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Chapter1: Landing in Konoha

Naruto and the teams that had gone with him to retrieve Sasuke had finally caught up to him and the team he had put together from some of Orochimaru's less loyal subordinates unfortunately that's as far as their luck went. Their four enemies had apparently joined the Akatsuki. This really complicated things because now team eagle were placed under designation to be killed on site even though that also meant the death of the person the mission was organized to rescue. Twenty minutes into the confrontation and the situation had only gone from bad to worse. Sure, Jugo had been quickly taken down by combined efforts from both teams and some heavy influence from Hinata's juken; Karin had been decimated by one of Sakura's punches; and Suigetsu had been killed by some of Yamato's mokuton and doton jutsu, but after that everything had just gone down hill starting with Yamato dying with a chidori nagiri charged stab with Sasuke's sword.

At this point in time the only ones left were Naruto and Sasuke once again. They were going at it like a second Valley of the End- Sasuke using his immortal Mangekyou Sharingan and second level curse seal, and Naruto having three active chakra tails of youki- going after each other with speed and strength that no other shinobi in the world could even hope to see let alone match. They were even preparing their final jutsu- the flapping chidori and youki oodama rasengan. As soon as they made contact Naruto began pulling back on the power of the rasengan and the chidori began ripping through Naruto's arm until it went straight through his heart. Sasuke was horrified by this he had started this chidori-rasengan struggle because he knew Naruto would have the advantage and he wanted to die by the hand of the one person he considered worthy of killing him, his best friend. Unfortunately Naruto didn't have the heart to kill his best friend even with all of the horrible deeds enacting upon him by said best friend.

Naruto wakes up in a cold sweet the sun beaming down on his small twelve year old body. He dragged himself out of bed over to his calendar and looked at the calendar to see that it was the morning of the graduation exam. "Whew it was all a dream. That means no shark men, no lazy senseis, no cranky drunk gambling grannies as Hokage, no pervy sage, gramps isn't dead, no red haired sand demon kids (although he was slightly disappointed about losing his sand friend), no snake bastard, no being friends with Uchiha-teme, and best of all no KYUBI! But, I guess that means I still don't have any friends or people who understand me, no family, and I guess the 4th really isn't my father." Naruto thought out loud beginning to become sad as his thoughts continues. "Oh well that's never stopped me before today's the day I graduate and then I'll be one step closer to becoming Hokage! Believe it!" Naruto yelled enthusiastically- waking up the bastards he has for next door neighbors in his dump of an apartment. (Don't worry readers that is the only time I'm planning on using Naruto's early obsession of the word believe it.)

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx meanwhile in the original time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"I can't believe it. I can't believe I just killed my best friend. I won't live with this stain on my hands." Sasuke said raising his sword to his throat so he could slit it when all of a sudden it became to hot to hold.

"You will do no such thing!"

"Madara damn you! This is your entire fault!"

"It's your fault that we lost the Kyubi. This is your mess so you'll be the one to clean it up. I'll use the dimensional rip created by the mangekyou to send you back in time to when you became a ninja with all the power you currently possess so you better not screw up this time, Because I won't be so merciful next time!" and before Sasuke could do anything in protest he found himself in his twelve year old body, with his headband on, walking out of the academy. He shrugged and decided to walk and start making plans for the future. Half-way home he decided to see how Naruto graduated. He'd always been slightly curious but had never found out and now was his chance. So he made it back to the academy in order to begin tailing his best friend.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Back With our Favorite #1 Hyperactive Knuckleheaded Ninja xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"YOU FAIL!" Iruka shouted at his favorite at his favorite student- and little brother figure- and a dead looking clone of said student.

"Come on Iruka give him a break I mean he did actually make a clone and it is his third try."

"No Mizuki everyone else made at least three perfect replications, while Naruto could only make one, and look at it, it's pitiful."

Naruto just stood there not with a look of disappointment on his face as one would expect, but actually it was more like a look of extreme confusion as he was experiencing an odd sense of déjà vu. 'This all seems so familiar I think it all happened in that dream, but seriously it was just a dream wasn't it?'

