Disclaimer: I do not own The Chronicles of Narnia

Disclaimer: I do not own The Chronicles of Narnia. And I know this comes up twice.

This is just an idea that's been festering in my mind since I saw the movie, so I don't know how this'll go.

Kings and Queens Return

Chapter 1

Caspian had been in charge of Narnia now for two months, and he still missed Queen Susan enormously. He missed her wisdom, and especially her kind smile.

Disputes between the Telmarines and Narnians were often. There was hardly a day that went by that Caspian wasn't settling some conflict. He went for walks around the village often to see if there was ever a conflict he could prevent, but it would take much more than that for the two races to get along.

It was all so hard. Professor Cornelius had been a great help in the beginning, but now he was almost too sick to leave his room just for a meal. When Caspian wanted counsel from him, he had to go to see him in the room. It didn't look well for him at all.

Right now Caspian was walking through the kingdom again. His eyes took in the sights of the children playing with other races, them seeing no difference. Maybe if the children could prove to their parents there was no harm, Narnia might have a chance.

He saw a girl with curly dark brown hair playing with a lynx. Susan popped into his head again. How would he ever be able to fix this kingdom if they kept coming into his head all the time?

Maybe High King Peter had been right: Narnia was better without the Telmarines. (He said that in the movie after the raid on the castle)

It would be too hard to convince all the Telmarines to go to Earth. No one else was willing to leave. All those who were had already left.

Caspian heard distant shouting.

"I told you lot to stay away from him!"

"We were doing nothing wrong!"

"He's my son, I'll decide what's right or wrong for him!"

"But dad, we were having such a great time!"

"But nothing son! These Narnians are not supposed to be on our land!"

Caspian turned a corner and saw the fight going on. There were two Telmarines; a son and a father, both with golden hair; as well as three Narnians; a young centaur, lynx, and an older centaur who was probably the one defending the two youngsters.

"Your land?! Your ancestors invaded our land! You are only here because Narnians allow you to be here! We could easily kick you out!"

"Enough!" Caspian bellowed. "We are trying to achieve peace in Narnia. Your bickering with each other will not help. The war between you two is over, so start acting likes it! Or do I have to put five in the dungeon until you work out your problems?" Caspian asked. He didn't like threatening people, but sometimes it was the only way.

"How can you be taking their side?" the Telmarines father asked.

"I'm not on either of you sides! I'm on the side that will work for peace! If you're not willing to work towards that, then maybe all the Telmarines should go to the other world, willing or not!" Caspian said.

"He's right father. We need to work towards peace. It's the only way this land will survive," the young boy said. Caspian knelt down to eye level with him.

"What's your name?" he asked in a kind voice.

"I'm Nolan," he said.

"Nolan, I thank you for realizing what's happening. You have much wisdom for one your age. Is there anything you would like?" Caspian asked.

"I only want to be able to play with my friends, but daddy won't let me. He's says it's because they don't belong here, but I don't think this land belongs to anyone. It's all of our lands," Nolan said. Caspian was astonished at this, as was the boy's father.

"Nolan, who's been teaching you such nonsense?" his father asked, ready to strike the boy.

"Do not harm him. He speaks in a greater wisdom than you have. This is not Telmarines land, nor Narnia lands. This is a land for the both of us," Caspian said.

"Um, excuse me," the lynx said. Caspian directed his attention towards him.


"Does this mean that Nolan and I can play with each other again?"

"Of course, even if you have to do it in my castle," Caspian said, giving the human father a stern glare. The lynx whooped and ran off with Nolan and the other centaur. The two older adults glared at each other before storming off in different directions.

This will be a long transformation, Caspian thought as he headed back towards the castle.

The Pevensie children were at their boarding schools now, the girls at one, the boys at another. Susan and Lucy managed to get along together when they saw each other, but their grades had been slipping, Lucy's falling into the danger of failing zone. She couldn't get her mind off Narnia, nor did she want to.

"Lucy, mom is going to be angry if you don't pull your grades up," Susan told her.

"I don't care about my grades. I want to go back to Narnia and stay there. This world is boring," Lucy pouted.

"You know that you'll go back when the time is right, and no sooner," Susan said. "And until then you need to pull your grades up."

"And what if I refuse?"

"Then mom will be quite cross."

"But she won't do anything. She'll yell at me and ground me, but that's all she can do."

"Lucy!" Susan exclaimed. This was all she could say to that. It was true, but to hear it coming from Lucy's mouth was a little intimidating.

"Next time I'm in Narnia, I'm staying there. I won't come back, ever," Lucy said. Susan gave up trying to reason with her.

-End of chapter 1-

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