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Chapter One: Sorted by Request

"White, Adrianna J." Professor Longbottom called out.

I walked away from the wall where the first years had been lined up against. I was the last. The dark, faded, ripped hat was sitting on the stool. I removed it and placed it on my head, sat down and waited for it to speak.

'Hmmmm...intelligent, cunning, good problem solver, outgoing, brave, loyal... Possibly-'

'WAIT!' I screamed inside my own head. 'Please put me in Slytherin.'

'-What?' The voice was confused. 'Why would you want to be there? You are more suited to Ravenclaw, or even Gryffindor.'

'I just do. Please?'

"All right...but you could do such things... if you insist, then I suppose you could be in-"

"SLYTHERIN!" it shouted aloud.

There was dead silence as I walked toward the table, the Ravenclaws- Jewel and Rose- and the Gryffindors- Albus, Mara, Ji, and James- all staring at me. That was not what they'd expected. They had been wondering if I would be in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. Slytherin hadn't even been a possibility they had contemplated. The Slytherins stared. I could see Scorpius Malfoy, another first year, whispering "But she's a mud-blood" down the table. 'Aren't they surprised.' I thought wryly. I sat down at the table, across from Scorpius, and stared into his eyes. As the feast started, I said fiercely, "You think I LIKE being a muggle-born? I don't. I hate being a mud blood as much as you hate muggles-but I can do nothing about it. I will not mention it if no one else does. I will not harm any of you in any way, as long as I am not harmed. That goes for my friends in other houses as well. If any of us are harmed, however, you will wish that you were not of magical birth, as much as you despise the nonmagical, because then you would have never met ME. Are we clear, or do I have to pour this dissolving potion all over your shiny black shoes?", I whispered, brandishing a vial that I had finished that morning. He seemed dumbfounded. I proceeded to pile food on my plate.


There was idle conversation, but I did not join in. Neither did Scorpius. Every few minutes or so he would look at me with his gray eyes. I ignored him... or at least faked it so he would think I was. When the welcoming feast was over, a tall Slytherin 5th year called "First years!", and we followed him down to the dormitory. When we got to the dungeons, he said the password was "Mudblood". I laughed. The other Slytherins stared.

When the Head of House, Professor Flint, gave his "Welcome to Slytherin" speech, he was obviously quite annoyed that I was in his house. 'Just wait until I best the entire year in potions,' I thought. 'He'll at least act like he tolerates me then.' We all went to bed, and I couldn't wait to start my new life-whether they liked me or not. I like being different.


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