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Chapter 3: The Unknown Shinobi

Sasuke spent the next week training his mangekyou sharingan much like how Naruto spent it training his chakra and his other skills, seeing as he was sent back with all his power from the previous life he didn't need the same training. Through his training he found that he had his brother's mangekyou sharingan as well as his own granting him access to the immortal sharingan just like Madara, but now he has to learn how to use it as well as he'll need to train it and the rest of his body if hopes to ever be a match for Madara himself seeing as Madara still has about seventy more years worth experience at least and with this time-travel ability, that he must have if he was capable of sending Sasuke back to the past then there is no telling how much time he really has on his side. If only he had the dobe's ability to use Kage Bunshin at such a high level then he might be able to catch up to Madara –and these were thoughts that plagued him constantly during his training during which he also learned how to use all of his brothers jutsu that involved the mangekyou as well as he developed twelve of his own jutsu for his mangekyou: 4 of which were genjutsu, 4 more were ninjutsu, and surprisingly enough he was able to develop or more like unlike 4 more that remotely resembled taijutsu.

Currently Sasuke was getting ready for the team assignments including seeing all of those people from his past two-thirds of which never even mattered to begin and two-thirds of that last third he had killed himself including Sakura the one girl who ever came even close to gaining his affection besides his own mother –and Naruto the closest thing to a brother he had ever had since Itachi himself. He was wearing the same thing that he used to wear as a genin on the outside but ninjas have always been told to look underneath the underneath and that is just what you'd have to do to figure out how truly different Sasuke is. Sasuke was wearing the same shuriken and kunai holsters and hip pouch that he wore as a genin however this time they were completely empty. Instead he has three storage seals on each arm underneath his white armbands. On his right arm he had shuriken by his wrist, paper bombs a little further away, and then smoke bombs past that one. On his left arm he had his kunai right by his wrist, a few dozen meters of ninja wire on the seal below that one, and finally his long sword was in a below that one. In a seal on his back he had a seal full of fuma shuriken where he could get at them and pull them out from under his shirt at a moments notice. He quickly tied on his Konoha headband which he hadn't worn for years and he left the Uchiha mansion taking off on the roofs heading towards the academy completely ready for the day this time around.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with Naruto xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Meanwhile Naruto was doing much the same thing as Sasuke. He was preparing to see his old friends again an act that was going to be far easier for him than it was going to be for Sasuke seeing as even though Naruto felt worse about team 8's death as well as his own team's death he had seen Hinata a decent enough amount of time during the off week and he wouldn't be seeing Sai or Yamato today so he would be able to prepare himself for the encounter until it came. And really he didn't bare a grudge against Sasuke –how could he when it was Naruto's fault for his own death in the first place seeing as he was the one who had pulled back on his own attack.

He was currently getting dressed and much like Sasuke he was hiding many facts about his outfit. While he was getting dressed in the same jumpsuit and headband that he wore as a genin –and he loved that little fact about it –unlike Sasuke however his leg holsters and hip pouch was full of shuriken, kunai, other ninja tools, and summoning scrolls for back up equipment. As such Naruto's hidden were usually used for much more than storage. Instead of the storage seals all over his body like Sasuke had Naruto used a different seal and placed it all over the inside of his jacket, all over the bottom of his sandals, and in his pants pockets. The seal that Naruto used was a seal he had discovered during his four days of random training. While his clones were training during those days he used the Shadow Stealth no jutsu that he had found in the forbidden scroll in order to take a look at the Hokage's scroll of seals and from that learned a couple of new seals that he could use two of which he had already put to good use. First he placed a gravity seal in the exact center of the inside of the back of his jacket. Said gravity seal would double the gravity placed on him and whenever he began moving as if the seal didn't exist the seal would double the gravity again. However he is able to stop it from doubling if he set up a separate amount of chakra around it to act as a barrier which is what he was doing right now so that he could at least appear to the rest of his class that he had no extra weight on. The second seal that he had put into use were the seals that decorated nearly every inch of his pocket space and all the space on the inside of his jacket and on the bottom of his sandals. These were seals that increased the weight of an individual depending on how much chakra they have and then it equally distributed the weight. And since Naruto has chakra levels that even some Kages can't match plus all of the hidden chakra of the Kyubi the weight that he had on him just from those seals alone was surpassing that of tons, and the adjustment time was taking forever not to mention if you add in the gravity seal that doubled that weight he was heavily relying on his chakra to be able to lift that weight however because of the Kyubi's healing he was having a slightly less difficult time adjusting to the weight because while he healed the weight became more adaptable and according to Kyubi he'd have adapted to all of the weight by tomorrow of course that meant that the weight would increase but oh well he'd just have to get used to it. He needed to get stronger.

As he walked out the door and began heading down the street he remembered that Konohamaru would try to ambush him so he sent a clone down that way to keep Konohamaru busy he really didn't feel like dealing with him today so he took a different path to the academy and got there in no time. As soon as he got there he promptly sat himself down beside Sasuke and began thinking of how he was gonna deal with the bell test when Shikamaru walked passed and asked, "Naruto! What are you doing here? This is only for the student who passed."

"Hm oh Shikamaru um yeah I took a sort of make up test and so Iruka passed on the grade I made for that." He stated not really paying attention to Shikamaru as he was lost in thought.

Shikamaru noticed Sasuke nod his head absentmindedly almost as if agreeing with him and just muttered, "Troublesome" and walked away.

A few minutes later they each noticed Sakura and Ino walk through the door at the same time cheering their victory this caused both of them to look away. Naruto because he held himself responsible for Sakura's death and Sasuke because he knew he was the one who truly murdered her and while he had no problems thinking about most of the people he had killed his teammates and fellow leaf shinobi were a very different story especially now that he was one of them again.

This time around when his fan club came to knock Naruto out of his seat so they could get to him Naruto had some amusement prepared and this time around he decided wasn't going to be on the receiving end of the beating and he wasn't going to be the punch line of the joke. So when he got up to begin his glaring contest with the Uchiha he was ready for the bump that would send him crashing into Sasuke's lips and have them both crash into their unwanted first kiss and had prepared a substitution jutsu that used the asshole that had bumped him. Little did he know that Sasuke had done the same thing and had instead targeted one of the assholes who had laughed at him when it had happened there was no way in hell he was going to kiss Naruto twice. Part of his idea had come from all the time spent where he grieved over the deaths of his friends which he had caused and because of this he had taken up some of Naruto's prankster personality and this was just one of the pranks he had prepared.

So when the time came instead of Naruto and Sasuke crashed into each other when Iruka walked in the room he found two of his students that he knew were more than likely not going to become ninja gagging at the fact that they had just kissed and he noticed that pretty much everyone in the room was laughing at the unfortunate duo and it had begun with Naruto and… Sasuke? Sure enough there Sasuke was leaning against Naruto as they both held their sides from laughing so much that it hurt, 'Hm that's odd I haven't heard him laugh in years maybe he's finally turning around. That makes me feel better. Maybe it'll be good for him and Naruto to be on the same team.' He let this go on for a couple of seconds getting in a couple of chuckles in himself before calling the class to order and oddly this order found Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura sitting next to each other as he began his speech and eventually began calling out the teams.

Naruto ignored him up until he called out team7, "Team7 will be Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha." Naruto nodded after each word thinking about all his time spent with each of them and then smiled contentedly and looked at the rest of his teammates and noticed Sasuke smirking with his eyes closed almost as if he were reminiscing and sakura just like last time was jumping for joy just like last time. Sasuke's smirk caught him off guard but he just waved it off like was nothing.

