trouble so I came to help."

"But why?"

"Well, I remember what it's like wanting to fit it whether with friends or other villagers, I can see you aren't a bad kid and neither is your brother certain views from the village are kind of hard to get rid of, but hey if I'm going to be Hokage one day I need to make sure that everyone knows that I'm looking out for them even if they don't want me too. There are always going to be those that think I'm a monster but well as long as I can make it so that they can sleep at night knowing that the village is safe from harm then it's all worth it in the end."

Shrugging Naruto turned to leave again.

"Though it's none of my business as to why they were chasing you, if you ever need help or whatever just you know, call on me or ask for me from the other Jounin."

Now walking away Naruto didn't hear the dart flying towards his neck but he heard the screamed No coming from the teen.

Before whatever was on the dart, knocked him out he saw four men coming to stand around him.

"Hmm…an ambush…they must mean business…Kyuubi?"

"Yes Kit?"

"Protect the kits, whatever was on that dart must be some potent stuff I can feel paralysis setting in and my vision going out make sure the poison doesn't touch them."

"Of course Kit, should I take over?"

"No let's see how far this will go and if there is a bigger picture to my capture, however if things get deadly feel free to take over and go nuts."

"Will do."

Sagging to the ground all Naruto could feel was the teen rushing to his side.

"I'm sorry"

That was the last he heard as everything faded to black and all was still.

~ Present Time ~

Naruto just stared off into space thinking of how to escape when the time came for him to do so, also he wondered who could be pulling the strings behind this little charade.

At that thought, the sound of metal door swinging open drew his attention. Almost silent footsteps entered the room and blessedly thanks to the lamps still being lit Naruto trained his red eyes on to the once upon a time opposing figure of his past.

"Well well well, I can't say that I'm not surprised that you are the one behind this, considering you were behind a lot of shady deals in Konoha, good to know that I haven't gone too far from home.

"Oh how you wound me Uzumaki, what I do I do for the glory of Konoha not its destruction."

"So says the man who's had dealing with the likes of Orochimaru? Your words mean as much to me as the dirt beneath my feet."

"Now now Uzumaki, you forget that you are at my mercy not the other way around."

"Oh yes, the Mercenaries that can't seem to take a few disobedient words and good old fashioned Isolation. I've lived through quite a bit of everything you've thrown at me since I was ten, I think you can do better than that old man."

A dark chuckle drifted through the room.

"What if I told you that I've found a way to not only those abominations in your belly as well as that beast that you vessel. "

Naruto froze for a moment which the other man took for a fear and smirked, which soon vanished as Naruto began to smile while shacking with repressed laughter.

"That's what this is about being rid of me and my children, wow you're petty and very unoriginal."

Never liking to be mocked, the man walked forward with an acid laced kunai and plunged it, or at least tried to, into Naruto's chest.

Though tempted to scream Naruto held off and just gave a high pitched hiss and scrunched up his face.

The man withdrew the kunai and frowned when the wound slowly started to repair itself. Panting a bit Naruto looked at the man before him and smirked.

"Figured you were talking out your ass with this supposed killing of my kids and Kyuubi, Though Kyuubi could be removed you lack the power and resourced to both do it and contain her and as far as my kits are concerned well you could try to take them but if I don't kill you there are others that will."

Grunting the man turned on his heel and exited the room taking the light with it.

"We'll see about that Uzumaki!"

With that the door slammed shut, echoing harshly through the room for a few seconds.

Smiling to himself, Naruto smiled a half crazy fanged smile into the darkness.

"That we will…Danzo"

Red eyes glowed ominously in the darkness.

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