AN: Well since I kept getting people saying continue here's chapter 2

AN: Well since I kept getting people saying continue here's chapter 2

Disclaimer: I already did this so don't bugging me about it

Chapter 2: Demon's and Angel's love

Hinata met up with Naruto and the fire daimyo at the north gate and headed towards the meeting place at the borders of Moon and Star. They figured it would take about 5 days to reach the designated border. The first day's trip was very quiet. Hinata was doing her best to stand straight with perfect posture, to stop fidgeting, and to stay focus. The fire daimyo noticed almost instantly as well as he knew exactly why. He also kept this fact to himself thinking 'Oh young love what a beautiful thing. (insert lecherous laughter here (obviously he expected something to happen that was at least a little inappropriate.))' Naruto was suspicious first Hinata starts acting weird and next the fire daimyo isn't scowling at him at all in fact if Naruto didn't know any better he'd think the guy was smiling at him. But that couldn't be right even if the guy supported him he should still hold at least some form of hatred or contempt for him it just didn't make since. 'Oh well I'm not supposed to be the informed one even if that is what my jutsu was supposed to be for.' He thought.

They traveled for six hours in the daylight before it all became night and they had to prepare a camp. Much of the journey so far consisted of Naruto running out ahead, Hinata speeding up to catch up, the fire daimyo bringing his horse to a gallop to get back along side the two of them, the daimyo telling them- in a fatherly tone- "Slow down you need to conserve your energy in case there is an attack.", them slowing down, and then the cycle continued again after 10 to 20 minutes. When they finally set up camp Naruto was so beat he fell asleep instantly and Hinata followed soon after leaving the feudal lord to as he wished without distraction.

As soon as Hinata had gone to bed the feudal lord tied his horse to a nearby tree and made himself a fire which he sat in front of while he thought over the recent events. 'If only you where here Minato. You'd be so proud of your son. He's like you in more ways than anyone can imagine- at least nowadays he is- and when he isn't acting like you he is exactly like Kushina. He must be making you both proud from where ever in the after life you are. You must be smiling down on him.' Then hears an unzipping sound and a rustling of leaves and without turning around he asks, "Going out for a late night walk, or something? Don't stay out too late. We can't sleep in too late tomorrow, or we may never get to the meeting town."

She merely gave a nervous "yes" for a reply and took off.

"Hum. Kids just s determined these days. Well I better take my own advice and get to bed soon. Especially in my old age I can't stay out too late." The aging daimyo thought out loud. Within the next hour he had put out the fire, gotten into his tent, and was fast asleep.

One hour later, Naruto wakes up and thought, 'man I got to piss a waterfall.' He got out of the tent and walked a good distance from the tent and began relieving himself. While he was out there he started to listen to the natural habitat around him and heard a waterfall not to far off in the distance. 'Hum ironic a waterfall. Wait a second I'm getting a disturbing since of déjà vu. It's all so familiar let's see: Hinata's missing from her tent, I've got to pee like crazy, we're near a waterfall, and –hey what's that,' when he is done relieving himself he hides behind a bush and stares into the waterfall. There dancing beneath the water of the waterfall and shine of the moonlight was a mysterious silhouette that seemed vaguely familiar only a little different from the last time he'd seen it, 'It's that same angel from the search for that special bug. I knew I hadn't been dreaming or just seeing things. Huh Kiba owes me a visit to Ichiraku's and man am I gonna get all the ramen I can out of that visit.'

"Stop thinking about your stomach and all the gloating you'll be doing when you get back home and start figuring out a plan to find out who she is. Don't let her get away like last time act like that Nara friend of yours and figure something out that can catch without hurting her or letting her get away." Kyubi growled trying to get his container off thoughts of food and onto thoughts of getting a useful mate –at least in Kyubi's eyes.

'Yeah but since when have you been interested in my love life Kyubi?' Naruto inquired.

"What love life. But seriously you're an idiot kit. Let me spell it out for you so that you don't hurt that underused thing you call a brain- I don't want to have to fix that as well. If my container has kits that have a powerful mother, not just a powerful father- which you're still a long ways away from- then his kits will be powerful to. If his kits are powerful then the clan he creates with them will be powerful as well. If this clan is powerful and he is the leader of this clan then he will be at least equally as powerful. Do you see my reasoning here yet kit?"

'Ah I guess I can't argue with that logic so what's the plan?'

"Oh no! I already know who she is your going to have to figure it out on your own. It will be good practice for you."

Naruto thought for a little while and then it hit him "Kage Bunshin no jutsu" a ring of Narutos circled around the angel. It was so dark that she didn't even notice a thing, "Set up the nets" they whispered down the line only loud enough for the next one to here, and they then shot wire up forming a giant dome of a net that surrounded and entrapped her which was when they showed themselves. She tried to run but got caught in the net and when she came face to face with her attacker he gaped in awe and she blushed "Hinata-chan" he whispered too stunned to do anything else.

AN: there another chapter done. Well sorry for the clichés, the unoriginality, the cliffhanger, and the peeing scene, but I at least got some development and I promise there are going to be very few or very small cliffhangers in this story so just bare with it. Well thank you and goodnight.