"Next is team8 and it will consist of Hinata Hyuga, Shino Aburame, and Kiba Inuzuka. Next –hm strange there doesn't seem to be a team9 oh well –team 10 I guess you're next and you will consist of Chouji Akimichi, Ino Yamanaka, and Shikamaru Nara now that is all of the teams. You are dismissed you're jounin senseis will meet you here after lunch so be on time." And after many complaints from Ino about her team and Sakura asking Sasuke out only to be turned down for the umpteenth time everyone filed out of the class room, and Sasuke went to the same room of the academy at which he ate his lunch at the first time through expecting Naruto to come barging through the window and attack him like last time, but this time he was ready… or was he.

Just like last time Naruto came barging in through the window –knocking the cover down over it –and then came charging at him in taijutsu however to Sasuke's slight surprise it was actually a decent attack which was shocking because Naruto wasn't supposed to have decent taijutsu skills for a while now. However, these new found taijutsu skills were not able to help him beat Sasuke and he found himself tied up and on the ground just like last time. Sasuke smirked at this and waited for the trademark poof from the tied up Naruto and it didn't disappoint because not ten seconds after it had been tied up it vanished in a poof of smoke. And Sasuke turned around to face the crowd of six Narutos that had come to fight him one of which immediately gained as much altitude as was possible in the small cramped room while the other five charged calling out Na-ru-to as they kicked him into the awaiting airborne Naruto and promptly vanished.

Here's where Sasuke's smirk vanished. Just because he knew what they were going to do doesn't mean he knew what he was going to do to counter it. So he just decided to take the simplest act that came to mind. He twisted around and grabbed the upraised leg that was preparing to send him crashing back to the earth and then using his momentum completed the turn and slung Naruto back to the earth in his place while he landed gracefully afterwards.

Naruto was no where near finished though and Sasuke would have been disappointed if he had been beaten. As he was falling he used his own momentum to twist the rest of the way around and land –although much less gracefully than Sasuke –on his own two feet. He promptly made a Kage Bunshin while simultaneously reaching into his hip pouch and pulling out a strange looking tag once he touched the ground. Sasuke could tell that it wasn't an explosive seal because he had those runes burned into his mind from making so many, and there was the fact that those could do some serious damage to the room and Naruto would be left responsible and have to pay for the damages and also he would get caught up in the blast as well in such an enclosed space if it were. Sasuke quickly became curious as to what the seal did as well as what Naruto going to do with it especially since he hadn't drawn a kunai with it to attach it to. His questions were soon answered.

Naruto's clone transformed into a kunai and Naruto began tying the seal onto the kunai giving Sasuke enough time to draw his own kunai from underneath his armband in the storage seals, and his soon as Naruto through his kunai at Sasuke he returned fire to try and turn the kunai off course rather than wait for it to get to him and having to deflect it and give it the chance to blow up in his face whatever it is. Unfortunately that was apparently exactly what Naruto had wanted because he soon had his large foxy grin covering his face and Sasuke could only watch as Naruto's redirected kunai/clone quickly transformed from a kunai into a net and seemed to head in a diagonal course that would take it both in its original trajectory as well as its slight altered trajectory and in the end it would still land on top of him with the seal flapping on the outside of the net. Sasuke who had expected something bad upon seeing Naruto's smile had begun the seals for a Kawarimi long before the net had made contact but upon finishing the seals with the net over him and trying to perform the jutsu he was shocked to find that instead he was well shocked.

This prompted a chuckle to emerge from Naruto causing Sasuke to glare at his soon to be best friend and got Naruto talking, "You see Sasuke I know you noticed me smile. I did that because with you releasing your kunai it meant that I had won because once you lost your kunai you lost the only weapon at hand meaning my trap had worked and you were caught with no way out. You see over the past week I got to sneak a couple of peaks at the scroll of sealing and in there I found a seal that if placed on chakra paper that is usually used to check someone's chakra affinity then you could use it to absorb the natural affinity of someone's chakra and then use it to keep them trapped and if you knew someone's affinity you could place a secondary seal on there to make sure it was that affinity that was absorbed in case that person had two or more affinities. Now what to do, hm, maybe I should have thought this plan through a little bit more oh well I know I can go and try to get one of his fan girls to be capable of going out with him." 'Yeah that way he won't want to leave the village.' And with that thought he promptly hopped out of the window to try and find Sakura and try and convince her to be a better kunoichi so that she could possibly turn on Sasuke so that he wouldn't leave the village for the Hebi-teme.

While back with Sasuke he was thinking more along the lines of, 'Oh crap the dobe's going to ruin my image. Hold on he showed way too much knowledge of me, way to much strategic ability, and way too much skill to be normal. Screw that I'll worry about that later right now I need to worry about getting out of here and make sure he doesn't screw up my life.' He quickly tried to get another kunai out of his storage seal so that he could cut his way out but soon found that his chakra shocked him when he tried to use it to release one of his kunai. 'Damn it my chakra is immediately converted and shocks me so how am I supposed to get out of here if I can't get a kunai. Hm maybe if I distract the seal by giving it chakra from a separate source.' And as such he began channeling chakra through his left hand in order to distract the seal while he sipped his right hand down his left armband and unsealed a kunai, while ignoring the pain going down his left arm because of the shock made by the seals conversion of his chakra that was coming out of his left hand, he cut himself out and ran off in search of Naruto.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx meanwhile nearby with team10 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Team10 watched as Naruto hopped into the room where they had seen Sasuke eating his lunch and began discussing what they thought would come from the fight they heard going on in the room. "Naruto's going to get his ass kicked no doubt. There is no way he could fight my Sasuke-kun."

"I wouldn't be so sure Naruto's become crazy strong over the course of the off week and he learned some awesome jutsu to I'm not sure if Sasuke will be able to win this time especially since I doubt Sasuke knows just how strong Naruto is plus Naruto has the element of surprise which can be very useful."

"It's to troublesome to try and figure it out right now we don't have enough information on either opponent and what we do have may as well be null-and-void because there's no way of telling if either one of them improved over the off week and if they did then by how much. Let's just wait and see what happens." And wait they did and soon enough Naruto jumped back out of the window unscathed leaving Ino speechless.

"I told you he had improved by a crazy amount of skill."

"I guess you were right Chouji" and Ino promptly fainted, "'sigh' troublesome women."

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx now back to Naruto xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Once Naruto he quickly enacted plan 'keep Sasuke in Konoha part one'. Okay so it wasn't a catchy name, and it sure as hell wasn't all that well thought out. Especially this part which primarily focused on playing matchmaker and unfortunately their was currently no part 2 yet, he had ended up spending so much time training over the past week that he forgot to try and come up with a way to keep him in the village this time around so his current plan came from what he had come up with that morning during the entrance of Sasuke's army of fangirls which would probably explain what the plan had entailed. But seriously how hard could playing matchmaker be I mean Sasuke was his best friend so he should know Sasuke best. Not just that ninety-nine percent of the female population of the entire village would probably throw themselves at Sasuke and the last one percent he wouldn't give to Sasuke for the world, 'No Naruto what are you thinking,' he began thinking to himself getting slightly off topic for a second, 'Hinata probably doesn't even like you like that. Besides how am I supposed to help Sasuke get a girl if none of those girls would more than likely toss me in a trash can –or at least try their best to do so –before they'd except my help. No I've only got one hope good thing that's where I was headed in the first place.' He continued thinking as he finally got back on topic and continued heading toward the bench he remembered Sakura to be sitting on eating her lunch all those years ago.