"You're dismissed Naruto. I'm sorry." Iruka said after noticing he was still there.

Naruto nodded and walked away dejectedly with the depression of failing the exam finally setting in. He slowly walked out of the exam room and to his swing and began sulking."

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Back to Ex-Traitor xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sasuke noticed his best friend sitting depressed on a swing just sitting there by him-self sulking. 'I thought he passed. Oh well. Better go cheer him up.' But before he went over there he made a quick sweep with his sharingan and he noticed two very interesting things, 'Looks like our little jinchuuriki has his own little stalker and a fangirl- hold on how come his fangirl is too shy to attack him while I get all of the psychotic chicks in the village that try to rape me when ever I get too close. Kami must hate me. Well at least there's someone in this damn village capable of thinking for them-self and someone to love that idiot. Good luck Hinata your gonna need it with that dunce. I swear he's got air for brains maybe that's why his affinity is to wind. But why is that bastard Mizuki going to Naruto. Mizuki always hated Naruto. Now I'm really going to have to keep a close eye on Naruto to make sure Mizuki doesn't do anything to Naruto.'

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Ex-Traitor xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

'Damn it I've been chasing Naruto for hours and it's already dark but he hasn't done a thing except getting his prank gear. I guess I should just- wait what's this he's headed to the Hokage tower! The old man should've already gone home by now, what's he doing.' Thought Sasuke as he continued to follow Naruto all the way to the inside of the tower. Sasuke was impressed at how easily Naruto made it through the tower past chunin, jounin, and ANBU in the building set to guard the tower at night until he ran into a big problem. The Hokage. Ten seconds later the Hokage was out cold on the floor, a large amount of blood flowing from his face, and Sasuke laughing his ass off.


Naruto ran into the clearing that Mizuki told him to meet him in and unrolled the forbidden scroll to the first jutsu Taiju Kage Bunshin "Damn why the hell does everything in that dream keep happening outside of it. Maybe I should start experimenting some dream memories, but I should learn this and see what other jutsu I can find." So he quickly relearned the Taiju Kage Bunshin no jutsu and used them to learn some of the other jutsu before Iruka got there. By the time Iruka did get there he was able to learn a few extra jutsu including Shadow Stealth, Chakra Sleep, Chakra Nourishment, Shuriken Kage Bunshin, Kunai Kage Bunshin, and the most picky of them all Biju Chakra Refill and a few different types of seals as well as a few variations of Kage Bunshin all of which Naruto knew he could use to help him with all the training he was planning to go through.

Unbeknownst to Naruto an ally hid in the shadows watching his training and deciding to stick around to watch the show. Once Naruto got the Biju Chakra Refill written down just in case his dream was correct about Kyubi as well and he could use the jutsu-Iruka appeared.

"Naruto! You're in a lot of trouble!"

'Figures it'd be right about this part to.' "You caught me Iruka-sensei and I only had enough time to learn one jutsu." 'Well it technically wasn't a lie since only one of the jutsu I learned can be demonstrated.'

"What do you mean?"

"But since I did learn a jutsu I still pass right."

"Hold on who told you that?"

"Mizuki-sensei did!"


"Sensei lookout." Naruto shouted making his favorite, or at least soon to be favorite, cross shaped hand-seal and called out, "Kage Bunshin no jutsu" creating a clone between Iruka and the kunai dispelling the clone while knocking down the kunai.

"I'm impressed Iruka you were able to find him before even I who told him to meet here. And to you as well demon you were actually able to learn a jutsu from that scroll in such a short amount of time. Hand it over." Mizuki said appearing on a higher branch.

Upon seeing this hostility towards his sensei and his best friend, Sasuke immediately snuck behind Mizuki and prepared a large number of kunai and shuriken in order to eliminate Mizuki if he's too much for Iruka or Naruto.

