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It's a sunny day in Konoha the village was alive, vibrant, and happy to see another day. All of the villagers were joyous on this day all except a certain blonde….

Naruto was walking through the village kind of in a haze he was still brooding over what his love had said after one of the best screws that they had ever had. Hell he still couldn't really walk right and it's been a total of three days since then and plus the demon kitsune in him and still nothing. But what gaara had said was still as fresh in his mind as the ramen he downs in every five hours.

"What the hell does he mind that if I'm already not pregnant, how can I be pregnant, last I checked I was all male even kyuubi is male (a/n: okay I don't know for sure but I always though kyuubi was a guy so enh o_O!), I mean it would be nice to be able to have his child, it would be the most wonderful thing ever. I kinda want children and I guess by his statement I think gaara wants them to."

'But am I mature enough to have children', he thought, 'I mean yeah I wised up about my apartment and got a nice house the other day on a technical whim. Then I've changed my eating habits I don't eat ramen that often anymore maybe five six servings a day. I no longer wear the bright orange jumpsuit anymore.' Looking down at himself he silently swore. 'I look like a cross breed of Sasuke and Itachi I don't even remember buying all the black clothes in my closet.'

Naruto was standing there wearing black baggy pants with chains and torn straps and a long sleeved fishnet shirt with a tight black shirt over it which showed the non-ounce of fat and all lean muscle that he developed over the years. His hair was longer than before it was longer than his fathers and through kami knows how became straighter (a/n: then he is lmao) but still light and fluffy.

'I mean look at me I have so matured though I still maybe hyperactive but in the overall part of it I have completely matured and…"Ow dammit what the", through his brooding and not paying attention to his surroundings he found him self walking into the Hokage building. Well the front doors of the hokage building more accurately. Still rubbing his sore head he decided he might as well see baa-chan and see if this thing checks out.

Walking through the doors and up the stairs he came across ton-ton and for some reason thought the already cute pig was really adorable today and scratched his head much to ton-tons delight and then picked the pig up much like you'd pick up a child and scratched around his pink tummy resulting in a squealing in pure euphoria pig. Smiling naruto continued walking to Tsunade's office, walking past bewildered Anbu officials and even a wide eyed slack jawed Shizune.

Tsunade was in the middle of talking to Kotetsu and Izumo when naruto walked in with ton-ton. There was silence in the room except for a squealing ton-ton and an every so often cooing naruto, three sets of eyes were trained on the now punk looking naruto and squealing pig.

Tsunade was shocked to say the least not really surprised she knew it would happen but still is shocked her that it would happen so soon. She called to him after breaking the trance that she seemed to be in. "O...Otouto-chan!"

Naruto looked up at here after zoning out him self he moved to put ton-ton down but the pig grunted in sadness which for some reason tugged at naruto's heart to where he cuddled the pig, much to everyone's amazement, and continued to stroke his pink tummy. He looked back up and looked everyone ones perplexed faces and kinda sweatdropped a bit.

"Hey baa-chan I see that you're busy so I'll come back later when…"

"No naru-kun its ok you can stay I'm almost done with these two just is down and I'll be with you in a sec."

He nodded and sat down with an arm full of pig and wait wasn't long it was over in 5-10 minutes and the dynamic duo left after looking at naruto one more time then they left. Tsunade was sitting at her desk looking at the smiling blonde with a wide smile on her face that could almost match naruto's.

"Ok naruto what is it that you need from me."

He slowly looked up at her with the smile still there and a slight blush on his face, tsunade was a combination between an onee-chan an okaa-san and a obaa-chan (a/n: for those that don't know Japanese: sister, mother, and grandma in that order) wrapped in one.

"Well after that boring meeting three days ago; me and gaara went back to my place and had some...fun and he said something that has me wondering if was even possible."

Oh scratch that, tsunade's smile beat naruto's right now by at least a trip to the moon and back.

Chuckling in an almost evil way she asked, "What kind of fun did you have naruto that has you concerned about what gaara-kun said and by what did said boy say?"

Her smile morphed over her face it was kinda creepy to see her smile like this it was almost evil in a way(a/n: its like when you see sesshomaru smile you know your either going to die or something really bad and I mean bad is going to happen smile, though it cracks me up XD)

He could tell she was teasing him and wanted to embarrass him and he slightly got mad at it for some reason and just blurted it out with almost no emotion, "We fucked one of the best fucks we've had in a while and he said basically that I could be pregnant satisfied," he rose an eyebrow at the end of that and watched her facial expression.

Her expression went from teasing to surprise to slight shock and then to endearment, which left naruto puzzled. She walked over to her gaki sitting ton-ton, who had fallen asleep due to his tummy being softly stroked, on the padded chair next to him and looked naruto straight in the eye, "It's true even though most demons are all male they can still reproduce and that's exactly what you and gaara did. So it's not a shocker that you might be carrying a pup but by the way you've been acting today you most certainly are with pup or are starting to completely conceive the pup."