He found her at the exact same place as last time mumbling to herself disappointedly, "I hoped Sasuke would have accepted my offer of spending the lunch brake if I told him it was to get to know each other since we are now on the same time. I even thought it might have worked when I saw that small smile on his face but then he just went back to normal and he just turned me down like everyone else. Huh." She sighed in exasperation at her love. Naruto decided to file that little bit of information about Sasuke almost accepting Sakura's date for later and then he stepped out and revealed himself. It didn't take long for Sakura to notice once he revealed himself and she quickly barked at him, "Naruto! I thought you had finally taken a hint and given up and realized that Sasuke-kun is the only one for me. What do you want?"

Naruto was a little sad that his one time sister figure had gone back to her original coldness towards him put he just sighed and pushed it off as he began speaking calmly to her, "Actually Sakura-chan I've kinda moved on. I just came here because I thought I might try to help you gain the love of the teme."


"You know your precious Sasuke-kun." He said trying to put as much imitation fangirl as he could in the Sasuke-kun statement.

"Naruto-baka how dare you say anything so insulting about Sasuke-kun you better never call him teme again or I swear…" she trailed off with that statement allowing him to respond.

"Whoa calm down Sakura-chan I only mean it playfully it's pretty much our normal nickname and banter between us he'd probably think something was wrong if he didn't get at least one teme in an entire conversation." This got a questioning glance from sakura coaxing him to continue his explanation. "You know how he always calls me dobe and I always respond Sasuke-teme it's kind of a usual thing between us and our nicknames for each other sort of how you call Ino Ino-pig and she calls you forehead girl it's just witty banter between rivals." He giggled a little nervously at the end of his explanation hoping Sakura understood. He saw that didn't seem too pleased but she had calmed down a little bit, "You'll probably get more used to it later on since we're on the same team now."

"Doubt it," she said getting back on the previous topic of discussion, "but that's beyond the point. What makes you think you can get me together with Sasuke-kun?"

"Because believe it or not I probably know more about him the entire rest of the village. Because again believe it or not we're probably two of the most alike people in the entire village especially deep down and personally I think it would do the teme good to get a girlfriend."

"Yeah right I'll believe that when I see it. Somehow I doubt you're anything like Sasuke-kun, Naruto-baka."

"Huh. Well believe what you want to but just remember I'll always be available if you want to at least try and find a better way to get hooked up with Sasuke so see ya." And just like that he vanished and Sakura was left staring dumbfounded at where he just stood.

Not long after that she began to think about what he said, 'Maybe Naruto was right.' Then her other self jumped into the conversation 'Yeah right like that blond baka could ever be like our Sasuke-kun.' 'Even if he's not like Sasuke-kun he still might be able to help me get to him I mean even if they're not similar they're at least both guys and so are more connected to each other than any of us and besides he's still my new teammate so I should at least give him a chance, right? In any case maybe I should just ask Sasuke-kun's opinion of this whole thing.'

Just then Sasuke rounded the corner sprinting and asking, "Have you seen Naruto?" and pulling to a stop as he did so.

"Hai he was just here a second ago. I don't know where he went though he just vanished with a poof of smoke. I think he used the shunshin no jutsu but I don't know how or where he could have learned it or why he was in such a hurry to get away."

"It wasn't shunshinif anything he used the kage bunshin no jutsu."

"Ano kage bunshin?"

"Hai it's an S-rank forbidden ninjutsu that he learned from the scroll of sealing when he stole a week ago when he was tricked by Mizuki-sensei. It creates a solid clone that dispels in a poof of smoke and once it's dispelled it sends the memories and experience gathered during its 'life' back to the creator of the clone."

"S-rank forbidden ninjutsu?" this made her think about how close Naruto said the two of them were and she began thinking that maybe he was right at least to some degree if Sasuke had actually taken the time to learn of this new jutsu in Naruto's weak arsenal so she decided she might as well ask Sasuke about it, "Ano Sasuke-kun I was wondering what is your opinion on Naruto?"

"Why do you ask?" Sasuke responded in his ever unemotional self.

"Well Naruto said you two were close at least at one point in time and when I think about it you both grew up alone so I was just wondering. If you don't want to tell me I'd understand."

This made Sasuke lighten up a little for some reason and he let out a small smirk. "Yes Naruto and I are kinda close. If I could call anyone a friend it would have to be Naruto. He's pretty much my best, if not my only, friend even if we don't exactly come off like that sometimes. He's practically like a second brother to me because after my real brother killed my whole clan I felt alone in the world and then I noticed Naruto who also had no one, who was also lonely with no one at home to protect him no one to keep him safe or tell him that they loved him even though he probably needed it more than the rest of the children in the village and I realized he was alone to, that he had been alone for far longer than I had and that he probably never got to receive the love of a family like I had even if I had lost them I had still had a family at one point in time so I at least knew what it felt like.

"Naruto on the other hand never got that. The closest thing he ever received to that feeling was old man Hokage who'd help out every once in a while and so I began to feel like he was a kindred spirit in a way that we were the same now and so we became friends, but neither of us would never admit it so we hid it behind our rivalry which only increased our friendship so no one really ever noticed the friendship behind what always appeared as a one sided rivalry that was really for both of us. No one thinks we are close but in reality we are. Why did you want to know?" he said becoming irritated that someone besides Naruto had dragged that much information about his past out of him especially one of his fangirls.

"Oh just something Naruto said." She answered now feeling kind of bad for Naruto and Sasuke and feeling bad about rejecting Naruto's advances for so long as well as rejecting his attempt to help him and feeling bad that she forced Sasuke to tell her so much about his past which she was sure must have been hard, "I'm just glad that our team is so close already and I hope I can become close to the two of you the way you two are close to each other." She said smiling at the end. This actually shocked Sasuke before he smirked at the thought that came to mind 'Maybe things won't be as bad as they were last time on team 7'. "Well I'll see you back in the class room." Sakura said as she got up and started walking back to the academy.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with team 7 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Team7 was waiting in the class room of the academy. They were the last team left in the room and they had been alone in the room together for about a half an hour now and there sensei was supposed to be there twenty minutes ago at least. Naruto began to get anxious and instead of waiting for a little longer like he did originally he decided to go ahead and set up his trap on Kakashi-sensei.

So he got up, walked over to the chalk board where he picked up an eraser. However this time he didn't stop there and he decided to add a little extra to Kakashi's punishment. He took a scroll out that had a storage seal on it. He quickly painted the same seal on the eraser and did a few hand seals in order to transfer the contents from one storage seal to the other. While he may have calmed down his pranking over the last week upon the Hokage's suggestion he was going to soon get back into it and as such he had sealed up a large amount of paint in one of his scrolls in storage seals and so he transferred a rainbow of different colors from one of his storage seals into the new seal that he had placed on the eraser and set a trigger that would activate once it touched something. He quickly jammed the eraser into the door so that it would fall on Kakashi's head once the door opened.

He turned around and noticed that his teammates were looking at him weirdly and Sasuke was also looking at him slightly suspiciously, "What?"

"Why did you do that Naruto? What if sensei gets mad at us?" Sakura asked.

"It's what he gets for being so late." Naruto responded.

