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'The waiting, the silence, my sun is gone, I'm in darkness again.'

'I can't take it anymore!'

'I can't be lost again!'

'It can't happen again!'

'It won't happen again.'


'Let me out'


'Let me out and I will find them'

'How can I trust you not to go berserk again?'

'To be honest you can't, it all depends on what we find at the end of this'


'But for now just know that you will still have a shred of control to pull me back in but unless they are…gone…there will be no stopping me, not this time, not until the person or people responsible are a slick coating on the floor, on the wall, on my sand, everywhere. At the end of this there will be rivers of blood to satisfy our vengeance, I do wish and hope that our loves aren't feeding into the rivers as well.'

'There are innocents among the wretched!'

'They will be spared for as long as there is still hope, but once our hope is snuffed out, so will theirs.'


'Do you concede?'


'You're giving me full control'


'Let it begin'

It's been two weeks since Naruto was taken, everyone worth their grain of salt has been out looking for the ninja, most deemed it a waste of time and resources while others were just happy that the demon of Konoha was gone. But the ones that care, the ones that want to see that blonde home haven't stopped looking.


Now it's been almost twenty-four hours since Shukaku has taken over Gaara. Out of everyone, he's taken the disappearance the worst, as he should.

His mate, his kits, his very reason to live had just vanished.

It's surprising he lasted this long, however, what surprised people the most was that he wasn't driven by blood lust, he's just tirelessly searching like all the others.

Almost every hour on the hour, sand was slowly filling buildings, homes, underground passage ways and chambers in search of Naruto, while the said demon sat atop the Hokage tower.

No one so far has been attacked or harmed by the sand. Shukaku hasn't made a single move to try and destroy the village, no matter how much the council had tried to push for the demon to be stopped in the first few hours of Shukaku's emergence. He just sits on the roof of the tower and pours more and more of his sand into the village. Eyes vacant, his aura and chakra pulsing with barely restrained hatred, loathing, and fear.

It's taken three meetings in the span of almost eight hours to finally get the council to settle down. From what was able to gathered from the Anbu, as well as Gaara before Shukaku took over, is that there weren't any residue of either Naruto or his attackers leaving the village.

Which leads to the questions; Where is Naruto? Why is he still in the village? and Who's keeping him and why?

Though the council are from older families that date back to the very establishment of Konoha there are other families of same historical and political prestige that could be knowledgeable and able to assemble up a plan like this but to what means and why?

What good is it to take a pregnant Jinchuriki, is it Kyuubi they want or the offspring of two demons?

"Where are you Gaki, where the hell are you?"

Three sharp knocks startles Tsunade out of her mind and into the present. Looking around her paper riddled desk, she signs dejectedly.

"Come in Shizune!"

Quickly shuffling in and closing the door behind her, Shizune looks around the office, noticing the increasing number of files on her friend's desk and too sighs sadly.

"So I'm guessing there are more petitions to just let Naruto go and bring back the other ninja?"

Furrowing her brow, and not caring it being only nine in the morning Tsunade, pulled out a bottle of saki and took a long pull straight from the bottle. Shizune was almost tempted to both yell and join her friend in the drink, but settled for looking disapproving in the end.

"It seems that everyone with enough power to have a say in this village wants to ignore the fact that that hyperactive blonde has risked his neck time and time again for this idiotic place and when things look grim for him they instantly turn their back on him and leave him to the wolves."

Taking another long pull of her bottle, Tsunade's face curls into a disgusted snarl, "If it wasn't for him, most of these bigoted, egotistical, brown nosing, tight asses would have died or been assassinated, or hell invaded if not for Naruto. Sure the brat causes trouble but a large amount of the time hes trying to save and better this village, it's just astounding. I know he'll make a marvelous Hokage one day I just need that dumbass back here to do it"

Taking another drink Tsunade frowns at seeing there wasn't much left. Finishing the rest, Tsunade chucked it away and caved in on herself on top of her desk. Tears would not come, but her soul was crying none the less. Her little brother was missing and no matter what she would find him, the consequences be damned.

Gathering her thoughts Shizune charged forward with the news that brought her into the office in the first place.