Naruto was silent had his much longer than before bangs in his eyes tsunade thought that he either didn't believer her or didn't want the pup especially when he asked if she was sure. She placed her hands on his lower abdomen hands glowing green and eyes closing she smiled then leaned back, "Yes naruto you have completely conceived your going to have a baby."

Again it was silent until she heard him start chuckling, "I'm pregnant I'm going to have a child I'm going to have a child I'm going to have a family of my own," he looked up at tsunade with joyous blue eyes full of tears streaking down his face, "I'm going to have a complete family."

He stood up and hugged her crying in her large chest as she returned the hug with just as much emotion and slightly cried with him.

The tears kept coming for a while they didn't seem to stop but finally were able to stop, he smiled his a-million watt smile as he wiped his face with the backs of his hands.

Tsunade looked at him with some much love in her eyes he hugged her again. Resting her chin on the top of his head, "When are you going to tell gaara," still resting his head on her chest (a/n: he's the only one she'll let do that lol ha take that Jiraiya lmao), "The next time I'm out there which will be in a few days but I'm going to go fix up my house first and start making preparations for the baby."

Tsunade smiled already he was taking care of the baby after just founding out its existence naruto was the best shinobi in more ways than one and this is just one example why he is.

He left after making arrangements for checkups and promising to come to her for anything he may need. He smiled as he walked to Ichiraku he sat down with the biggest and brightest smile on his face he didn't even notice the three people there that were calling his name since they were being blinded by his smile. One of them got up and smacked him in the back of the head which after a few seconds got his attention.

"Oi Oi what was that for," rubbing the back of his throbbing head, 'what's with people hitting me in the back of the head seriously' after leaving his brain he say who hit him in the back of the head, "Hey Sakura,"(a/n: just so you know I cant stand sakura I really cant she made naru's life very hectic in the beginning and I still hate her for it so I only put her in here for the sake of the story), looks over and sees sasuke and lee, "Oh hey guys sorry I didn't say hi I was kinda out of it thinking again sorry."

Sasuke being the teme that he is asked, "You thinking and not ordering ramen that's a miracle, well... you thinking in general is a miracle."

"Oh shut up teme!"

"But seriously though naruto what could you have been thinking of that would make you so happy and skip out on ordering ramen?" asked a eyebrow raised sakura.

'Should I tell them I mean they are my best friends and all well lee most likely wont care sakura might squeal like ton-ton' he smiled again at how cute that pig was, 'but what about teme what would he say oi oi what ever I'll just tell sakura and see what she thinks.

Sasuke watched as naruto grabbed sakura and whispered into her ear about something and what ever it was she squealed like a school girl and glomped the dobe both smiling like idiots.

'What did the dobe tell her and why wont he tell me, or is it about me does he want to go out with me and asked for sakura's permission? Like he needs it she's with lee, he could just ask me or is it not about me what did I miss while I wasn't here (a/n: naruto brought sasuke back a few weeks ago and didn't know that he and gaara are dating and duh sasuke's gay hello sasuke think about it X3).

Naruto was happy that sakura squealed like he thought she would that made him feel so much better, "So what do you think?"

"I love it, it's wonderful I get to be the aunt right?" naruto looked at her like 'do you really need to ask' and she just smiled more, "So when did you find out and did you tell gaara?"

Naruto sighed, "I found out a total of forty-five minutes ago and no I haven't told gaara well besides that tomorrow will you help me set up my house for the baby?"

The conversation was gradually getting louder and that's when lee and sasuke heard the word baby they both yelled, "Who's having a baby?" and without really thinking sakura blurted out, "Naruto is", then clamped her hand over her mouth and looked at the wide eyed naruto, "I'm so sorry naruto was I not supposed to tell them?"

"No that's fine I was gonna tell them anyways you just sped up the process." She smiled glad he wasn't upset with her and went to hug him again but was beat to it by lee.

"Oh what joy Naruto-kun you're going along the path of the righteous path of parent-hood may the path be joyous and wonderful," squeezing him where you could have sworn you heard bones breaking, "Too tight lee to tight!" Lee instantly let go, "Sorry naruto-kun."

"S'okay lee and what have you to say about this sasuke?" everyone looked back at the silently pissed off Uchiha, Naruto already knew were this was going to go 'well two out of three ain't bad', he mentally scratched the back of his head.

Sasuke was pissed, he really was, the dobe was supposed to be his and already he had some unworthy whore pregnant ,his naruto, HIS DOBE.

"WHO IS IT?" he yelled startling everyone in the bar except naruto, naruto just sat there and stared at him, "which do you mean who am I fucking or who is it that is pregnant?"

Everyone was taken back by this naruto never spoke like that unless he as very angry and he didn't look the slightest bit upset if anything you'd say he was amused.