"Personally I think he deserves something a little harsher." Sasuke said as he got up and set a trip wire at the door attached to some kunai on the other side of the room; he then went outside the room without setting off either trap and drew a storage seal that was set to launch its contents once it was struck with a kunai. Inside this seal he placed a kunai that was attached to another storage seal, which held a net that had the tag Naruto used to keep him trapped during lunch, and was set to release its contents after flying a few feet. He then returned to his seat with both of his teammates staring at him funny. "What?"

It was Naruto that then answered him, "What do you mean what? You're not supposed to be the one to be pranking for one because you have no sense of humor, and for two that's a real trap. It could kill him!"

"If this guy's worth anything as a shinobi he should be able to dodge that trap," he responded knowing for a fact that Kakashi could dodge it, "and besides it's what he gets for being so late."

"I wonder who our sensei is anyway or why he's so late."

"Our sensei is going to be Kakashi Hatake the famous copy ninja." Sasuke said without thinking and then he quickly covered his mouth wanting to take back what he said.

"How do you know that?" Sakura asked curiously.

"It's because Kakashi-sensei is the only person left in the village that as the sharingan eye so when Sasuke activates his sharingan bloodline sensei will be able to teach him how to use it." Naruto said quickly coming to his friends rescue not caring at the fact that Sasuke knew something he shouldn't but instead more worried about keeping good relations with Sasuke. "Also to tell you why Kakashi-sensei is late it's because he's at the memorial stone he usually spends most of his time there staring at the name of his former best-friend, who was his teammate until he died on a mission, and the of his sensei, who was my father but he died in the Kyubi attack."

"Oh." Sakura said slightly discouraged, "Wait your father what do you mean you never talked about your father during the academy?" sakura asked inquisitively.

"He doesn't like talking about his parents because so few people know about their relation to him that he was never told much about them." Sasuke quickly replied paying Naruto back for earlier.

"Oh sorry I mentioned it Naruto." Sakura apologized.

"No problem Sakura I understand that you didn't know." He replied.

"But wait if you knew he had a good reason for his tardiness then why'd you set up pranks for him?"

"Well it's because he wastes too much time and he really needs to move on I understand his loss but it's been twelve years since the most recent person close to him died. And yet he lets it control his life someone needs to bring him back in line because if he continues the way he is then he might just end up going to that stone for more people close to him than just those two." Naruto said seriously.

Silence followed this statement and they just remained in silence for the next half-hour when they heard footsteps and soon saw a hand grab the door and open it as a tall scarecrow like man walked in. He had gray hair that stuck out at a forty-five degree angle from his head. He also had on a mask that covered up the bottom half of his face and he had on his headband at an odd angle that made it cover up his left eye.

As soon as he walked in the eraser fell on his head and paint spurted out all over him at the same time five kunai and shuriken came flying out at him which he easily dodged and as he turned around he said, "My fist impression of you is that I-" but he was cut off by a sudden poof of smoke that revealed him gone and in his place was a singed log that had a net draped over it with a kunai in the back of it and on the front was a note attached to a kunai stuck in the log. They quickly walked up to it to read the note which turned out to be a continuation of what he was saying and it read, "-hate you but I'm very impressed. Meet me on the roof." They immediately began to walking to the roof but Sasuke and Naruto let Sakura get far enough ahead of them so that they could talk to each other without being overheard.

"Thanks for the save back there I owe you one." Naruto said.

"Hn same to you but I expect an explanation."

"I'll think about giving you one, but until after the meeting with sensei."

"Fine lets go." And they hurried to catch up to Sakura and get to the roof together as a team.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on the roof xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"Alright I want you to introduce yourselves." Kakashi said once we had all made it up to the rooftop.

"What do you mean sensei?" Sakura asked innocently.

"You know likes, dislikes, hobbies, and dreams for the future." Kakashi answered.

"Why don't you go first sensei, you know to show us how it's done?" Sakura asked.

"Alright my name is Kakashi Hatake; I have no intention of telling you about my likes or dislikes, as for my dreams for the future… I have a few hobbies."

"So basically he's copy ninja Kakashi, he likes the book Icha Icha Paradise by legendary toad sage Jiraiya, he dislikes Iwa-nins because they killed his best friend Obito Uchiha during a mission, his dreams of the future include one day receiving a team of genin that can hopefully pass his test and allow him to fix his mistakes from the past through them, and his hobbies include reading Icha Icha Paradise and visiting the memorial stone while daydreaming about his old team."

"Well then how you go up next Mr. Know It All."

"Alright my name is Naruto Uzumaki; I like training, ramen, and my sparring partners; my dislikes mostly include snake-temes, and a certain rouge-ninja founder of Konoha; my hobbies have become pranking, gardening, and training; and my dream for the future is to become the best Hokage this village has ever seen." Naruto replied introducing himself.

After this introduction Sasuke began panicking and thought, 'He shouldn't know about either of them what's going on!'

'He's sure grown up in an interesting way. Those are some pretty high goals and he also has an odd combination of hobbies, and I wonder what he meant by his dislikes, and I'm interested in learning who these sparring partners he spoke of are.' "Alright pinky you're next." He said calling out who would be the next to introduce themselves.

She looked a little irritated by the nickname but began introducing herself all the same, "My name is Sakura Haruno; my likes are well-"she stopped as she began thinking about what she talked to Naruto about, "studying and applying what I learn to practical use; my dislikes are things that get in the way of me improving myself; my hobbies are reading; but as for dreams for the future well I've never really thought about them." She said introducing her new self.

'Interesting and here thought she was just going to be another fangirl.' "Alright then that just leaves you oh silent one." Kakashi said sarcastically referring to Sasuke to introduce himself.

Sasuke growled at the comment but introduced himself anyway deciding to work with the same thing he said the first time around, "My name is Sasuke Uchiha I don't particularly like anything and I have far too many dislikes to tell, I have no hobbies and my dream no dream is not the right word it's more of an ambition is to kill a certain man."

'Just as I thought.'

"So pretty much that's Sasuke-teme. He's too busy brooding about the death of his family being ordered by the Hokage to like anything; because he's so upset about it he's closed off himself from the rest of the world convincing him to hate everything, his hobby is to brood, and his dream is to kill the only loyal Uchiha since before the Kyubi attack who just happens to be his brother." Naruto said filling in the gaps.

This was the last straw for Sasuke and he attack Naruto wanting answers going even as far as activating his immortal mangekyou sharingan, "I want answers you can't possibly the Naruto from here or even Naruto period who are you!"

"Mangekyou sharingan." That was all Naruto could say.

"That's right and let me show you one of my tricks with it. Tsukiyomi!"

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx In the world of Tsukiyomi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

When Naruto looked around the world of the Tsukiyomi he saw an adult Sasuke standing across from him and he himself looked like he did before he woke up. Why this was true he didn't know but he had to assume that this wasn't the same Sasuke that belonged in this time just like he wasn't the same Naruto that belonged here.

Sasuke too looked around to find that instead of the form of a weak, defenseless, Naruto that wouldn't stand a chance in a fight let alone one against him he found the form of the only opponent he ever considered his equal. One of his teammates who he killed before being sent back in time. "Who are you, and where is the dobe?" Sasuke called out to the man standing opposite him as he began to attempt to force this man onto a cross like his brother would usually do to his opponents in order to torture them however no cross would appear.

"Can't my mind to your will? I guess Itachi did something beneficial after all. But how do you have that mangekyou sharingan only Sasuke Uchiha had those eyes?"

