Diamond City Contra

A Wario and Waluigi Story

Gustauve Drakenhime III

Author's Notes: Hey everyone! I am extremely happy today, so do not be surprised if I put up two chapters! I would like to give an extremely heart-felt thanks to 'TrichaTheShort' for giving me my first ever review on my first original story! I wish to also thank her for placing my story in her 'favorite Stories' section! I wish to once again thank Mr. Cody Harrison for his in-depth assessment in my writing skills; without him, I would not have been able to find any grammatical errors. Also, we finally got our television set to work again – so now we don't have to stare at a blank screen anymore! I also wish to thank my fiancé, Rebbecca, for sending us 'Mario Strikes: Charged' – now we can play football on the television until we get a replacement for the one that got run over by a Leopard! I hope I'm not wasting anybody's time by writing these announcements down – but just to be safe, I'll start up on the story…

And so, without further delay, I present for your reading pleasure – Diamond City Contra

Chapter Four: A Bond

… "There it is," announced Wario, "Mona's house." "Wow," exclaimed Toadette, "it sure is fancy lookin'." "Eh," replied

Waluigi, "I've seen better." Wario didn't even bother paying attention to the other two; they had done nothing but talk to

each other the entire way – instead, he concentrated on the house itself. 'It's her house, alright,' he thought to himself, 'but

why are all o' the lights off?' "Something's not right," he muttered, "first, she doesn't answer her cell-phone, and then she has

all of her lights turned off…" "Wario," exclaimed his little brother, "look at the roof!" At this, both he and Toadette looked

towards the roof of the building – instantly noticing the enormous hole that had obviously never been there before! "Mona!"

cried Wario, as he jumped off the bike and headed towards the house. Waluigi shouted after him, "Wario, where are you

going – wait up!" Grabbing his crowbar, he turned to Toadette and said, "You stay here." "No," she snapped, "I wanna go

with you!" a determined look crossed her face. "Grrrrr, fine!" he yelled, rummaging in the trunk for a suitable weapon, he

pulled out a 36mm. tire-iron – handing it to her, he said, "But you're taking this for protection; I'm not gonna try an' save

your ass if things get hairy in there!" Gripping the tool firmly in her hands, Toadette grinned and exclaimed, "Okay, let's go

save the day!" Rolling his eyes, Waluigi only gave an exasperated sigh in response. Quickly picking her up and placing her on

his shoulders, he ran after Wario, who had already gone inside the dark house. Upon entering, they found an angry Wario,

lifting a Koopa by the throat as he shouted at it. "Where is She?!" he cried, "I don't know what yer talkin' about man, please

dude, I don't want any trouble!" responded the now terrified Koopa, "Where's Mona – what did you do with her?!" "I

already told ya, man, please let me go, I'll get outta the house, I swear, I'll never try and still again, just please don't kill

me!" "Wario," shouted Waluigi, "let him go, he's just some punk kid, tryin' to get by – he ain't worth it." Staring the Koopa

straight in the eye, Wario growled, "I'm gonna let ya go, but I swear, if I find out that you did something to her, I will hunt

you down, and gut you like a fish!" The Koopa, who appeared to have turned a few shades paler, immediately began

nodding as fast as he could, like his life depended on it; which, at this moment, it most certainly looked like it! "Good,"

snarled Wario, "now get the hell outta here, and don't ever let me catch you around here again – you got that?!" "Y-y-yes,

sir!" cried the poor creature, as Wario dropped him on the floor. Pulling his hoody over his head, he raced out of the house,

never looking back! "Harsh." Whispered Toadette, who was instantly set silent when Waluigi squeezed her leg – "Shhhh."

