I'm appalled that I'm about to do what it is that I'm about to do but under my current circumstances I'm afraid I'm about to do something I swore to myself to never do. I'm officially placing this story on a temporary Hiatus. This hiatus is due to the fact that I have absolutely lost access to my computer's Word and Excel(which has been a very crucial tool in my creation and reading of fanfiction) and have nearly lost the use of my internet explorer for an unknown amount of time. Don't worry I will pick back up with this story eventually and will be handwriting the chapters in preparation of bringing this story back and trust me what I have in store you'll never guess. You know what let's see if you can. I would like anyone out their to make their own stories of what they think either will, or should happen next in the story and post it up on and once a month if any of you decide to go through with this challenge I'll post who I think is coming along closest to my story. If you choose to accept this challenge then PM me when you have your first chapter up with a link to the chapter.

This is Shinen no Hikari down but not out. Be patient and never give up.