"How dare you speak of my brother so disrespectfully?! For that I will kill you. I may not be able to torture you using the Tsukiyomi, but I can still get rid of you in conventional means." He declared as he drew from one of seals on his left arm his katana and charged as he infused the power of Chidori Nagiri into it.

"You can try. Old friend." He added as he noticed the katana and drew his own kunai covering it in his wind chakra. And so they dueled each other using just those weapons in an unspoken agreement between the two as they fought for twenty-four hours straight not giving an inch for the other before finally falling back to their starting point in order to get a better look at each other and catch their breathe. Before they could charge at each other again however they heard a loud chuckling.

"Who's there? How'd you get in here?" Sasuke called out to the chuckle searching around trying to find out where it was coming from. Naruto just stood there looking stupid because he didn't know enough about Tsukiyomi to interfere and what he did know made him think that it was impossible to get inside this jutsu unless you were targeted by it. And the chuckle it just grew until it had become full blown laughter. Then all of the sudden a raven came gliding out of the red moon that hung in the air behind Sasuke while another came down out of the clouds behind Naruto both gliding down to the ground until they met in the center between the two combatants and suddenly there was a bright flash and when it vanished there between the two opponents was one raven standing on the ground however he was different than most other ravens in that his eyes were blood red with a three pronged shuriken in the middle.

Then all of the sudden it spoke saying, "You each seem so surprised to see me I'm hurt. Seriously otouto you didn't think I'd give you my sharingan without 'accidentally' harboring apart of my mind in your own. And you Uzumaki, you didn't think that part of me wouldn't travel with my 'gift' did you?"

"Who are you? What are you? How did you get in here? What's going on here?" Sasuke said all of his confusion from these past few days that he had returned to the past coming to a head and he just couldn't stand it anymore.

The bird became absolutely serious and stared straight at Sasuke before speaking again, "Otouto I'm ashamed of what you have been doing in my absence. I understand your hatred with the council members, Danzo, and Hokage-sama, but you must understand that what was done had to be done. Worse still I have found you not only plotting to destroy Konoha, but you've also been aiding Madara. I can't believe you have fallen so far since you were the pure hearted little kid that wanted to grow up and be just like me so that he could make father proud and mother happy and who strived to become a challenge to me even after you grew to hate me, and to keep Konoha safe. It shames me to see you now and compare you to your previous-self who could swear was going to become one of the greatest and most perfect Konoha shinobi." At this Sasuke was stunned to silence looking like a kid who was caught with his hand in the cookie jar or who was being berated by his father for lying rather than a full grown shinobi that had killed many and so the bird turned to Naruto, "I t seems you had to use my gift anyway. Oh well I guess shit happens after all."

"Itachi," Naruto whispered finally realizing who the bird was, "wait what was this 'gift' that you keep talking about having given me and if it's what I think it is then how could it have been prevented from being used."

Itachi sighed and began to explain, "You're on the right track Naruto. You see Naruto the genjutsu attached a piece of my being, both mind and soul, to yours and was set to send that piece of me back to your mind the night before you took your academy exam with all the memories that you and Kyubi had gathered while you were alive for me to give to both of you in the form of a dream, as well as to grant you immunity to the Tsukiyomi realm. However, it wouldn't activate unless you were killed by someone who wielded the mangekyou sharingan, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it to have been activated by Sasuke or that Sasuke would follow you."

"Okay, but how come there were two of you when you showed yourself to us?" Naruto asked still slightly confused by the whole development.

"When triggered Amaterasu in Sasuke's eye to hopefully stop Madara I also gave him my mangekyou sharingan giving him access to the immortal sharingan and also binding a piece of my spirit and mind to Sasuke which is why there were two of me. One came with you and the other came with Sasuke."

"Oh," Naruto said gaining a slight bit of understanding even if he didn't understand the specifics.

"Why Itachi? Why did you choose the Hokage over the clan over mom and dad? Why did you destroy the whole clan? Why did you leave me aniki?" Sasuke pleaded for answers finally releasing all of his emotions from the past, "Why did you have to kill them? And if there was no other way then why didn't you stay here or take me with you and tell me what happened? Tell me why aniki!"

Itachi turned back to his brother and sighed again before giving him answers, "I had to do it brother if I didn't then they would've had someone else to do it. Someone who would have defiled them and stole their eyes after killing them and who would have killed me and you as well. I didn't care about myself but I couldn't let you die. Don't be angry with the Hokage he tried to stop it from happening, but otou-san just wouldn't listen and as for the council and Danzo there is nothing you can do about them at the moment. You must wait and catch them committing their many crimes and have them arrested when you do. I'm sorry I left you otouto but I had to. If I had not then the village would have run me out and if they knew the truth then they would have defiled our family's graves and would have condemned you to a life of hell on earth blaming you for what our family would have done, and I couldn't take you with me because the life of a nuke-nin was not the life for a child especially when instead you could have grown up as a normal child and become the perfect Konoha shinobi. If it's any consolation I'm here now Sasuke and I'll always be here for you from now on."

"Arigato aniki."

"Now that I've addressed both of you it's time I give you your mission." This got both of there attention and they looked at him confused, "Now that you have returned to the past I have a mission for you which is the reason I made sure to bring at least one of you back. Yes, Sasuke that means if you had died at the hands of Madara or Kakashi the same thing that happened to Naruto would have happened to you. Your main mission is to destroy Madara Uchiha seeing as the two of you are two of the only ten people in the world who can possibly do it and you may be the only two depending on the seals used in the creation of the other eight jinchuuriki."

"What do you mean Itachi?" Naruto asked confused, interested about this little mention of the other jinchuuriki, and still a little untrusting of Itachi.

Itachi sighed and answered his question, "Only something immortal can destroy something immortal. This states that someone who wields the level of mangekyou sharingan that makes you immortal can only be killed by someone who has the same level of sharingan, by a biju, or by a jinchuuriki who has absorbed all of their biju's power. This is where the seals come into play because each is designed to do different things; for instance your friend Gaara's seal gives a small amount of control over Gaara's mind over to Shukaku and allows him freedom if certain conditions are met; however, your seal was designed for you to absorb Kyubi's chakra over a period of many years, and –because of its complexity –it would eventually allow you to absorb all his power and make you just as immortal as him and thus eliminating the Kyubi all together. Since there's no telling if there are any other seals as complex and capable as yours then there is no knowing whether there are any other jinchuuriki capable of immortality beyond yourself thus making you one of the few people capable of killing him.

"That's why he wants the jinchuuriki dead and the biju locked away. He doesn't know which of them are strong enough to kill him so he kills all of them before they have a chance to kill him. The biju are, for the most part, nearly mindless and as such not a threat to him because if they attack him he could just take over what small minds they have using his mangekyou sharingan. This tactic wouldn't work on the jinchuuriki, however, because they do have a mind."

Through this whole speech Naruto was dumbfounded, he never knew he was capable of that much power. "Now as I was saying your target is Madara Uchiha and your main mission is to destroy him. I don't care how you do it or what you change I just want him dead. Do you hear me?" they nodded their heads in the affirmative, "Good now I also want from you a few side missions to be performed, one of which is for you to remove Koharu, Homura, and Danzo from office but you can't kill them because that would place you in a compromising position where you would be arrested. Second, I want you to save the Sandaime from his death at the hands of Orochimaru. Finally I want you to save all of the jinchuuriki. Understood?" Itachi asked.