He hissed, then looked towards his distraught brother and asked, "Hey, you okay?" "Yeah," said the older of the two, "I'm

fine, but it's Mona I'm worried about…" "Maybe she left when the last couple o' fight broke out across the city," suggested

Waluigi, "I bet she left some kind-o' clue to let you know where to find her." Wario brightened at this and exclaimed, "Yeah, I

bet she did!" with that, he turned to his two companions, grinning from ear to ear, and said, "Well, what are we waiting for

– let's search the house!" "Yeah!" cried Toadette, punching a fist into the air. "Sounds good to me." Waluigi remarked. They

immediately began searching the house – Waluigi and Toadette searched upstairs, while Wario searched downstairs. After

searching through the large house for several hours, Waluigi had to take a rest. Heading back down the stairs, he headed

towards the living room, and plopped down on one of the many recliners, sighing as his legs lifted into the air; he couldn't

help but smile at the relief his feet were feeling. His relaxation was interrupted when Toadette asked, "Mind if I join you?" "I

don't see why not," he replied, "just find another – oomph!" he grunted – Toadette had apparently not understood what

Waluigi meant, and instead climbed onto the chair with him, sprawling herself across his torso as she tried to avoid losing

balance. "Thanks." She said while smiling. "No problem." He grumbled. "So," she began, "I've seen you guys at all of the

parties and races, but I'd like to know what you do for a living." Though not really in the mood for a conversation at the

moment, Waluigi decided to humor her, saying, "Well, where to begin… Wario and I run our own business – he owns a very

large, very powerful construction firm called 'Wario Ware, Incorporated', where as I own an oil company and a welding

shop." At this, Toadette giggled, "You, own your own oil company, get out!" "It's true," he defended, "how else could I own

my own island?" Laughing, she replied, "I'm just messin' with ya, Wally," he couldn't help but notice the knick-name she had

given him, as she continued saying, "everyone knows about 'Waluigi's Empire', it's the leading supplier of oil to most, if not

all of, the surrounding kingdoms, idn't it?" "Well… yeah, I guess if you wanted to get technical about it…" he responded; then

he turned the tables and asked, "Well, what about you – what do you do?" "Me," she responded, "I make go-kart and race-

bike designs for a major company." "Oh," he remarked, now interested, "which company would that be?" "You ever heard-o'

the 'Famicom Racing Corporation?" she asked. "No way," he exclaimed, "you actually work for FRC?" "Yup." She replied with a

grin. "That's, actually, pretty cool…" then he asked, "So, what all have you designed?" "Well," she began, "I've worked on

bikes, like the 'Bullet-bike' and the 'Zip-Zip', and I helped design the 'Piranha Prowler' –" "Hey, no way," he interrupted, "I

own several-o' those; their my favorite car!" "Really?" she asked, slightly surprised, "Yeah," he responded, "I'm a big fan of

Piranha Plants, so when I saw the Prowler, I knew I had to get one!" at this the two of them shared a heart-felt laugh. Their

conversation continued for another five or six minutes until Wario came in with a relieved look on his face. "Hey, bro, did ya

find somethin'?" asked Waluigi. "Yeah," he replied, "I found a note on the face of her grandfather clock." "What does it say?"

chimed in Toadette. "It says that she went to live with Plum, in the Mushroom Kingdom, until this whole ordeal blows over."

"Hey," said his brother, "at least we know she's safe, right?" "Yeah," grinned Wario, "she's safe…" "So now what?" asked

Toadette, as she lifted herself off of Waluigi, and then turned around to help him onto his feet. "Well," responded Wario, "I

couldn't help but notice that it's gotten kind-o' late an' all; so I was thinkin' that, maybe we should spend the night hear and

then come up with a plan in the morning – whaddaya think about that?" "That sounds okay to me," chirped Toadette,

"Whadda you think, Wally?" Getting a raised eyebrow from his brother, Waluigi gave a look back that clearly said 'don't ask',

and then replied, "I don't see why not." "Then it's agreed," said Wario, "we'll rest here for the night and start things back up

in the mornin'!" and with that, he headed back up the stairs. "Well," piped in Waluigi, "now that that's settled – where were

we?" and so, for the next hour or so, the two of them talked until they both finally fell asleep on the recliner…

Thus ends the Fourth Chapter. I might just post another chapter later today – if I'm up to it. Also, like always, any and all forms of criticism are welcomed. May the blessings of the Lord follow you wherever you may go.