-Unneeded Past-

Angel rushed down in a flash. Only Leanne was going for the door, which meant Tony and Rhodes were still at the di nner table. Leanne heard Angel yell, "Don't open it," as Angel whisked past her. Leanne went after Angel to grab hold of her to see what was the matter.

Angel dodged Leanne's grip as she went for the bolts on the door and locked them. Angel knew a simple lock would not hold whoever was on the other side, especially if they were with the Organization. "What the hell is going on, Angel?!"

"Ah, I tell you more inside…" Angel sputtered out, grabbing hold of Leanne as she pulled her back and away from the door. Leanne struggled in Angel's grasp, trying to figure out if Angel had lost it. Because of her struggling, she slowed Angel's progress down from pulling her away from the door as it became too late.


Leanne turned to the door busting open and put her arm up to protect herself from it falling on her. Angel saw the door fly off the hinges so she got in front of Leanne to fend the flying door off. Caught between Leanne and the door, she took the brunt of the force as it knocked her over, which cause Leanne to go with her. She threw the door aside with little concern of her surroundings.

Angel looked up to see a sandy-blonde looking down on her. She frowned as she recognized him right off the bat: it was Ash. Angel jumped up and tackled him before he got further into the house. She knew he was not expecting her to fight back physically as then went flying back into the doorway.

Angel heard Tony and Rhodes yelling and running to help behind her. She cursed as she saw Ash look from below her to see Tony. She registered shock in his face as he finally pushed her up. He was not expecting Tony Stark to be here. That was not a good sign. That proved he had some connection to what was going on.

Angel was shoved up, but corrected herself to see Ash pick up a large flower pot and throw it at Tony and Rhodes. It was large enough they both could not exactly dodge it as they fell down with the pot in hand. Angel moved in to try and punch the bastard, but missed as he ducked back. She tried to kick him, and he dodged it, but he was at least moving back. He was losing ground and that was the goal.

Ash finally got Angel's tactic and tried us her wild hits against her by grabbing her leg when she kicked and tossed her back. She realized this method only works up until the enemy figured out he was losing ground and decided the time called for a new change.

With a round kick to the head that he caught and held, but before he could toss her away, she grabbed her thigh knife. So when she was back on two feet she twisted in one motion to strike. Ash eyes widen, nearly ducking to miss a blade slashing above him. He rolled behind as she tried to bring the blade sown on him.

Angel soon gave up trying to scare away the S2 and knew exactly what he was after. Soon Tony and Rhodes would be caught in this duel and Angel could not afford the distractions. So in a quick decision, she made a dash outside. Ash got up and tried to grab Angel as she passed him. She dodged and was pleased by his reaction, it meant he was only after her.

Angel ran hard as she could to her bike, and in one motion, retrieved her keys from the side of her bra and started it up. Ash tried to grab her off, but she sped away, feeling his finger tips graze her shoulders. She could hear him cursing as he jumped on his own motor cycle.

Angel felt like she was in déjà vu, remembering the last little chance she had with the other member, Rose. It might explain how he knew about her being here in town: the other S2 must have told the others. Angel cursed. Great she had the whole hive to deal with now.

Angel looked back at turns to see Ash close behind. At one turn he was so close he could have reached out to touch the back tip of her silver bike. To shake him she put on of her legs down to bank in a sharp turn down a narrow alleyway. She had the advantage here because her bike and her were smaller than Ash and his monster bike. Nearly having close calls with the close walls, she funneled out into a busy market street.

People screamed at Angel as they got out of the way to let her pass. More screams were heard from behind as Ash followed out of the alley. Angel tried to get out of the plaza and down the stairs to the road. Of course Angel hoped that because Ash's bike was bigger, it could not handle the stairs with ease like hers, but she was proven wrong yet again. From a crowded plaza to on coming traffic, Angel's day was getting better and better by the moment.

She lost count of how many times she had close calls to getting full on hit by cars. They zoomed by with angry drivers yelling profanity as she kept on going. Not only was she swimming up stream, but she was beginning to go nowhere fast as traffic got harder and harder to dodge. She had to get before she became a pancake on some bodies windshield. She veered onto the side walk, but it too was so crowded with tourist she was slowed down significantly by their dodging bodies. Ash too was having a problem as well but he was slow creeping up to her.

Angel cursed, she had to get off the bike and make a run for it. It was the only chance to lose him in the crowd. She turned into another alleyway, luckily, not so crowded to slow down as she fell with her bike on the side. Angel plan worked perfectly as the bike slid up and under a parked, large truck and into a slightly closed garage. Angel, letting of the bike, slid slower and then stopped to right herself by getting up.