"Ossu." they chorused.

"Do you accept this mission?" he asked.

"Ossu." They answered yet again.

"Good, then get out of here before you give too much away to your team." He said as he expelled them from the Tsukiyomi.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in the real world at this time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(Regular POV)

As soon as Sasuke lunged at Naruto Kakashi made a move to attempt to get between the two. He heard of the animosity that was often times exhibited between the two and had been prepared for some sort of confrontation to occur between them, but what had happened was so far from what he had expected that there was no way he could have gotten between them –even if Sasuke had been as slow as he had expected.

First off if anything happened between them he had expected it to have been initiated by Naruto not Sasuke. Second, while he expected Sasuke to be fast for his age he hadn't expected him to be able to move so fast that there was a chance even his sharingan wouldn't be able to see him. Third, while he had expected the attack to be filled with a kind of determination to prove oneself as a rivalry would be built off of such determination; he hadn't expected the attack to be filled with the level of hatred, aggression, and killer intent that was practically dripping off of Sasuke at the moment. Finally and probably most surprisingly and most significant was when Kakashi got a good look in Sasuke's eyes. He didn't see the normal onyx eyes that belonged to his potential student. No instead he saw what had to be a sharingan but it was no ordinary sharingan because instead of the sharingan's signature tomoes orbiting the pupil the pupil itself transformed into what looked like a six-pointed star with a hexagon in the middle and a three-pronged shuriken in the background.

After a second of remaining in his stupor and taking in everything he had seen he realized the severity of the situation and moved as fast as he could to get beside the two and try to end the fight he was sure would come out of this before it started so that he wouldn't lose two of his potential students to either arrest or death; However, he wasn't expecting what happened next.

By the time Kakashi made it to his potential students they were already separating themselves from one another. "What just happened between you two?" Kakashi asked suspiciously.

"It doesn't matter Kakashi-sensei," Sasuke said before Naruto could open his mouth, "can we just move on I've got things I need to do."

"Yes we wouldn't want to waste anymore of Sasuke-kun's precious time." Naruto said sarcastically trying to rile up his teammate.

"On the contrary I think we have wasted enough time, so let's move on shall we?" Kakashi said as he began making his way back to sitting on the rail all the while thinking, 'It's not like it'll be my problem for long anyway. I'll just let Iruka handle it when they get sent back to the academy.'

As he took his seat on the rail he began informing them of his last bit of information. The part that he was sure was going to blow their minds. "We're pretty much done for the day. Tomorrow you take part in your first mission."

"What kind of mission sensei?" Sakura inquired.

"I guess it couldn't really be considered a mission more like a test, your genin exam-"

"But, sensei we already took and passed our genin exam." Sakura argued.

"Ah you see that was more like a preliminary exam than anything else. It was only used to weed out those who were unfit to be shinobi. In truth only one-third of the academy graduates will actually go on to pass the genin real test. The real test is up to me, your jounin sensei to decide, and I believe I'll have you perform a little survival exercise. Meet at training ground seven tomorrow morning at five am. Oh and one last thing don't eat breakfast or you'll puke." At this point Kakashi vanished in a poof of smoke.

As soon as Kakashi left Sasuke and Sakura both began approaching Naruto and he realized he might have a problem because he didn't want Sasuke to know about this particular plan. He also didn't want Sakura to overhear anything that he said to Sasuke and he knew Sasuke would agree in that respect so he knew Sasuke would agree to relocate while he talked to Sakura without him being concerned. So that became the plan, "Sasuke, meet me at our old meeting place."

Sasuke, remembering their team meeting place, nodded and vanished in a burst of flames making Sakura scream in surprise. Naruto quickly trying to calm her down told her "Don't worry Sakura that was just his kashunshin. Sasuke is fine he just used it so it wouldn't take as much time to get to where he was going."

"Okay," Sakura said calming down after a second, "but besides that you said that you could –and would –help me get Sasuke to fall in love with me!"

"Yeah sure I'll help even though you don't really need as much help as either of us thought. Of course you still have a long way to go before anything really happens."

"What did you just say?!" Sakura growled.

"Hey I thought you came to me for help? If so you're going to have to accept and expect criticism. Do you understand that?"

"Alright." She moaned.

"Really the only thing you can do to make him fall in love with you is to become serious about your shinobi training. He's not someone who'd go after a useless, but beautiful, trophy. He knows how to cook well enough to survive so he doesn't need a chef. He's a big boy who can pick up after himself and he's to bland to want or need help decorating his house, so he doesn't need a maid or a decorator. What Sasuke does have are goals that he needs to complete and to help him complete those goals he needs allies who are strong so if you want him to fall in love with you, you will have to prove to him that you are stronger than anyone else who wants him."

"I am serious about my training and I am stronger than the others."

"You don't train seriously and you know it! If you trained seriously you wouldn't be on a diet. And you may be smarter than most of the rest of the class, but your physical grades were some of the worst in our year which is why you were put on our team because your mental and physical grades –which were the worst –and your mental grades –which were the best in the class –balanced out putting you in the exact middle of our graduating class." Sakura looked down shamefully after hearing this. This causes Naruto to sigh and continue, "But that is what we are here for as your teammates. Tomorrow, when you get to training ground seven before our test, Sasuke and I will help prepare you and then after the test over the next couple of weeks we will help you get stronger alright."

"But we won't have time to train before our test."

"Knowing Kakashi-sensei he will be at least three hour late which will give us that much time to prepare you. Oh and before I forget you need to eat a decent sized dinner and breakfast before the test."

"But sensei said not to eat breakfast before the test!"

"That's just part of the test. He wants to see if you can think for yourself, look underneath the underneath, and also if you follow his instructions it'll help him because your hunger will distract and weaken you throughout the test. Well that's about all so until tomorrow Ja." and he vanished in a poof of smoke.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with Sasuke xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sasuke quickly arrives at the old bridge that was their old meeting place as team seven. After a couple of minutes Naruto arrives, but as soon as he gets out in the open he stops moving and just stands there. Sasuke patiently waits for him to do something but he doesn't. Then after a minute of just standing there Naruto bursts into smoke. Sasuke raised an eyebrow, intrigued by this occurrence and he is even more intrigued when instead of there being nothing but air left behind by the smoke, Naruto walks out.

Noticing Sasuke's intrigue Naruto answers his unanswered question, "That was my bunshin shunshin I make a kage bunshin where I want to go and then use Kawarimi to switch places with it."

"Ah well that explains a few things. Anyway what are our plans for changing the future going to be?"

"First, we need to fix a few things within our team. Kakashi has slacked off a good bit so we're going to have to make him a lot stronger. Also I need to get my toads and my wind affinity back. I still have my senjutsu because it was mostly mental and spiritual, but I've still got a ways to go before I'm as good as I was-"

"Senjutsu what is that?"

"You'll find out. Anyway don't even get me started on how far we have to take Sakura. We've got along way to go with her, but we can get started tomorrow morning."

"Kabuto taught me a few medical techniques and Orochimaru taught me a few kinjutsu that can be used medically. I may not be very good at using them, but I can explain them well enough that she should be able to recreate them. I also know quite a few genjutsu from Madara, Orochimaru, what I came up with against Itachi and some I developed before them and not all of them require the sharingan."

"I've got some genjutsu also but we need to be careful with the genjutsu we teach her because we don't want to overwhelm her. Also I'm sure between the two of us we can recreate Tsunade-baachan's taijutsu well enough her to figure out how it works, and we can help her create her own ninjutsu style. All we need to find her now is a summoning contract."

