Barely in the afternoon and the small pie restaurant was already filled with people. Jen's Pies was a peaceful place for all types of people from hard working traffic men in for a quick beer or the couples gathering together in the corner sharing. The size of a simple regular apartment in the large city, everyone was close together, watching above counter T.V.

"Once again, everyone is buzzed to know who this mysterious 'Ironman.' Who is the man under the mechanical suit?" A scene popped up before the blonde report of the great Tony Stark in conference. "I am Ironman…"

Angel watched in jaded curiosity, sucking on the last of the ice cream off her spoon. Very tired of repeated, old news, Angel wondered if the news would ever move onto any other subject. These days it was Ironman this, Ironman did that, he saved someone, stopped a runaway bus, etc. It was like Tony Stark had the news eating out of his hands and hearing anything else that was not about the man was very rare.

Angel sighed, the day was going nowhere and her contact was late again. If she heard another Ironman story, she was personally going to go up and change the channel herself. Then she felt a presence next to her and she smiled.

"You're ten minutes late," she coldly scolded. "Next time you're late I'm docking your pay." She felt the man next to her flinch and stutter out his excuse.

"I know but my class ran over late again. You wont believe this College kid. He asked the same question in ten different ways and still didn't understand. Seriously. How hard is to not understand the dynamics of CG progr-"

Angel cut in before explained his whole day to her, "Jeremy, I don't care about your problems." He wrinkled his nose out at her in frustration. Pushing his glass up his nose back in place, he proceeded to pull out of his funky gray backpack a file and flopping it onto the counter in front of Angel.

"Here you go, Miss Coldhearted, is the new assignment. I looked over the file and book this one myself. This one's a keeper. This one's going to be easiest assignment you ever took in your life and it's dripping in doe," he said, smirking like he just won the lottery.

Angel kept an eye him as she carefully opened the file to documents and a clipped photo of someone she would not have wished to be there: Tony Stark. His handsome, playboy face was taken what looked like a passer by in black and white. He probably had no idea this person had just captured his image that was now sitting in front of Angel. Angel looked up, with no emotions in her voice asked the same question she asked her contact every time they met. "What do I need to do?"

Jeremy sighed as he dragged her pie out from under her, "You're heading out to L.A area All the hirey said was that you need to keep track of Mr. Stark and find out who is after him."

Angel cocked an eyebrow, "Surveillance. I thought perhaps I was hired to take him out. Does the client know he could have hired a detective?"

Jeremy shrugged with the spoon in his mouth "He seemed insistent that you alone talk this one, Angel. He really believes in your talent of getting the job done and keeping this clean."

Angel looked around to make sure no one was interested in their discussion and continued on, "I take it there are lines not to cross…"

"Don't get caught, and very importantly, don't let Stark know that you are watching him. Secrecy is the utmost important thing here," Jeremy explained through bites.

"What of this person out to get him…" Angel said folding the papers up and back to the file. Jeremy finished up and set the spoon down to look her in the eye. "See that's the funny part. I got a feeling this person knew who it was but was afraid to say outward who. As for dealing with them, he didn't say. It's up to you, but I can already guess what that would be." With that Jeremy made a jester of running his finger across his throat.

"But I know you know best and I have the utmost faith that my favorite employer will be okay considering your track record. No failure, perfect excellence on every mission I would say," Jeremy said. Angel knew he was sucking up for a purpose and stared at him as he got to the point. "So maybe a raise for your long time running contact. Say sixty percent of the money." A cute, sad puppy face stared back her as she glared back.

"No fifty, fifty and that's the final price," Angel said so cold that Jeremy inched away to the edge in his pink stool. "If you want a raise, you work for it."

Jeremy put his hands up, "Okay! Don't bit my head off. Shesh. Fifty, fifty it is. Just thought I would try. You know negotiation with you is like trying to teach a stump to do tricks."

Angel did not care for his comment as she got up. Assignment was given and there was nothing more to talk about. "Stay in touch I many need you." With that Angel left a sighing Jeremy mumbling to himself about his mistreatment.

Taking a walk through the park and circling around blocks to make sure unwanted watchers did not follow her home, she enter her small apartment. Not very big and only room for one, Angel had the bare basics needed to survive. Her living room was a simple couch, glass coffee table and a T.V. set in a 12 by 20 foot area. Her bedroom was just a bed, closet, and a side table and the kitchen was a stove, small fridge on a dinning table and a chair. It was like stepping into an inn room: nothing but bare minim. Angel liked it this way because her career choice caused her to move around a lot, she gave up on ever owning anything permanent.

Angel flopped the file down on her coffee table as she headed to her bedroom to pack up. Grabbing out a semi, already packed suitcase, Angel grabbed the usual needed items to live out in L.A. for, as long she needed to rap up this new assignment. Packing was the easiest part: it was finding a place to stay that was a bitch.

After loading stuff up, Angel sat down on her bed next to the side table, thinking of where to stay for the time. Sure she was used to staying in hotels on assignments, but it was easier to stay undercover if you stayed at a fixed location. Using the excuse of visiting family was easier to tell someone who asked than saying you were just there.

Angel quickly pulled out a cell phone as she remembered a very important person she had known while back. She had not seen let alone talked to her, but she knew that she would be welcomed with open arms from her former best friend.

"Hello, Leanne Feldman here," said a calm, collected female voice. Angel paused at her voice, and then spoke up before Leanne hung up on her. "Hello, Leanne. I hope you don't mind me calling. It's Angel."

There was a long pause before a large, overly excited squeal rang through the earpiece causing Angel to wince. "Angel! Where the hell have you been my whole life?! Girl, I miss you!"

Angel smiled on the other end, remembering the old over hyper Leanne, "I've been busy. Trying to get my life together and all. So I was wondering if you still live up in the L.A. area."

"Of course! I moved up though. I'm in the Hollywood side with all the hotties. Girl, are you coming around then?" Leanne was just a ball of energy as Angel scrambled to explain away to get herself a cover. "Um, yah. I'm coming down to…to find a job. I was thinking maybe somewhere down in L.A., you know. I just thought I would let you know and maybe we could get together or something."

Leanne thought before bursting out, "Where are you staying?"

"I was thinking maybe the Hilton…" Angel heard Leanne sucked in air and then insisted loudly, "That wont do! You should stay with me! We can hang more, go clubbing, and go guy searching…you still single?"

Angel blinked, "Of course."

Leanne squeaked again, "Yay! I'll tell you the direction when hit town. Oh, you don't know how much I missed girl. Chow, till later than."

Angel was left in silence as she slowly hung up the phone. Angel forgot just how much energy Leanne had and wondered if she did the right thing. The lying part did not bother as much as the fast that she would have to keep it constant and keep track of it if Leanne was going to keep her busy. Angel sighed. Getting the assignment was the easiest part, executing it now was going to get trickier and trickier.

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