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"You were the one who said 'she's a muggleborn' down the table, and you said it like it was a bad thing. I'd already decided I was going to tell off somebody...and you're Scorpius Malfoy. How'd you know who I was? You just called me by my name, and you knew I was muggleborn..."

I waited for an answer. My questioning had caught him off-guard. It would probably take a while...

Chapter Three: A Gryffindor's P.O.V.

His answer came faster than expected.

"Your friends had been talking all of last year, wishing you were here. I saw that Weasley girl drop a picture of you at the end of last year. That's how I knew who you were. There was a mix-up with the mail, and I was accidentally sent one of the letters to you , where they explained that you couldn't do magic with wands until after you got your letter, which meant you had to be muggleborn. A witch or wizard with a magical parent could have bought one the second they turned eleven." He paused, then continued," and you didn't answer why you hate being a muggleborn. I'm assuming that you were told who I was... by Mr. Potter, I'm guessing."

I was slightly surprised by his quick answer, and more than slightly embarrassed that he read that letter. Stupid owls. He did ask a question..."Because I hate being lost in the world where I'll spend the rest of my life. I was raised 100% muggle until I was eight. Then, Rose noticed that I was levitating cookies out of Jian's window... I was just a tiny bit mischievous back then... and I loved Mrs. Summac's cookies...anyway...then I was half raised by the huge magical community, and I'm still half lost! I was born in America, and I lived there till I was six. I talk differently than everyone else-people notice. I wish I was a half blood, okay? I like being me, but I can only deal with so much. Leave it be, will you?"

He was surprised. He hadn't noticed my accent, apparently. Looking up, I realized there were at least fifteen other people in the room, and quite a few were looking at us talking. This could be a problem "There're people looking at us…"I said. He looked up and blinked. "It's almost eight!" he remarked. Seeing Albus staring, I muttered "be right back…" and stood up. I walked to the Gryffindor table and waited for permission to sit down.

"Are you waiting for something?" He asked when I'd been standing for a minute or so.

"Yeah. I thought it'd be rude to just sit down, wearing green like I am." I gave a humorless laugh. He simply stared.


He hesitated, then gave in. "Fine, sit."

"I never thought you'd be placed anywhere but in here. But I guess youWeren't expecting to be there either."

"Actually, I was. I asked the hat."


"I asked to be put in Slytherin."

"H-How…C..?" he spluttered, incoherent.

"How could I?" He nodded. "I simply thought the question. It listened."


"I thought I'd be good there. It's where I want to be. Your dad's always telling you to be civil to Slytherins. Are you going to hate me because I chose to be one?"

He didn't speak. An internal struggle was playing out in front of me. I stood and walked back across the great hall. Scorpius was talking to some other first year boys. I sat next to him, and pulled out my dissolving potion. Setting it next to my plate, I grabbed a piece of toast.

"So when do we get our schedules?"


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