"Already found. The Uchiha clan had a summoning contract, which never really suited me, for cats that's much more suited for her."

"Will they accept her?"

"They should since I would and they-for the most part-follow me, and they are more useful than you'd think. All this talk about summons reminds me I have something for you."

"What is it?"

"I know the reason why Kyubi attacked Konoha. What happened was Pein discovered the kitsune summoning contract and attempted to sign it. Kyubi was so disgusted with Pein that he attacked him. Madara found them, possessed Kyubi, and sent him to attack Konoha. When you killed Pein I managed to find his summon contract stash and found this." He said pulling out the kitsune summoning contract, "Along with a little something for me."

"What do you meant something for yourself?"

"You'll see eventually. Now we should be finished with the plans for our team so what's next?"

"Thanks for giving me this summoning contract. Alright I'd love to help Gaara first but that would be getting ahead of us and currently the only way to help him is the way I did originally and it would cause a problem mixing in with the rest of my plan, so her it is…"

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxtraining ground seven at 10amxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura had been there for five hours, and Sakura was absolutely exhausted, but she wasn't hungry and she was thankful for that. Kakashi chose that moment to arrive at the training field, and immediately gave his excuse accompanied with a half-hearted apology, "Sorry I'm late, but I was on my way here when a black cat crossed my path so I had to turn around and take the long way. Unfortunately, as I turned around I was attacked by a green monster (guess who) who challenged me to a game of janken, so I had to beat him before I could be on my way."

"LIAR!" Sakura yelled out.

'Well at least half of that was true.' Kakashi thought dejectedly, but instead of voicing his thoughts he just shrugged his shoulders and began explaining the exam as he took out an alarm clock from his hip pouch and placed it on a nearby stump, "This clock is set for noon. You'll have until then to get one of these bells from me." He stated as he pulled out two bells and tied them to one of his belt loops. "Anyone who does not have a bell by this time will be tied to one of these three stumps while I eat the lunches that I brought for you in front of you. Then you will be sent back to the academy. Are there any questions?"

"But sensei there are three of us but only two bells."

"Well then I guess at least one of you will have to be sent back to the academy. If there are no other questions then on my mark. Ready… begin!" as soon as he said begin Sakura vanished in a scatter of leaves, Sasuke vanished in a burst of flames, and Naruto poofed out of existence. This had Kakashi blinking in surprise as he began analyzing the techniques and trying to find his students again, 'So Naruto sent a clone to get the information on the test giving him extra time to escape and begin preparing for it. Sasuke used a unique variation of shunshin, a technique he shouldn't even be able to use yet. Sakura used a simple genjutsu to cover her tracks. Interesting, but why can I only sense Sakura? Naruto is understandable because he may not even be here, but Sasuke I should still be able to find. Oh well.' And he pulled out his favorite book and just began reading.

Meanwhile Naruto was at the edge of the clearing positioned behind Kakashi. He created a kage bunshin which he through at Kakashi then created two more that transformed into shuriken which he then threw at Kakashi as well one on each side of him.

Kakashi was simply reading when all of a sudden he was wrapped up in a bear-hug and heard a whisper in his ear that told him, "You should never let your enemy get behind you isn't that right sensei?" Kakashi heard the whistle of two shuriken coming and quickly used Kawarimi and using the shuriken's trajectory he got right behind the real Naruto and looking over his shoulder he watched as the clone that attacked him exploded in a violent explosion and the two shuriken just flew past until they lodged themselves into a tree on the other side of the clearing and then they poofed out of existence. Then the Naruto in front of him vanished in a poof of smoke as well and he was barely able to turn around and trade his book for a kunai in time to fend off Naruto long enough to get back to the clearing. Once there Naruto followed.

"You're an interesting one aren't you? The reports on you from the academy labeled you as being the worst in your class but I guess learning the kage bunshin really changed you for the better."

"A lot can happen in a week sensei. You haven't seen the half of it. Taiju Kage Bunshin no jutsu!" the clearing and the surrounding forest was suddenly filled with thousands of Narutos all but a dozen of which were in a lotus position meditating while the dozen that weren't pulled out a kunai each and got into defensive positions.

Kakashi raised an eyebrow at this and asked, "Are you sure you want to meditate in the middle of a battle?"

"Oh trust me you're not going to like what happens when I'm done meditating especially with all of these clones."

"Well then I'll just have to destroy them before you're done." He threw a shuriken and quickly went through a number of hand seals before calling out "Shuriken Kage bunshin!"

As soon as the now thousands of shuriken came flying at the clones one of the dozen defensive clones called out "Rasengan!" as the spiraling sphere of chakra appeared in his palm however as soon as he completed it he released it causing a massive explosion of compressed air which redirected most of the shuriken unfortunately it wasn't quick enough to protect them all and the shuriken were able to destroy two of the other clones before being redirected and the one that used the technique was dispelled from the aftershock of the technique. "You'll have to go through us first and you'll have to do a lot better than that sensei!"

"Well then I will!" Kakashi called as he charged forward in order to begin a taijutsu battle with the clones unfortunately the task was easier said than done and he soon had to resort to using ninjutsu as he did a short series of six hand seals and called out, "Katon: Goukakyou no jutsu!" launching a massive fireball which destroyed two more clones before one was able to disperse it using a released rasengan in the heart of the fireball. Kakashi then began a longer series of hand seals before calling out, "Doton: Doryudan no jutsu!" the clones then repeated their defensive combo once again losing three more clones, however this time after the jutsu was released they immediately began developing another rasengan ahead of time and before Kakashi began his next short series of hand seals and so both techniques were prepared by the time Kakashi called out, "Katon: Housenka no jutsu!" unfortunately once the flames were dispersed by the rasengan's compressed air they revealed a number of shuriken which then cut down the last defensive clones, but Kakashi wasn't done yet. He had attached wires to the shuriken before launching them and used the wires to wrap around many trees in the surrounding area as the shuriken passed through the ranks of meditating Naruto clones then he did four short hand seals and called out, "Katon: Ryuka no jutsu!"

Kakashi watched as the dragon shaped flame engulfed the entire clearing and destroyed all the remaining clones, 'I hope I didn't just fry one of my potential students.' He thought as he did three short hand seals and used a suiton: mizu rappa no jutsu to put out the flames and in the steam he saw the silhouette of Naruto as he slowly stood up from his meditative position 'Oh good I thought I might have killed him and then the Hokage would have my head.' "I told you that you shouldn't drop down and meditate in the middle of a battle." But once the steam cleared he stared wide eyed as he saw Naruto appear as if nothing had happened and in fact looked more powerful than before. However, what surprised Kakashi the most was when Naruto opened his eyes and they looked like those of a frog rather than their normal appearance.

"I'd advise you to activate your sharingan sensei." This surprised him even more, but the surprises just kept on coming. As soon as he finished this statement Naruto attacked giving Kakashi no time to activate his sharingan and he moved far faster than his normal senses could follow so in seconds Naruto had performed an uppercut which sent Kakashi high into the air. While there he lifted his headband revealing his sharingan and began doing hand seals.