Again startling everyone but naruto he just looked at sasuke and said, "The one I'm fucking has been and only been gaara."

There was a silence as sasuke to this in 'then if he's only been with him then…' Seeing the question in his eyes naruto answered, "I'm the one that's pregnant sasuke," touching his hand to his stomach and smiled the most peaceful and happy smile anyone has ever seen on his face it put all of his other smiles to shame.

It slightly pained sasuke to see that smile and he wasn't the one that caused it.

Naruto saw the hurt and sighed, "I'm sorry sasuke but I love gaara very much and I'm having his child if you accept it or not."

He got up told sakura to meet him tomorrow at his place at eleven so they could have lunch then go baby shopping and then started to leave the old man tried to offer him ramen but miraculously he said he'd fix him something at home and walked out of the bar leaving everyone stunned from sakura and lee to sasuke to the old man and his daughter to the regulars of the bar as they watched the secondary 'Yellow Flash' walk away from ramen.

Sakura turned to sasuke and hit him up side the head which sent him to the other side of the bar the only thing she said as she and lee walked out was, "teme."

Naruto made it home not to long after leaving the ramen bar and was jumped on by a small bundle of black. Cutting on the living room light he could properly see the little bundle and smiled, "Well hello to you too kurohi," scratching behind black ears earning a dog-ish purr.

Kurohi is a little fox kit around came up to his knee and is exactly as his name says he is a black fire his fur is a gloss black and his eyes are a fiery red in all he was a creature to be hold but he's abnormal for the foxes of konoha for one he's black and two he has four tails.

Naruto found him the day gaara left, he was coming back home from training and saw a small group of teen punks gathered around something every once in a while kicking at it and laughing at the little yelps that could be heard from inside the little group, if that wasn't enough to piss him off what the leader of the group said pissed him off.

'Hey doesn't it remind you of that naruto guy' one of the lackeys nodded, 'You guys think we should kill it like most of the village wanted to kill him' naruto was pissed but then the lackeys backed off one said, 'hey man that's not cool, that naruto guy saved this village from a lot of things even after all the stuff they did to him when he was younger, now thinking about we should leave the thing alone' the leader guy just scrunched his face, 'but how can we trust a freak like that or any other freak for that matter so lets kill it.

The lackeys backed off giving naruto enough room to see the creature and automatically melted at how cute it was but, what really got him was that even kyuubi melted, 'hey kit save it save him please... I cant see one of my descendants killed, please save it' naruto didn't need to be told twice and moved in right at the time the leader pulled out a kunai and was about to pierce the side of the fox.

Sending enough chakra into his hand to grab the blade without cutting himself naruto was glad that the fox ran away into the bush the second it saw him.

The boss wannabe grunted no know at first who caught his blade, "hey who the hell do you think you are idiot you should mind your own…"

As he was talking naruto stood up and towered over him and then he knew exactly who it was.

"…Business," naruto looked dead at him with kyuubi's eyes, "I think it is my business since he reminds you of me."

You could hear and see he guy swallow as he visually shook, his friends booked as soon as they got a look at his eyes. The guy passed out as soon as a hint of promised pain came into naruto's eyes, naruto smirked and took out his famous prank marker and wrote all over him; naruto was here, Uzumaki rocks, points to his eye I am gay, points to his mouth got cock, animal kicker, giggling to him self he then performed a genjutsu so the he couldn't see it for a few hours.

After that he continued to walk to his new home that gaara helped him move into before he left as he was almost ten feet from the passed out boy that the black fox came out and jumped on him. He yelped as the black bundle landed in his lap sighing he started to pet his head, "well your not weird, yeah your all black but that's not so…"

Then the seemingly tail fanned out into four tails.

"Okay well little guy it seems like this is where we say good bye."

The kit gave a sharp whine and kind of clung to naruto's pants, then kyuubi pops up out of now where 'kit he said that he wants to be with you.'

"But don't you have a mother somewhere?" and like magic the kit shook his head no, "so you want to come with me," the kit licked his hand, "alright well lets go home then."

Naruto picked up the kit and walked home.

Naruto walked into the kitchen and made him and kurohi a little snack then went to take a shower, which kurohi wanted to take with him. The hot water felt good and kurohi loved it when shampoo was rubbed into his fur. The shower was wonderful and well needed but drying kurohi was the funny but hard part since the fox seemed to hate blow-dryers and wound up looking like a black puffball for a bit(a/n: like those soot things off of spirited away lol kawaii).

Naruto crawled in bed with kurohi at his side.

"Kurohi," the little fox look at him as he called his name (cute ^_^) "I'm going to have a baby," he ribbed his belly and smiled again.

Kurohi extended his neck and licked naruto's nose and lay back down.

Naruto giggled and smiled at the fox then petted his fur, cutting off the light and went to sleep thinking if the babies room should be orange or not.

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