Leaving the bike in the garage, she made her way through the back door of what was an old apartment building. Breaking through a rusted door, Angel dashed into a long hall way of dirty walls full of graffiti and other substances she would not dare ask what it was, as she made her way to a rusty cage holding the elevator. She grabbed the gate and yanked it. To her dismay, it was so old that the gate would not give. Cursing at it, and giving it a few kicks, she gave up and looked up for another option. Where there is an elevator, there are stairs too.

Angel dashed to where she hopped the stairs would be at the next corner and up she went. She ran hard, skipping two at a time. Halfway up she had to stop, trying to remember how to breathe out of her nose. The door below slammed, which caused Angel to pick up her pace again. She could hear him starting up the steps as she rushed out onto a questionable roof. It was cracked, a bit caved in at the center, but that was that last worry Angel had.

She ran frantically to all the edges to look down to see a ledge or something to use to jump to another roof or down on, but decided this was it. She ran back to stand next to the door as she heard the Ash's foot falls just behind the it.

Angel saw the door kicked open, nearly smashing her behind it, but she remained still as a statue, waiting. She watched as the door shut behind a confused Ash who stood before her. Angel saw her chance as she tackled him from behind. She jumped on his back to bring him down, but miscalculated, as he threw her over his shoulder. She slid away from him, towards the inclined center of the roof and jumped up.

For a moment neither one moved as they stared the other down; neither one ready to stand down. Each one was out of breath, but neither was trying to show it. They were both stubborn till the end. Suddenly the tension was cut when Ash smiled at her and stood tall, relaxing his stance.

"Angel," Ash finally said, like their past fight had no meaning to it. He opened his arms out to show like was greeting a long lost friend as Angel lowered her fists. Angel greeted back, "Ash."

"So where you been?" Ash asked, generally curious. Angel eyed him, unsure where Ash was taking this, and answered vaguely, "Around."

Ash nodded, "I see that. But perhaps you would be more gracious to answer why another S is hunting in our territory?"

"Ohhh, I see how it is. Concern I'm hunting you're guys' precious game, am I?" Angel asked sarcastically. Ash just kept emotional less, saying, "No two hunters can hunt in the same territory. So why are you here?"

Angel laughed at him, and said straight, "You mean, 'No eleven S2's, and one S3 can work in the same area, yah?' That is how many are left, after all? I don't see how me being around can cause such a stir. Or are you guys hiding something?"

Ash folded his arms and stared her down, "We have been unfortunate since you left. There are only 7 left, not eleven. We had large lose at the last of the government's attempt to purge us from existence. So you being here ever attracts attention to us from the wrong people, then yes, it is a big concern. We do not need anymore losses."

"Uh-hunh," Angel replied, raising an eyebrow, "So here's a query. Why would the great Organization S be in the same area and near the great Tony Stark? So try and convince me that you guys didn't get hired to take out Stark."

Ash tilted his head to the side to give Angel the straightest and the detached response, "Who said we want Stark dead? Last I check, we move where we please, without assignments attached."

Angel, groaned in her head as she knew this was heading mind-game-vill, "And last I checked you guys move with purposes, not out of pleasure."

Ash shrugged, "The purposes could be many, not just one." Angel smirked, "And yet you attacked me first. Which suggests to me that being around hinders that purpose. And thus, leads me to the simple fact that you guys are in the middle of what's going on here."

"Was I the first to attack?" asked Ash, with a smug look, "Last I remember it was you who tackled me and thus tried to knife me."

"Don't be a smartass," Angel angrily mocked, "Nobody likes a smartass, Ash."

"Off course," Ash said as he began to bore and decided to take peek downward, over the edge of the building, "It seems neither of us are willing to help the other out."

Angel began moving, keeping an equal distance between Ash and her as he moved around. "So it would seem. So what now?"

Ash sighed, "My orders were just to make contact." Angel snorted, "Like hell they were."

Ash shrugged, "And to warn you to keep your distance so long as you are in our territory."

"Who said it wasn't mine?" retorted Angel. Ash just smiled, and sat on the ledge, "You know the rules. The one assigned to that area for the job has rain over needed territory. You are second to come here."

Angel smirked and said, "I thought those were more like guidelines?" Ash got serious and coldly stated, "Don't break rules unless prepared to deal with consequences. I can assure you that if you do not follow our request and the rules applied, you will go from predator to prey in minutes.

"You have been warned," was the last thing Ash said, falling back from the ledge. Angel ran to the ledge to see him crouching from the fall and getting up to walk to the parked bike. Angel rolled her eyes, and shouted, "Show off!"

Angel heard Ash laugh over the engine and give her the birdie as he drove out of the alleyway and away. Angel sighed and looked out and around to see her location. It had gone better than she planed. Not what she was expecting, but at least she did not have to kill today.

Angel walked back and down the stairs to go back to the real world. Oh God, she had forgotten. How the hell was she supposed to explain this to Leanne. Now it was near to impossible from keeping in the dark. God, why her?

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