Naruto jumped after him and appeared directly behind him. He then kicked Kakashi in the back but as soon as he made contact Kakashi escaped using Kawarimi taking cover in the trees. From there he began another series of hand seals and waited for Naruto to land on the ground and as soon as he did Kakashi called out "Doton: Yomi Numa!" Once Naruto was successfully trapped in the swamp Kakashi walked out of his hiding place, "Well now that you're not a problem any longer I guess I should find your teammates. You know you're lucky if this wasn't a test you'd probably be dead right now." 'And if I had been any weaker than I probably would be too.'

"I'd like to see it stronger shinobi have tried and failed!" Naruto goaded. Kakashi raised an eyebrow at the comment but simply turned toward the trees and began walking in search of the others.

Sakura just stared in shock, 'I can't believe Naruto is that strong, and it still wasn't enough to beat Kakashi-sensei. What would I be able to do against him?' she thought while hiding in one of the bushes on the edge of the clearing.

Sasuke just watched on the edge of the clearing waiting to jump in when his help was asked for.

As Kakashi began walking away Naruto pulled out a kunai with a weird tag on it and threw it over Kakashi's shoulder so that it landed in front of him and as soon as it landed it released a cloud of youki that had been stored in it before hand which just so happened to be the sign Sasuke was waiting for. He appeared in a burst of flames on the other side of the youki and launched a katon: Goukakyou no jutsu straight at Kakashi without any seals or words.

Almost as soon as the flames died down Sasuke found himself buried up to his neck in the earth with Kakashi standing above him as he said, "Two down. Better luck next time Sasuke."

Sasuke just glared up at Kakashi making him shirk at still being able to best the genin the Hokage tried to stick with him. All of the sudden Sasuke smirked setting off an uneasy feeling in the pit of Kakashi's stomach. Sasuke called out, "Chidori Nagiri!" And Kakashi watched wide eyed as lightning burst from the ground destroying the swamp that had trapped the two genin.

"Alright I know you want to get in on the action and thanks for the backup and all but I think we should end it now Sasuke." Naruto said as he finished brushing the mud off of himself.

"Hm. Fine." 'I just wish you'd stop trying to blow our cover.' Sasuke thought grumpily.

'Sensei's too independent to tell anyone and we can keep enough from him to deep him from suspecting too much and besides people are going to find out eventually anyway and we're going to have to tell them-wait-'

'WHAT THE FUCK!' they thought at the same time towards each other, 'How the hell are we talking to each other without opening our mouths or even meaning to?' they thought back to each other.

'That would be my doing I connected the gift I gave to Naruto with your immortal sharingan-which holds me-together as well as the sharingan's mental control over the Kyubi so that I can strengthen the connection and make a telepathic link between the four of us.'

"Hello peoples!"

'Shut the hell up Kyubi!' Naruto ordered.

"Awwwwww Mannnnn." Kyubi whined.

'Okay this is awkward but we have a test to finish so let's get back to it.' Sasuke explained containing his frustration.

'Alright!' "Over the past week I developed a new alteration to rasengan." Naruto said as he began pulling the air around his palm in a circular vacuum that was so strong it still made a sphere of compressed air, "Now Sasuke if you don't mind if you don't mind how about giving me some fire power!"

"Gladly! Katon: Goukakyou!" he called out.

As the flames shot towards Naruto they were immediately attracted to the vacuum like sphere in the middle of his palm shaping the flames into a controlled sphere of fire as he began charging at Kakashi with it calling out, "Katon: Hisenkyuushuugan!" and just as it made contact with Kakashi it exploded causing a firestorm to erupt in the clearing.

Luckily for Naruto he was protected by his senjutsu. Just before the explosion Sasuke shut his left eye, struck the ground with his hands and called out, "Kekkai Genkai no jutsu: Mangekyoupo: Doryuyoroidou!" thus activating one of his new mangekyou techniques and causing all the earth in his vision to turn to mud and cover his body creating a strange mud armor. Sakura was thankfully far out of range in the bushes surrounding the clearing while the firestorm was in the middle of it. Unfortunately, the flames began getting out of control and began to lick the edges of the clearing. At the first sign of this Sasuke opened his left eye and shut his right one, crossed his arms over his chest, and called out, "Kekkai Genkai no jutsu: Mangekyoupo: Suijin!" and as soon as he had done this all the water in the area rushed to the flames that he was staring at suffocating them. On the ground where the fire had once covered all that remained was a good deal of soot, "Damn it Kawarimi, oh no Sakura! Naruto set up your clones we're going to finish this."

"Right. Kage Bunshin no jutsu!" he called out creating a clone em between himself and Sasuke as well as between Sakura and Sasuke. "You're up Sasuke. Do it."

"Hmm," he nodded before calling out, "Chidori Nagiri!" sending bolts of electricity in all directions.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx With Sakura xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sakura stared on in shock at everything that her teammates were capable of especially as a team. She knew that there was so much more to them than just what they had already done. She turned away covering her eyes when Naruto's attack became too intense to watch and when she turned back around she saw a Naruto clone obstructing her view. This let her know that her part of the plan was about to commence so it was all about to be up to her.

Sure enough once the clone dispersed she turned around to find Kakashi paralyzed due to the electricity from Sasuke's jutsu. She quickly took out a kunai and cut the strings connecting the bells to his belt loop. She then collected the fallen bells and joined her teammates in the clearing.

As soon as Kakashi could move again he came into the clearing and saw his three possible students sitting on the stumps and talking about teaching each other different techniques, 'Well they're all but a team at this point, but just to make sure…' "Alright which two of you get to keep the bells and pass the test?"

Sakura looked at Kakashi slightly disappointed at this but decided it was for the best as she spoke first, "I think that Sasuke, and Naruto should keep the bells since I'm sure it's obvious that they are easily stronger than me and if it wasn't for their skills and planning I wouldn't have even been able to get a bell at all. Besides I'd just slow them down, or get in the way."

The smiles on Naruto's and Sasuke's faces just grew even more at hearing this and Naruto spoke next, "I think that Sakura and Sasuke should get the bells because they are better suited to be a team that would be easier to teach since they both share an equal affinity for genjutsu unlike me."

Sasuke spoke up next, "I think Naruto and Sakura should get the bells because of their differing styles being more capable of complimenting each other and it'd be far easier to find things to teach them."

Kakashi sighed and gave into his fate, "Well as appealing as all your ideas sound you guys pass together and are officially team seven. So here are those bentos and I'll go tell Hokage-sama about the newest Konoha genin team."

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Three Hours Later at the Nara compound xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Shikamaru had recently gotten back from his test with his team only five minutes. "Mendoukse, Naruto today isn't one of the days that would be good for playing shogi and since you haven't won yet I'm not obligated to train with you yet."

"That's not why we're here." Sasuke said. Shikamaru bent his head back slightly finding Sasuke directly behind him with a scroll in his hand while Naruto leaned against a tree off to the right. He tossed the scroll to Shikamaru who caught it and put it into his hip pouch. "That scroll contains information on many enemies of Konoha, their targets, and the resources available at different times to use against them. We need you to come up with strategies to beat them separately and in any combination possible."

"Why should I?"

"Because if you don't there's a good chance that at least one of them will destroy everyone you ever held close and everyone that they held close."

"What makes you think that I can do it?"

"We both know you're smart enough, and we believe in you shika." Naruto interjected from his place by the trees.

"How long do I have?"

"The sooner the better. It's impossible to tell precisely when they'll attack just that they will and they'll cause massive amounts of destruction and chaos when they do. So will you do it?" Sasuke asked.

"Hai!" but as soon as they had left he sighed before saying, "Mendoukse."


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