"I may have a lead as to who might be behind this whole thing."

Instantly snapping to attention Tsunade reaches for the files she just noticed in Shizune's hands.

"I was doing a lot of cross referencing for the past few months to see if there were any noticeable money transactions and shipping movements or anything of the sort because, as deplorable as it is, the best time to abduct Naruto would have been around now when he's almost due then when he was only a few month pregnant so looking back a few months I looked over every major family in Konoha to see if there were any weird or odd changes to the usual business deals and so on…"


Looking slightly dejected once more Shizune blushed a bit, "Well I found nothing really that would indicate who would have taken Naruto on that end. However, I did notice over the course of a three months there has been gatherings of Jounin and Anbu leveled ninja coming to and from a specific location due west of the village. The ninja I was able to actually track are of average standing while some I've now been able to find are not from here at all. The thing that seems odd is the given location that they are going in. As far as all the plans for Konoha go there isn't anything out there in that location."

Flipping through the notes Tsunade comes across a map of the west outskirts of the village looking through, nothing stood out but it's clear someone in the village was definitely behind the attack and were keeping Naruto, now it's finding the place he's being held and who is behind it all.

"Why hasn't anyone else told me about the sudden appearance of mysterious ninja in the village?"

"That's the most interesting thing of all, there has only been three ninja rotating in the section of patrol for the past six months. I dug into their files and again nothing major or noteworthy to report except all three were once members of the disbanded organization Root."

Jerking up in her seat Tsunade looked at the map once more then gathered up her outer kimono and flew to the door, a confused Shizune behind her.

"Tsunade where are you going?!"

"I need to find Kakashi, he was once recruited for Root he might be able to tell me where the hell the old Facility is and in the mean time I want you to gather up as much info as you can about what Danzo Shimura has been doing in the past few months."

"Yes ma'am."

In a dark room towards the center of town lays a man shifting onto his back to stare at the ceiling. Having just come home from another 12 hour shift of looking for his former student, Kakashi was beyond mentally and emotionally tired. There were always that hint of darkness in the ninja's two toned gaze but with the disappearance of the blonde the darkness was starting to take root and more and more memories that he would have liked to have fade away into nothing kept coming to the surface running any chance of a peacefully sleep or a sound mind.

Sighing to himself, Kakashi looked over to the sleeping man beside him. Iruka was always there for him when things got too dark for even him to handle. Though the ninja had gone through similar life situations as him, Kakashi had never expected the ninja to be such a large part of this life. Though becoming lovers to said ninja, and then a pseudo parent to the missing blonde ninja, had also not been something the silver haired ninja had ever thought would happen.

His father wasn't kidding when he said that it wasn't his time to die at least not then and hopefully not for a while yet, but now with every day that goes by with the golden haired ninja missing Kakashi could see everyone including himself slowly chipping away and falling further and further into emotional chaos.

Sitting up while still looking at the fitfully sleeping man beside him, Kakashi couldn't help but chuckle darkly to himself, "I always knew you'd be a trouble maker Naruto …"

Leaning over, Kakashi brushed some brown hairs away from Iruka's face, "I just never knew how much emotional trouble you'd cause…my son…"

Almost right as the words left his mouth there was a thunderous knock on the front door. Jerking awake, Iruka looked from Kakashi to their bedroom door where the muffled sound of the front door being brutally beaten was heard. Blinking the sleep from his eyes Iruka looks to Kakashi as the man gets up and doesn't even bother to grab his face mask as he grabs a pair of sweats off the floor and heads for the door. Reaching for his hair tie from the nightstand, Iruka ties up his hair and grabs a pair of sweats from his side dresser and follows the other ninja out.

Coming to the front door and sensing who it was Kakashi opens it to reveal a flustered looking Tsunade, before he could say anything Tsunade barges in and sits on taupe colored sofa not too far from the door.

"Kakashi sorry to barge in here but Shizune was able to find a lead on who might of taken Naruto…What can you tell me of Root?"

The pair froze as they took in the question. Giving each other a look they both moved over to the sofa facing Tsunade's and sat down.

Sighing Kakashi looked Tsunade in the eyes and said, "What would you like to know?"

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