"Mizuki!" Iruka said venomously, "I should've known Naruto no matter what you do don't give him that scroll! Protect it with your life if you have to just keep it away from Mizuki."

"I'm guessing your working for Orochimaru." Naruto stated. This had everyone stunned.

Sasuke's thoughts-'why didn't I know about this and how does he know.'

Iruka's thoughts-'Mizuki! That traitor.' Typical Iruka thoughts.

Mizuki's thoughts-'That damn demon how does he know no matter I'll just have to return the favor.' "Hey brat if you give me that scroll I might tell you why everyone hates you."

"You wouldn't do that now would you I mean that would be breaking the third's law." Naruto said ad his reply to that comment.

"Wha-", said Iruka and Mizuki. While Sasuke was just smiling smugly.

"Let me guess the Kyubi was sealed in me wasn't he."

"I'll kill you demon!" Mizuki declared hurling a fuma shuriken at Naruto who simply created another Kage Bunshin and hurled it at the shuriken like a living- or semi-living- projectile and when it got close enough it intercepted the shuriken and prepped it for close range combat by folding it back up in order to use it like a giant kunai. As he did that Mizuki pulled out his other fuma shuriken to defend himself and he began a close range battle with the clone only using fuma shuriken. As his clone distracted Mizuki Naruto used the Taiju Kage Bunshin no jutsu to surround Mizuki and by the time he finished his kage bunshin opponent he looked up to find he was surrounded by Narutos and became stunned at the size of the army even Iruka was surprised at the sheer number of solid clones especially when this was the student who couldn't even create one simple illusionary bunshin. Even Sasuke was a little surprised- albeit not as much as the senseis. He had thought that Naruto had had to train at least a little bit before he was capable of making that many clones. However Mizuki was further stunned when instead of all the clones attacking at once only 6 clones left the crowd one of which launched himself into the air while the other five surrounded him and kicked him from all sides sending him into the air.

"Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles chapter 1: Na-ru-to Uzumaki barrage." Naruto called out as he sent a boot to Mizuki's head sending him hurtling back to the earth below before a clone flew straight at him as it called out, "chapter 2: Uzumaki hurricane" and grabbed a hold of Mizuki's ankles and spun him around in numerous circles before sending a speeding and very dizzy Mizuki back to the earth below once again, but before he crashed he heard a call of, "chapter 3: down with a bang," that came from a clone shooting from the top of a huge tree that was used as a catapult. The clone slammed into Mizuki and held on altering Mizuki's course to where he slammed into through three trees before making contact with the ground at which point the clone exploded- as only an exploding clone or paper bomb wrapped clone can- leaving major burns and bruises all over Mizuki and leaving him unconscious inside a decent sized crater.

Sasuke was stunned, 'Naruto shouldn't have the knowledge of the Uzumaki barrage or Uzumaki chronicles for at least another six months. And these other jutsu- he never used exploding clones and as for the Uzumaki hurricane he never used it either although it looks highly reminiscent of one of the attacks he performed against me at the valley of the end. Maybe they are the same just last time he never got around to naming it. That's enough investigation I need to start training again. If I'm going to be able to destroy the leaf and save Naruto at the same time I'll have to be at least four times stronger than last time. And then I'm also going to have to deal with Madara, and he's far stronger than I am.' And with that thought Sasuke left for the Uchiha mansion in order to prepare for a week of hard training.

"Damn I guess I went a little too easy on him sigh oh well."

'Amazing he just completely man handled Mizuki- a chunin level shinobi- and he doesn't even look winded,' "Naruto come here for a second."

"Yeah sensei?" he questioned as he made it to his sensei.

"Close your eyes and don't open them until I say to."

"Al-Alright sensei." Naruto said confused and knowing at the same time.

He felt the weight shift on his forehead and heard his sensei say, "You can open them now." And when he did he saw Iruka holding his head band, "Congratulations you are now a genin come back to the academy in a week for team assignments, but until then how about I treat you to some Ichiraku ramen in order to celebrate your graduation."


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