A World Tipped on its Head

By: Garnet Sky

Disclaimer: Danny Phantom belongs to Butch Hartman. The story belongs to Cordria.

Note to the Reader: Before reading this, reading Cordria's "Star Shots: Chapter 90" or you will not understand this. This is a continuation of her oneshot, written by permission.

Prologue: Butterfly Amidst the Bees







Everything has its opposite.

Oh, you'll know the subtle difference when you travel to that place. It is the world which parallels ours. The world beyond the mirror.

"Um, what powers are you talking about, Mom?" I asked. Can't you make up some decent lie that sounds convincing?

"Sweetie, you've been worked up about not being like everyone else. You're a late bloomer that's all. Now, why don't you go upstairs and get some rest?" his mother suggested, a hint of worry in her voice.

Danny had to blink at that. "Uh, ok?" He fled the room before she could ask him anymore questions.

Maddie stared hard at his retreating form. "Something's a bit off about him."

She failed to notice that the necklace had disappeared.

"Are you pulling my leg?" Danny asked his friends, glancing fearfully at the Box Ghost.

"Affirmative," Tucker said, handing him an ordinary soup thermos.

"Danny, if you don't want to do this, we can always call your parents," Sam suggested.

"No!" Danny said, gritting his teeth. "I can handle this. This is the Box Ghost, we're talking about?"

"I'm not deaf, ya know!" said ghost bellowed.

"Yeah, we know," Sam said, rolling her eyes.

Danny, meanwhile, snuck up to the cubical menace and tapped him on the shoulder. "Tag, you're it!" he yelled, taking off running.

"Did Danny just do what I think he did?" Tucker asked, dropping his PDA.

"Yep," Sam said, staring at her friend's retreating form.

"It's official, he's lost his marbles. We'd better catch up to him," Tucker said, as he and Sam sprinted off after Danny.

The Box Ghost just stood there, an obtuse look on his face. "What's 'Tag'?" he asked no one.

"Hey, human, want to come out and play?" Danny heard Dash's voice, taunting him from the street below.

"As if," he muttered.

Staring into the mirror, he saw the same messy black hair and baby-blue eyes he saw every day.

"The stinking human thinks he's better than us halfas," Dash said aloud to his cronies. "Hey, Fenton, think you're better than us, do you?"

Danny had had enough. Throwing open the window, he stuck his head out. "Don't you have something better to do than torment me outside my own house, Dash?"

Dash smirked innocently. "I just wanted to give you something, Danny."

Danny swallowed. When Dash used his first name, he knew from experience, something bad was going to happen. "Give me what, Dash?" he asked.

"This," came the reply. An ectoblast hit him a second later, throwing him back against the wall.

Danny's eyes flashed green. "If it's hardcore you want, Dash Baxter, it's hardcore you'll get," he ground out. So saying, he jumped out the second story window.

Hearing the taunts of the school bullies out on the street, she threw open the door to be met by screams. Following their pointing fingers, she looked up to see her son throw himself to his death outside his second-story window.

"Danny!" she screamed, as he triggered his transformation.

"Tag, Danny?" Sam asked, as they stopped for breath a half-block away.

"It was all I could think of on the spur of the moment," he said. What was I thinking?

"You could have just gone ghost and whooped his butt, like the thousands of other times you've fought him," Tucker snapped.

"Well, excuse me, but you two are the halfas," Danny answered. "I'm just a human, remember?"

"Ok, we're taking you home," Sam said, grabbing his arm. "You'll feel better in the..."

Danny wasn't listening, because he was now lying about six feet away, a cardboard box full of socks (of all things) had hit him square in the chest.

"Tag!" the Box Ghost crowed. "You're it!"